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Putada , siguinte
Este disco aqui pode ser considerado um dos elos perdidos do rock pesado e que só agora chega à nós
Gravado como demo nos estudios da CBS foi redescoberto pelos fãs do verdadeiro rock
Com toques de Black Sabbath é muito legal, então baixem rapidamente, pois ele é muito raro de se ver na internet

Hey your freaks

This disc here can be considered one of the missing links of heavy rock and is only now comes to us
Recorded as a demo in the studios of CBS was rediscovered by fans of true rock
With touches of Black Sabbath is pretty cool, so download quickly because it is very rare to see on the Internet

1-Come Away With Me
2_Road Back Home
3 Lament
4 The Zoo
5 My Time Is Over
6 Leather Woman
7 Fugit Orchard
8 Crazy Lady

John Binkley - bass
Charlie Brow - drums
Joey Dunlop - guitars
Greg Magie - vocals
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Adamus67 part
The Sudden Death for many years was one of the biggest mysteries of American Hard Rock seventies, when this album was released by Rockadelic Records in 1995 brought nothing in the booklet on its history or its members, as the date marking the album as recorded between 1971 and 1972 curiosity did not increase because we were in front with a pearl of the Hard Rock had no mother or father. Hysterical heavyrock madness from a strange Lp Suddenly is a satanical evil looking beast, just a look at the mournful cover, a photo of two blackrobed priests and a couple of children holding up a cross behind a pile of skulls, its probably taken in South America it looks like it, could be a tribe or something. Suddenly is a powerhouse album, with banchee like vocals killer guitarwork and a awesome backing section, the tracklist varies from slow doomy atmospheric stuff like My Time Is Over and Road Back Home to powertunes like Leather Woman and Crazy Lady to the mellow melancholic Come Away With Me. The backgrounds of Sudden Death remains unknown where they came from and where they went, but Suddenly is a strong heavy acid rock album that gives a excellent documentation how powerful this band was.

Sudden Death - Suddenly (1971)US Heavy Psych,Hard Rock

Track list: 
01- Come Away With Me - 4.08 min 
02- Road back Home - 5.27 min 
03- It's Lonely here - 4.57 min 
04- The Zoo - 5.48 min 
05- My Time Is Over - 4.35 min 
06- Leather Woman - 4.26 min 
07- Country Livin' - 5.13 min 
08- Crazy Lady - 4.12 min 

Only recently with the advent of the Internet and collaboration essential to the bassist and founder John Binkley had access to the history of this band and disturbing album.
This is a live-in-the-studio demo recorded in March, 1972 at the CBS Columbia Records studios in Hollywood. Various online references list the year of the recording as 1971, but that appears to be wrong based on Binkley's notes.

The band formed in Pasadena, California in 1970 by school friends John (bass) and Tim Lavrouhin (drums) were jamming it in Tim's basement playing covers of Hendrix, Doors, Cream, Blue Cheer Blues and later joined to double the guitarist Joey Dunlop was already a professional experience with local bands which had already achieved some success. Now lacking a vocalist and the first person to hold the post was Marci, a blues singer, with such training the Sudden Death begins work on starting sequence repertoire of shows in bars and nightclubs, but Cathy the producer of the band and wife Joey, have ideas of professionalism and resolve to do something but seriously, they decide to pursue a professional vocalist in England and so the post is occupied by Dave Marci X. The guy did not last long as her colleagues were maturing musically Dave's voice fell short of the desired new proposal by the band that was playing a bit heavier escaping feature bluesy original. The post was occupied by the great Greg Magie, a Hollyoodiano not at all is due to his contemporaries, who owns a unique voice perfectly fits the music of Sudden Death and has a striking stage presence that made the Sudden Death of a more local legends when the subject was performing live.

When the band was one of his best moments with your name running from mouth to mouth drummer Tim decides to leave the group after several auditions to replace it by accident found the perfect drummer, legend has it that John was offering help to push a beetle of a driver when obervou that in the back seat were a lot of bass drums and cymbals, will chat, chat and so is Charlie Brown is part of the Sudden Death setting the training you recorded this classic hard rock underground of the American scene.

With this training new songs were written, several shows have been made, schools, clubs, parks, farms, private parties etc ... The Sudden Death was taking his music to all corners of California fans and garnering increasing interest in the record. A curiosity that could not fail to mention is that the band's success was such that fans created a telephone network, then the other one communicated would happen when the next show of the band! Thus, in 1972, the band caught the attention of Kim Fowley. Kim had been a familiar figure in the professional music scene in Hollywood for years and was now an independent producer and talent scout in the service record of seeking an answer to the UK rock scene and its literally a project entitled "for an answer U.S. to Black Sabbath. " ! Kim was working with Michael at the service Sunday at Columbia / Epic Records in search of a hard rock band and managed to score a hearing professional in Columbia for the band. The demo was recorded in 1972 on Sunset Blvd in short six hours, almost everything you hear here is live with no overdubs.

The group knows it took a big step for a recording contract but even after the huge local success the band was not chosen the Sudden Death and the entire project died, the band's demo tape bearing the original name of "Overtime", was stored for long 23 years years. The group continued for a further year after the fiasco of Epic but then decreed his end. John, Charlie and Greg formed the Sky Fire Keith Winnovich with guitarist and keyboardist Dave Morgan playing the clubs of Los Angeles for just over a year. In 1973, they recorded a demo of their song "Heavy Metal Kids" to Kim Fowley. The Sky Fire ended when John Terry Brent joined to form the Hammerhead with Addison and Austin Woods Woody on guitars and vocals Greg Sanford. They worked with Kim Fowley in 1974 to write "Summer Nites" signing a recording contract with GNP to release it, along with "Jewels" (written by Greg Sanford) as a single that hit the radio in several markets around the country, including Los Angeles. To date, copies of this record are occasionally available on eBay and other sites rarities buffs. John and Joey joined to form the Temper in the late 70's seeking the same vibe Sudden Death but the result was a badly recorded tape, the group ended activities even before completing one year. A curious fact is that Joey's wife, Cathy, continued in the business of producing hard rock bands, John reports that one of these bands with whom he came in the studios would be none other than Van Halen!
This album is in my opinion a lost and heavy gem,making all my painstaking/time consuming efforts in finding heavy obscure grails certainly worth it when something like this diamond falls in my lap...Said album starts oddly enough, kinda soft but yet emotive with track #1,but it won't sit still either as chords of DooM eventually awash the listener..greatly setting the Theme for rest of the album to follow..track #2,a cranium-crushing riff starts the proceedings with very tasteful Pentagramic soloing,the vocals sound pained and tortured like the very best of Leibling during those hazy/dazy seventies garage days onto track#3, starts again pretty melodic and soft..vocals are pained and a paen to lost love and eventually hope and brightness,but damn those chords of (soft)DooM just deem the thing hopelessness..a cool tribal 'planet caravan' drum thing going on here on this particular track..onwards to Track #4,Yet another cool melodic beginning although brief, leads onto more devestating power chords and volume mania,vocals maybe a bit trite,but man..when the singer croons:"Look at all the people in the Zoo"..sends a shiver up the spine!..A great riff counter acts these vocals making the affect even more..uh,effect-achieving:P..Track #5 starts with a devestating Sabbath riff,gonzoid approach here personified,the mid-section of this particular tune sports a pretty nice jam not too mention,nice bass versus guitar interplay,not mimicking the guitar riff but rather going against it...Tracks # 6,7, and 8 are to me the more shorter and anthemic tracks and the pace greatly picks up here, probably the best 3 songs in a row i've heard in a damn long time(!!!!!)...Track 8 noteworthy with it's Night Sun(without the keyboards) meets Punk-ethic meets Sabbath plow thru.
This album is a nice head-shredder and should easily appeal to the Sabbath-fan and not too mention, anybody into finding heavy lost treasures. 

This is a great album of Heavy Rock / Doom Psych with pinches essentially required in your collection that I'm sure will be part of your favorite style. I hope you enjoy, have fun!

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  1. It's a pleasure to listen this record... The last cut "Crazy Lady" is perhaps the best of all..but maybe that tomorrow all this will change in my head true power of Sudden Death is revealed by the mind-crushing "The Zoo" (an excellent the lyrics!)

  2. ok, maybe it'll be heavy enough ;)

  3. Sonzeira! que não são ouvidas em rádio, por isso gosto ainda mais, parabéns pelos posts.

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    Nós prefirimos sempre bandas raras, pois o normal está por ai
    Grato pela força

  5. Brilliant stuff indeed ! Many thanks for you efforts on this fantastic blog too...... keep it going

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    One more question: Do you got phrock's links to groundshaker's record on flac? I love that record and i lost it last time my hard drive crashed

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