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Ai putada devagar nós vamos tocando aqui
Este disco do UFO é uma grata surpresa
Muito bom mesmo, não fica devendo nada na minha opinião à fase aurea da Banda
Então escutem com bastante carinho, vale a pena mesmo

Hey your freaks

This disc is a pleasant surprise from UFO
Very good indeed, it owes nothing in my opinion the stage aurea Band
So listen with great care, it is worth it

Adamus67 part

UFO is a British hard rock band performing on stage from the end of the decade of the 60th the last century. Although UFO never permanently broke into the mainstream,
The band has been running since 1969 and creates music that is a brilliant combination of classic hard rock sounds of the NWOBHM influences, creating a new, exciting quality. That UFO remained unattainable model for the multitude of heavy metal bands active in the 80s Inspired by the achievements of UFO openly admit to such artists as Kirk Hammet of Metallica and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth,Steve Harris of Iron Maiden,mentions it among the major inspiration.

Band, from time to time reminded of the subsequent studio albums - in the period 2000-2010, prepared  five pulleys: "Covenant," "Sharks," "You Are Here", "The Monkey Puzzle" and "The Visitor".

During a long career the group played several times in my country - first appeared in Poland in 1983.

After 22 albums, one might think the band would decide to rest on their laurels, or release some sub-par material that had been sitting around for years, not making it on other albums. That is definitely not the case with "Seven Deadly". UFO proves they still have what it takes and that nothing less than the best will do for the band and their fans.

Combining southern rock, blues, a twinge of 80s metal, and hard riffs, UFO has created an outstanding record that both longtime fans and “Johnny-come-lately” are going to be ecstatic about. The creative outpouring on "Seven Deadly" is attributable to the band’s veteran dedication to their craft. 

“Fight Night” kicks the record off in style and immediately brings forth the hard rocking, bluesy sound of UFO. Guitarist Vinne Moore immediately establishes himself as an amazing lead guitarist and the centerpiece of the magnificent music that is bursting from the speakers.
Phil Mogg’s voice has held up well over the years. That is most evident on the track “Angel Station.” This is the slower, prerequisite ballad of the disc, but it is performed with passion and power. Mogg can still hit the high notes and sing with such clarity that it’s hard to believe his age. “Angel Station” is a brilliant song that moves the listener. Mogg does an incredible service to the vocals on this song and the finished piece is proof of his ability with the microphone.
Not enough great things can be said about lead guitarist Vinnie Moore. His best solo comes on the track “The Last Stone Rider.” Combining blues, metal, and finger picking at its best, Vinnie Moore shows some great, flashy techniques with the axe in his hand. His guitar playing prowess is evident all over Seven Deadly and one of the best treats of the album. If you are not a fan of Vinnie Moore, you will be after listening to Seven Deadly” His guitar work takes the album from great to outstanding.
Album closer, “Waving Goodbye,” is a perfect way to end such an esteemed album. A bluesy, ballad that contains another magnificent Moore solo and passionately sung lyrics, this is one of the best songs contained on Seven Deadly and it is worthy of multiple listens. If ever there was a song to add to the joys of summer playlist, “Waving Goodbye” is it.

The new album, themselves as they say the musicians, is a classic UFO with new, fresh ideas.
Burn Your House Down - This beautiful classic UFO or  Year of the Gun, Waving Goodbyeonly for the track, is worth buying this album.

February 2012
available in CD and LP format,
and also as a digipack with 2 bonus tracks

Fight Night
Mojo Town
Angel Station
Year Of The Gun
The Last Stone Rider
Steal Yourself
Burn Your House Down
The Fear
Waving Good Bye
Other Men's Wives (bonus track)
Bag O' Blues (bonus track)

Phil Mogg - Vocals
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Andy Parker - Drums
Paul Raymond - Keyboards/Guitar

The album is also the end of an era band composed Mogg, Way, Schenker, Parker & Raymond. In subsequent years, the band went through numerous changes in composition in 1993 to return to the composition of the 70s This resulted in the album "Walk On Water" and a world tour, during which the group said goodbye to Schenker, who was replaced by Vinnie Moore. In subsequent years, the band returned drummer Andy Parker and the group seemed more albums on a regular basis, where the last, "The Vistor" appeared in 2009. The UFO also worked a number of known and recognized musicians as np.Michael Schenker (Scorpions, Michael Schenker Group), Larry Wallis (one of the founders of Motörhead), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Simon Wright (AC / DC), Jason Bonham ( Led Zeppelin drummer's son) or the legendary producers like George Martin (The Beatles).

If you’re seeking new rock from a classic artist that sounds as grand as ever, Seven Deadly by UFO is an album for you. The brilliance of the music and the magnificence of Vinnie Moore make it a record worthy of adding to the collection. UFO has struck gold once again.

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  1. Muito bom este album...

    Aproveito e peço os nomes dos albuns desta fase aurea do U.F.O., visto que ainda estou em fase de conhecer a banda e cada vez mais apreciando o som dos caras...

    Agradeço desde já...

  2. Lex
    Tem muitos discos
    clica no link abaixo e veja todos os discos



  3. Maravilha,ainda não ouvi este album.Ainda em wav,não tem como ficar sem ele...Valeu pelo post.


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