Baby Grandmothers Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out -FLAC (Very Rare)

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Ai putada, só para encerrar, mais um cd do Baby
Esta banda sueca é muito boa para quem gosta da época, bem progressiva e psicodélica
Raramente postada na internet, aproveitem e se divirtam
São apenas 3 longas músicas, que eu sei que voces vão gostar
Então aproveitem

Hey yor freaks

This Swedish band is very good for those who like the time, and progressive and psychedelic
Rarely posted on the Internet, enjoy and have fun
Are only three songs long, I know that you'll love
So enjoy


Adamus67 part

This band can be treated as ahead of time with a progressive experimental orientation playing long, mainly improvised songs oriented at Cream and Jimi Hendrix.
Baby Grandmothers were a short-lived Swedish band, but one of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Although hailing from Stockholm, Sweden they only released a single in Finland, which has since become one of the most sought after pieces of vinyl from the era.

Track List:
01 – Opus 1 – ascending (12:49)
02 – Opus 2 – floating (8:20)
03 – Opus 3 – descending (10.20)

- Kenny Håkansson (guitars)
- Pelle Ekman (drums)
- Bella Linnarsson (bass)

The band was then re-christened Baby Grandmothers by the co-founder of the newly opened psychedelic club Filips, for which he needed a house-band. Filips was the legendary breeding ground for bands such as Hansson & Karlsson, Pärson Sound, as well as orgiastic all night jams with foreign luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix and the Mothers of Invention...
Although it’s unknown whether this was one such recording, but the band did share the FILIPS stage for all-night jam sessions with the likes of Hendrix and The Mothers when they rolled through town, and Jimi’s influence, particularly on Håkansson’s amazing guitar work is immeasurable. Throughout, Håkansson dons the guitar God crown, exploring every nook and cranny of sound he can emit from his guitar, although to label him a “Swedish Jimi Hendrix” would be unfair, as he, perhaps intentionally, lacks or avoids the blues’ structures underlying many of Jimi’s solos. 

So how does it sound? Totally good-times OTT psych fuzz?n?wail, like remember the first time you heard ?Stoned Guitar? or ?Vincebus Eruptum? or ?Voodoo Chile? or Guru Guru?s ?UFO? or ?Phallus Dei? or ?Yeti? or Nuggets vol. 1, or 2, or 3, or 4.. and it slugs you right there behind your eyes which droop pleasantly and then you settle in your chair and let the drugged-out cosmic stoner guitar jams melt your bones.

It's a Sabbath doom lament that will leave amp residue on your brain after you are done with it. If you have managed to get over you tired indie-rock aversion to guitar solos, each record on Baby Grandmothers will be balm to your ears....
I'd say the band was set on eclipsing the sun with this monster, but they don't exactly get much sun up there....Get the Baby Grandmothers music here!

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  1. "Tune In Turn On Drop Out"...gee, that sounds kinda familiar...I think I'll try it!

  2. Do we know at least what year this was recorded? Thx!

  3. Ok, never mind, I see, September 1967!!!

  4. Dan,
    you sharp eye, yes September 30th 1967!

  5. Realmente é impressionante, sem comentários sobre o site. Parabéns!

  6. Pessoal
    Obrigado pela força, apesar das dificuldades atuais para fazer um upload,continuamos tentando manter o nível do blog


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