Ufo - Live 1972 - With Mick Bolton on Guitar - Very Rare CD - WAV

A Post From OldBitch and Adamus67
source: my own cd collection

Ai putada, mais um raríssimo da minha coleção
Depois do Budgie live 1978 que nem consta dos progarchives da vida, e ninguem conhece
Ai voces ficam dando fama à esses caras que não entendem picas de rock, e apenas ficam copiando as resenhas e baixando cópias e bittorrents da vida, e se dizem o máximo
Quero ver ter o original como eu tenho......
Bom, mas vamos lá
Este disco é do caraio,próprio para escutar no talo, e foda-se os pais, vizinhos, namoradas(os)
Começo com C'mon Everybody, uma porrada sonora para colocar voce de quatro logo de cara
Depois vem  Who Do You Love , outra cacetada sonora
Ai com Loving Cup uma senhora lavada de rock
Ai com Prince Kajuku   The Coming Of Prince Kajuku do segundo disco dele é do caralho, de derrubar as paredes
Ai fode de vez com Boogie For George uma das melhores porradas do UFO de todos os tempos
E encerra com Follow You Home mais uma porrada sonora
Olha, não sei não, mas esta primeira formação do UFO é do caralho mesmo, voces tem é mais que se foder baixando isto aqui
Então fodam-se


Hey your fucking freaks

After Budgie live  1978, with no has the progarchives of life, and no one knows anything about rock
Then you are giving fame to those who do not understand guys cock rock, and are only copying and downloading reviews copies and BitTorrents of life, and say they are the most
 Have the original as I have ......

Well, but come on

This disc is fucking, suitable for listening in the stalk, and fuck the parents, neighbors, girlfriends (the)

C'mon Everybody start with, a sound beating to put you right off the bat of four
Then comes Who Do You Love, another sonic bludgeon
Loving Cup around with a lady washed rock

Goes to Kajuku The Coming Of Prince Prince Kajuku of the second disc is fucking him, to break down the walls
Oh fuck from time to Boogie For George one of the best UFO blows of all time
And concludes with Follow You Home a bunch more sound

Look, I do not know, but this is the first formation of the UFO fucking same, you have to fuck is more than downloading it here

So fuck you


Adamus67 part

The band was formed in August 1969 when the trio of musicians: Pete Waya (bass), Phil Mogg (b. 4/15/1948 in London, vocals) and Mick Bolton (guitar), appearing under the name Hocus Pocus, joined by drummer Andy Parker.
After signing with a small label Beacon Records debut album in 1971, UFO and, presenting a blend of progressive space rock with blues and boogie. Both the first and the next two LPs UFO II? Flying (One Hour Space Rock) and UFO Live (Landed In Japan) has not gained greater recognition in the UK. Unlike what happened in Germany and Japan, where the group has gained very many dedicated fans and reacting hysterically.
In January 1972, Bolton said goodbye to colleagues and a month later was replaced by Larry Wallis (ex-Blodwyn Pig and Shagat). But he, in October the same year left the band and went to the Pink Fairies. Since November 1972 with a UFO occurred Bernie Marsden, who in June the following year gave way to Michael Schenkerowi (ex-Scorpions). With him, the group entered the best period in its history. It started a great album Phenomenon released in May 1974 by Chrysalis Records label and contains such classics as "Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor". At the same time changed the music of heavy metal on the luscious, full colored, inventive solos Schenker.

Originally released only in Japan as "UFO Lands In Tokyo", this is a real nice performance, featuring material from their first two albums, "UFO 1" and "UFO 2 - Flying". Guitarist on this and the other two releases is Mick Bolton, who was much more slow-handed than Schenker. Unfortunately his playing lacked the commercial appeal of Schenker. Part boogie-based hard rock and part space rock, this early incarnation of UFO was innovative in ways playing 
Recorded in of a large and seemingly enthusiastic Tokyo audience, the album sounds like it was recorded in a rush. 
UFO's second studio album "Flying" provided the band with an unexpected Japanese hit in the form of the single 'Prince Kajuku' b/w 'The Coming of Prince Kajuku'.  The hit led to tremendous demand for more product with the immediate resulting being the release of 1972's "UFO Live In Japan"...This album  the same track listing, but different cover art the  was also released in Germany under the title "UFO Live".  
LIVE captures the original line-up in-concert, and it's interesting to hear the band in their formative stages. Half of the six songs are amped up covers ... Full Description of classics, such as Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody," Bo Diddley's "Who Do You Love," and Paul Butterfield's "Loving Cup."
Co-produced by the band and Milton Samuel, the six tracks pulls heavily from their first two studio sets  featured original guitarist Mick Bolton, whose blues feel was the exact opposite of his replacement's highly technical speed runs I'll tell you that the results are professional, though seldom inspiring. 

UFO - UFO live (1972) 

Track listing: 
1.C'mon Everybody 4:45 
2.Who Do You Love 9:26 
3.Loving Cup 5:16 
4.Prince Kajuku / Coming Of Prince Kajuku 8:27 
5.Boggie For George 11:44 
6.Follow you Home 6:26 

Phil Mogg - Vocals 
Mick Bolton - Guitar 
Pete Way - Bass 
Andy Parker - Drums 




  1. Este disco mostra uma fase diferente, porém não menos excelente do UFO, quem não tem ou não conhece, não perca tempo, baixe imediatamente, esse é bom demais.


  2. Ivo
    Eu as vezes prefiro essa primeira fase que é do caralho

  3. tempting...the English translation of OldBitch's "discussion" of this album is some of the best poetry I've ever read! Wish I could read the 'gese.

  4. As a fan of 'space rock" and blues based rock, I like this early formation of UFO better than when Schenker joined. I know im in the minority when I say that, but I loved the first 2 records and I love this show much more than strangers in the night

    1. I like all fases of UFO
      I will post ufo 1 and flying asap

  5. Cara Putaveia, será possível compartilhar este Ufo Live e o Hairy chapter através de outros hospedeiros? haja vista que o multiupload não está mais funcionando? Desde já agradeço.
    Emilio Almeida

  6. Unfortunately links are dead. Please re-up this album. thanks

  7. Sergey
    At this moment its impossible, all multiuploads links are dead

  8. Bicho, vou descolar hoje mesmo. Tambėm prefiro a fase antigaça do ufo, cara. Acho que é porque sou mais chegado num psicodélico e tambėm num som mais bluseiro. Peace on hour Earth!


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