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Ai putada, siguinte
O Baby foi uma das melhores bandas suecas dos anos 60 e inicio e anos70
Misturando psicodelia e com toques de Blue Cheer esta é uma grande pedida para quem gosta dessa época
Com alguns temas longos, deve ser ouvida com todo carinho, e é muito rara


Hey your freaks

Baby was one of the best Swedish bands of the 60s and beginning and anos70
Mixing with touches of psychedelia and Blue Cheer this is a great choice for those who like this time
With some issues long, must be heard with all affection, and is very rare


Adamus67 part
Swedish underground trio, although there were only 2 years (1967-1969)enrolled forever in the annals of not only the Scandinavian but the world of music under the sign of heavy psych.

Currently it is estimated that Baby Grandmothers were highly significant impact on the local rock, no less than legendary Mecki Mark Men, and in many respects even surpassed them. Group originated from the garage T-Boones, with guitarist Kenny'emu Håkanssonowi, who co-wrote the first in the Swedish hard rock song "I Want You", in the summer of 1967.
Debuted in the Swedish psychedelic mecca - the club Filips. A year later, together with that Mecki Mark Men supported, Jimi Hendrix during his tour of Sweden. The material in this publication is a continuation of excellent radio sessions and the group gave concerts in 1967-68. The CD includes: Recording radio session - Finnish Radio in 1968, continuing Filips Cafe in Stockholm in 1967 and live recordings - Live In Finland 68th

What's more, this stuff is heavy: the fuzz tone of the guitar is delicious, and while the rhythm section sometimes gets lost behind Håkansson's guitar Heroics, for the bridge part they more than hold Their Own, Offering an impressive, pounding accompaniment.
Combine a keen melodic sense, an ability to improvise with imagination and creativity, and a heavy psych-rock groove That sounds ahead of its time, and you get one of the best surprises of the year so far. Big thanks are in order to Reine Fiske for getting this material to see the light of day, if only all archival recordings were so essential!

Track List :
01. Somebody Keeps Calling My Name
02. Being Is More Than Life
03. Bergakungen
04. Being Is More Than Life 2
05. St. George's Dragon
06. St. George's Dragon 2
07. Raw Diamond

Musicians : 
Kenny Håkansson - Guitar
Bella Fehrlin (Bengt Linnarsson) - Bass
Pelle Ekman - Drums

Actually, even this is not a record. Released on CD and LP 'Baby Grandmothers' is a collection of recordings of the Swedish band from the years 1967-1968. So we have here only single 'Somebody Keeps Calling My Name - Being Is More Than Life', and recording from two concerts in 1967 and 1968.
This band is all but forgotten phenomenon. Singles record, especially the first page, it's just musical cosmos....

It starts slowly, slowly. Wandering the wonderful vocal. From the beginning, is some palpable tension rising. Track speeds up gradually, but when it reaches a peak, then we have to deal with the heating and flushing of which probably no one in 1968 dreamed. Just a real heavy-psychedelic buzz. Rarely fall into such exaltation, but in this case it is difficult to behave differently.
The band, gate valve as hard and as strongly as possible. Everything here is amazing.

The other, side single is now calmer, kept at a slow pace. Baby Grandmothers in place even more emphasis on building here for the climate.

While it's live recording higher driving school. In the first three songs Baby Grandmothers have emerged as masters of long heavily improvised composition. Taking into account the years, and under what conditions all have been registered, it's hard to believe how sensational it all is and how well it listens to. A veritable musical heaven. There is an amazing and mysterious changing mood and tempo changes. I play heavy guitar contrasted with the more delicate motifs.

Word here is everything that fans of sharp guitars need to be happy. 
Baby Grandmothers definitely even then they were a different era.
Enjoy!Go grab

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