Hawkwind - Out of Shadows - 2002 - Video - With Arthur Brown on Vocals

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O Cambada, seguinte  
Hoje num to podendo ir na praia porque tô com a xavasca assada de tanto sol, e ai me resta postar
É o seguinte: este dvd é simplesmente du cacete, imperdível.
Alem de mostrar o Hawkwind como voce sempre quiz, arregaçando de ponta a ponta no concerto, tem Tim Blacke nos teclados botando para fuder, inclusive com a sua Lighthouse (clássica do rock progressivo).

E ai, não bastasse isso, vem o Arthur Brown, aquele pirado dos anos 60, que eu pensei que ja tinha batido as botas de tanto acido, faz vocal em algumas músicas e declama as poesias do Bob Calvert (Já Falecido Infelizmente) com maestria.
Intão, agora vem a pior parte, baixar esta porra, pois é 760MB na boa, ou seja, quero que voces se lasquem de uma vez, estourem a cota de downloads só para baixar este aqui.

Bom, intão é isso ai, fodam-se ai baixando isto aqui


Today one may go to the beach because I'm with the roast pussy when i take so much sun, and there remains for me to post

It is this: this DVD is simply fuck, unmissable.

Besides Hawkwind show how you always wanted, rolling up from end to end the concert, is putting on keyboards Tim Blacke to fuck, even with its Lighthouse (classic progressive rock).

And then, nothing else comes Arthur Brown, one of the crazy 60s, I thought I had already beaten the boots so much acid, does vocals on some songs and recites the poetry of Bob Calvert (already deceased unfortunately) skillfully .

Intão, now comes the worst part, download this shit, it is good on 760MB, or want you to be chipping at once, burst the quota of downloads just to download this one.

Adamus67 part

 Hawkwind. What does that conjure up? Space, Time, and other dimensions.
Space may be infinite, but there??s not enough here to cover the epic journey of a band whose existence spans over three decades, groaning shelves full of album and CD releases, and a line up as fluid as Napoleon??s Grand Army. All you can do when writing about Hawkwind is to try to capture their essence, the stellar drive which has fuelled this silver machine from the broad, multi-coloured plains of psychedelia in 1969, through the time warp of a new Millennium and into the foothills of eternity.

This DVD is a recording concert that was filmed at the Opera House in Newcastle, UK on December 4, 2002.
The lineup was: Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick,Huw Lloyd Langton,
Tim Blake and Arthur Brown.

Arthur Brown,  wearing a giant anchor on his head (which according to Dave Brock in the bonus interview on the disc, was a prop for a play being performed at the Opera House the night before!) to perform "Time Captives" (or Time Captains?), one of his own numbers. I had never heard this before, but I really like it. Quite obviously Arthur's voice lends itself to his own numbers much better than it does to Hawkwind, and this works great to cool down the mood a bit after the intense blanga of the first 3 songs! I certainly enjoy the similarities to Deep Purple's "Child in Time" in the end part.

The overall sound and video quality on this DVD is nothing short of fantastic. The differences between digital and analogue recordings continue to amaze me!

OldBitch....Keep it, my friend  :)

Track List - Time
1. Aero Space Age Inferno 07:45

2. Angels Of Death 06:31 3. Out Of The Shadows 04:52
4. Time Captives 05:22
5. Master Of the Universe 04:29
6. The Song Of The Gremlins 02:34

7. Time & Confusion 04:19
8. Hurry On Sundown 05:30
9. Lighthouse 06:21

10. The Watcher 04:31

11. Assassins Of Allah 09:15
12. Earth Calling 03:53
13. Sonic Space Attack 04:26

14. Silver Machine 03:36

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  1. Thank you for this one. I am just discovering your interesting blog and unfortunately almost all your post using multiupload before January 2012 are dead :-(. Could please reactivate some in priority those which include log files and HQ covers. Please use EAC with log files and proper offset correction when ripping (or mirroring) audio materials. Thank you in advance for keeping this blog alive.


    1. Paul
      We don't have how to publish all again
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    Bjs O.B Man

    1. O.B.
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  3. Cara isso é muito bom!!!
    valeu pelo post!


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