Robert Calvert -Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters Deluxe Expanded Version Remastered - 3 Bonus Tracks-WAV- 1974

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Hoje, a tia tá inspirada, e resolveu dar este presente mais do que especial para voces, ou seja vai abrir as pernas e ficar de quatro de graça.
Esse é um dos meus discos favoritos. O ex integrante do Hawkwind Bob Calvert (Falecido em 14/07/1988), um dos maiores poetas da lingua inglesa da década passada, compôs esse album que é uma verdadeira preciosidade e obra de arte por vários aspectos, deixe-me contar a história

A Alemanha por meio de seu ministro da defesa Franz Joseph Strauss comprou vários aviões Lockheed F-104 que foram modificados para carregar artefatos nucleares (vulgo bombas atômicas), que ficaram conhecidos como F104-G (G de Germany)
Mas, as mudanças foram tão grandes, que os aviões começaram à cair aos montes na Alemanha, matando seus pilotos quee ficou conhecido pela alcunha de "WIDOWMAKER", ou em uma tradução livre "Fazedor de Viuvas".
Quando Bob Calvert descobriu isso, compôs este album totalmente satírico, anarquico e mórbido, citando os nomes verdadeiros dos que se envolveram no esquema, que por causa do sucesso lá fora na época, deu um escândalo tão filhodaputa, que caiu o ministério inteiro da Alemanha por terem escondido isto do público por mais de 15 anos.Este é um disco que conta com uma porrada de convidados tipo o próprio Hawkwind (com Lemmy do Motorhead, que na época era baixista do Hawkwind), Pink Fairies, Jim Capaldi, etc Este é imperdível, please, copiem
Para aqueles que não falam inglês e não entendem as letras, a tia indica este site onde tem todas as letras de cabo a rabo, e que fica mais facil entender o disco, que é
Então, é isso ai, embarquem nesta viagem à bordo do Lockheed F-104G (G de Germany), e vejam como o rock and roll mudou muitas coisas no mundo, coisa que não acontece nos outros tipos de músicas como por exemplo os breganejos, que só mudam o estado do meu saco, de normal para estourado. Impossível destacar qualquer coisa, tem que ouvir inteiro ( inclusive as partes dramatizadas), e entrar no espírito da coisa 
Esta versão contem 3 bonus tracks que é para foder mais ainda


Today, Aunt're inspired, and decided to give this gift extra special for y'all, that is going to open your legs and get four free.This is one of my favorite albums. The former member of Bob Calvert Hawkwind (Died 14.07.1988), one of the greatest of English poets of the past decade, he composed this album is a real gem and works of art by various aspects, let me tell the storyGermany by his defense minister Franz Joseph Strauss bought several Lockheed F-104 that have been modified to carry nuclear devices (aka bombs), which became known as the F104-G (G for Germany) but the changes were so large, the planes began to fall to the mountains in Germany, killing their pilots whichis known by the nickname "Widowmaker," a free translation or "widow maker".When Bob Calvert found that, this album composed entirely satirical, anarchic, death, citing the real names of those involved in the scheme, which because of the success out there at the time, gave a scandal so filhodaputa, which dropped the entire ministry of Germany for having concealed it from the public for more than 15 years.This is an album that has a bunch of guests like himself Hawkwind (with Lemmy from Motorhead, who was then the bassist of Hawkwind), Pink Fairies, Jim Capaldi, etc. This is a must, please, copyFor those who do not speak English and do not understand the lyrics, the aunt indicates where this site has all the letters back and forth, and that is easier to understand the disk, which is fuck in  http://www.starfarer. net / captlock.htmlSo there it is, to embark on this journey aboard the Lockheed F-104G (G for Germany), and see how rock and roll has changed many things in the world, which does not happen in other types of music such as the lady gaga, only change the status of my bag, normal burst. Can not highlight anything, have to listen to whole (including the shares dramatized), and enter into the spirit of the thing
This version contains three bonus tracks that is even more to fuck
Track Listings

1. Frank Joseph Strauss, Defence Minister, reviews the Luftwaffe in 1958. Finding it somewhat lacking in image potential. (1:40)
2. The Aerospace Inferno (4:35)
3. Aircraft Salesman (A Door in the Foot) (1:41)
4. The Widow Maker (2:42)
5. Two test pilots discuss the Starfighter's performance. (0:41)
6. The Right Stuff (4:23)
7. Board meeting (seen through a contract lense). (0:58)
8. The Song of the Gremlin (part one) (3:21)
9. Ground Crew (last minute reassembly before take off). (3:17)
10. Hero with a Wing (3:20)
11. Ground Control to Pilot (0:52)
12. Ejection (3:35)
13. Interview (3:55)
14. I Resign (0:27)
15. The Song of the Gremlin (part two) (3:10)
16. Bier Garten (0:38)
17. Catch a Falling Starfighter (2:54)

Bonus Tracks
18 The Right Stuff (extended version) 8:07
19 Ejection (single version) 3:47
20 Catch a Falling Starfighter (single version) 3:00


- Robert Calvert / vocals, voice, percussion (Hawkwind)
- Paul Rudolph / lead, rhythm, and bass guitar (Pink Fairies
- Lemmy Kilminster / bass, rhythm guitar (Hakwind/Motorhead)
- Simon King / drums (Hawkind)
- Brian Eno / synthesizers, electronic effects (Nem preciso falar quem é)
- Del Dettmar / synthesizers (Hawkwind)
- Nik Turner / saxophone (Hawkwind)

- Dave Brock / guitar (Hawkwind)
- Arthur Brown / vocal (Outro maluco dos anos 60/70)
- Adrian Wagner / keyboards (Hawkwind)
- Twink / drum (Pink Fairies)
- Vivian Stanshall, Jim Capaldi, Tom Mittledorf, Richard Ealing / voice

Adamus67 part

This the first solo album frontman Robert Calvert was first released in 1974 (UK LP) United Artists UAG 29507. Poet, lyricist -Hawkwind intermittently from 1972-1979, who went on to a less successful but intriguing a solo career, believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder. It is mostly dialogue with a handful of songs along the way, and functions as a piece of very black humour.
Special guests: Paul Rudolph (of the Pink Fairies),Vivian Stanshall, Brian Eno,Arthur Brown andJim Capaldi, the concept album is based on the history of the F-104G Starfighter... the basic 17 tracks.. of music and dialogue, it tells an investigative narrative about the "true events" behind the 1960's deaths of German Airforce pilots who were ordered to fly improperly-modified fighter jet Lockheed
Totally unique a mix of music and spoken word, just shows how far ahead this album was.
Most of you will remember Robert Calvert from his years with Hawkwind, but he also pursued a solo career when he left the band for the first time in 1973. His solo debut "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters" features several members of Hawkwind, including Lemmy, Dave Brock and Nik Turner. But it's not just this that makes it a kind of a lost Hawkwind album. Musically it has also a lot in common with raw and basic Hawkwind, and the song "Ejection" was actually later adopted by the band for use in their concert repertoire. However, what makes it a bit different is the hilarious concept of the album and the simpler approach to the arrangements. The main character, Captain Lockheed, is obviously an air force pilot from WWII who is hopelessly stuck in the past. He prefers the old "starfighter" planes instead of anything new or modern. One of the funniest moments of the album is in "Song of the Gremlin, Part 2" where none other than Arthur Brown acts the character and screams out his hatred against the evolvement: "Death to the spaceman, his craft and its ugly landing legs!!". There are also several dialogues that more or less works like small sketches spread between the songs. Among the best songs we find "The Aerospaceage Inferno", "The Right Stuff", the melodic "Hero With a Wing" and the earlier mentioned "Ejection".
Now remastered from the original master tapes and with fully restored artwork, this Eclectic Discs reissue features three bonus tracks including a previously unreleased extended version of “The Right Stuff” appeal to the legions of Hawkwind fans throughout the world.

Robert Calvert - vocals
Arthur Brown - vocals ("The Song of the Gremlin" parts 1 and 2)
Paul Rudolph - lead and rhythm guitar (all), bass guitar ("The Song of the Gremlin" parts 1 and 2, "Hero with a Wing")
Dave Brock - lead guitar ("The Widow Maker")
Lemmy - bass guitar
Nik Turner - saxophone
Brian Peter George St John La Baptiste De La Salle Eno - Synthesizer
Del Dettmar - Synthesizer
Adrian Wagner - Keyboards ("The Song of the Gremlin" parts 1 and 2)
Simon King - drums
Twink Alder - Funeral drum ("Catch a Falling Starfighter")
The Ladbroke Grove Hermaphroditic Voice Ensemble - Back up vocals

Vivian Stanshall - most leads (e.g. Ground Control, Bright Mechanic)
Jim Capaldi - American Salesman, Recruiting Officer, Dim Mechanic
Robert Calvert - Pilot
Tom Mittledorf
Richard Ealing

"Anyone who knows my work would realize that however bad they might think it is, it's all intentional " -- R.C.

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*Robert Calvert died of a heart attack in 1988 in Ramsgate, England.




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