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Para quem gosta de Black Sabbath

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Ai putada
Esta é uma das novas bandas americanas do selo MeteorCity que valem muito à pena
Pesadíssima, um rock basicamente mais parado do que rápido, baixo e guitarra nas ultimas
Para voce que gosta do Black Sabbath é obrigatório baixa-la
Então, quero mais é que se lasquem baixando isso aqui o mais rápido possível antes que cortem o link

Hey your freaks

This is a new stamp MeteorCity American bands that are worth a lot to the penalty
Very heavy, a rock basically stopped more than fast, bass and guitar in the last
For you who like Black Sabbath download it is mandatory
So, do you want more chipping downloading it here as soon as possible before they cut the link



1. Endless Agony (3:36)
2. Mercy's Bane (5:53)
3. Night Queen (6:47)
4. Dreams of the Dead (12:12)
5. Tanelorn (1:42)
6. Sons of Chaos (5:36)
7. Empty-Handed Insurrection (2:50)
8. The Hidden Kingdom (6:28)
9. Into the Dawn (15:36)]


Andy Beresky - Vocals, Guitar
Gein - Bass
Clay Neely - Drums/ Synth

Adamus67 part
 >>The world needs real rock ‘n’ roll more than ever.<<

Black Pyramid are heavy metal through and through, but their riffs and rhythms possess a swaggering stomp that can only come from rock ‘n’ roll.  
Andy Beresky’s six-string slinging is pure molten magma, a slow to mid-paced barrage of fuzzy, Sabbath-ian power chords and NWOBHM-style leads arranged for a solitary guitar.  On the whole though, I find myself getting an early Manilla Road vibe (think Crystal Logic) from these dudes, although Beresky’s gruff vocals are often more akin to a cross between Lemmy and Matt Pike in all their whiskey and cigarette-scorched glory.  It’s an amalgamation of influences that works well; a scrappy, blue collar musical foundation for epic, blood-soaked tales of pillage and plunder. On II, Black Pyramid sound like a band on the verge of big things.  Trouble is, Beresky left the band after the album was completed, leaving drummer Clay Neely and bassist Gein with the considerable task of recruiting a replacement frontman.  How the band will fair as a result of this lineup shift has yet to be seen, but one thing is a for sure, they’ve got one hell of an album on their hands. Guitarist/vocalist  Andy Beresky abruptly left the band – and music as a whole, sadly – at the end of recording sessions in 2011, placing the future of the record (not to mention the band) in jeopardy. The remaining band members decided to go on with a new frontman.... 
However They've found  a new guitarist/vocalist in Darryl Shepard of instrumental stoner metal group Hackman, but judging from Beresky’s epic contributions on this release,not he certainly be missed.... release this album in its original version.

Release date:January 31st, 2012
Label:Meteor City Records

Gein - Bass
Clay Neely - Drums, synth
Andy Beresky - Guitars, vocals

01.  Endless Agony 03:42   
02.  Mercy's Bane 05:57  
03.  Night Queen 06:55   
04.  Dreams of the Dead 12:15   
05.  Tanelorn 01:44  
06.  Sons of Chaos 05:40   
07.  Empty-handed Insurrection 02:54  
08.  The Hidden Kingdom 06:30  
09.  Into the Dawn 15:35

While their first album was an excellent debut by all accounts, Black Pyramid II ups the ante to another level of awesome. The opening duo of “Endless Agony” and “Mercy’s Bane” both gallop fiercer and faster than any cut off the previous album; their epic riffs, catchy choruses, and cavalry-charging momentum almost bring the classic works of Iron Maiden to mind.* Most other songs on the album follow the same template, but doomheads ought not despair – with “Dreams of the Dead” and the majestic 15+ minute closer “Into The Dawn,” Black Pyramid prove that they can still bring the thunder in larger doses than before without wearing out their welcome. This record is a necessary addition to your next game of D&D, Warhammer (in both Fantasy and 40k flavor), or generally anything that involves lots of angry dudes with axes charging each other and chopping shit up. So quake and fear, mortals, for the new Black Pyramid is upon us at last. Hopes that this monstrosity would never have seen the light of day are all but dead, trampled beneath the relentless hooves of their galloping war metal.

This record slays, in the way that only Conan can.  


no passwd


  1. Obrigado pelo post, escutei uns sons no youtube, mas não tem como colocar links pro mediafire? Rapidshare ta horrivel de baixar, capado a 30 kb/s é foda!

  2. Marcel
    Mediafire só aceita arquivos pequenos, e é muito lento para fazer uploads
    Só me restou a opção do rapid, tem que se conformar

  3. Hum, interessante este site. Vou salvar aqui, depois baixar. Sí voce nivelou ao Black sabbath então é pauleira. Depois volto para dar minha opinião.

  4. Voce tem razão. Muito bom mesmo. Acabou de ganhar um seguidor.

  5. Gostou né
    Sou sabbazzista fanática, guenta que vem mais porrada


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