Morre Ronnie Montrose (Ronnie Montrose Dies)

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Ronnie Montrose, the legendary American guitarist, playing among others with such greats as Sammy Hagar, Herbie Hancock and Van Morrison, died last night (March 3). The musician was 64 years and over 5 years  fight with prostate cancer. Ronnie began his musical journey as early as 1969, and the last recorded concert he played 14 January for NAMM. Video of the show you'll see below. 

Death guitarist, other musicians, for whom Montrose was a friend and idol:
Myles [Kennedy] told me that Ronnie Montrose left. Fucking grief . 'Montrose' is one of the best rock and roll. He was a great inspiration for me. R.I.P, man.
David Ellefson:
R.I.P Ronnie Montrose! I am sad to hear that. I had the pleasure to play with it somehow between 2005 and 2007. Very energetic and crazy wild man guitarist. Many learned from him! Rest in peace.
Glenn Hughes:
I have just heard that my dear departed friend, Ronnie Montrose, is dead. I have no words. RIP, brother ... you will be missed in Hughes.


  1. Well... remain their work and our memory ...... nothing more, nothing less ... his,fingers on the fingerboard Gibson is magic for me ... such life, we are not gods ... I remember when I first heard that Rock Candy and Rock the Nation - woow.. it was a sound, juicy, but still raw guitar. Also in this serum Hagar sounded better than guitar polished VanHalen ...

  2. Yeah, he scorched the fretboard on Edgar Winter Group's 'They Only Come Out At Night' and on the first two Montrose albums at least. Rock on Ronnie, much imitated, never surpassed...

  3. Oi PV,

    Infelizmente alguns de nossos maiores ídolos já morreram, seja por overdose, por se envolverem em acidentes (de helicóptero, de avião, choque elétrico), por morte natural, doenças e ainda por suicídios, entre outros. Só restando a todos nós, lamentar tudo isso.

    Aproveitando o gancho, gostaria de sugerir a postagem do CD do Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire de 1978, que conheço mas não tenho.



  4. Ivo
    Vou dar um tempo até publicar algo do Montrose, pois se não
    fica parecendo que quero aproveitar para criar fama em cima dos falecidos
    De um tempo que eu publico


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