Out Of Focus: Out Of Focus (1971) {2010 Remaster} [FLAC]

Artist: Out Of Focus

Album: Out Of Focus
Genre: Jazz-Fusion, Progressive Rock
Year: 1971
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Esoteric Recordings/EREACD1012 (2010 Remaster)
Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

On their eponymous second album, Out of Focus further develop their progressive jazz-rock sound, at the same time pushing in other directions as well. The rhythm section is still as upbeat and funky as ever, with those repetitive but odd rhythm patterns. There is now more sax in the mix, as well as the flute riffing, guitar wails, and chunky organ chords, with each instrument allowed ample soloing and no instrument over-dominant. If anything, this one dispenses with some of the heavy rock sound to get closer to the jazz influences. They slow down the pace on the strange folk song "It's Your Life" as well as the even stranger "Blue Sunday Morning" with its airy flute, church organ, and bizarre song narration. Lyrics are even sharper, whether ripping into the banality of television or the hypocrisy of religion, with the dark-edged humor more firmly in place. On the suite "Fly Bird Fly"/"Television Program," the group veers from soft to full in-your-face intensity while staying on a bouncy riff. On long tracks like this one and "Whispering," they throw a lot of variation over repetitive grooves to create mesmerizing jams that are both incredibly loose and far more focused than the average jam band. (Rolf Semprebon at AllMusic)

01 What Can A Poor Boy Do (But To Be A Street Fighting Man) (5:52)
02 It's Your Life (4:31)
03 Whispering (13:34)
04 Blue Sunday Morning (8:20)
05 Fly Bird Fly (5:09)
06 Television Program (11:45)

Remingius Drechsler - guitars, stylophone, tenor saxophone, flutes, voice
Hennes Hering - organ, piano
Moran Neumüller - soprano saxophone, vocals
Klaus Spöri - drums
Stephen Wishen - bass

Originally released as Kuckuck 2375 010 in 1971.




  1. The band formed in late 1968 in Munich is one of the most important German rock bands of the 70's. Their second album was recorded at Bavaria Studios in June 1971. Music of this group is a mix of rock, jazz and psychedelia, played with ease and flair, based on the resonance of guitars and saxophone. Out Of Focus recorded for Kuckuck Schallplatten label
    Music, seethes from a variety of melodic ideas, interesting arrangements and original solutions sound. Everything is played lightly, with flair and imagination, in a balanced and devoid of unnecessary, tedious elements. The listener's attention immediately grab songs long. Almost 14-minute "Whispering" is tilted toward the tripartite sonata structure, based on dialogue, guitar and saxophone. No less impressive falls compound "Fly Bird Fly" / "Television Program" - 17 minutes of true feast for the ears. A gentle melodic theme song flute develops, based on jazz, subtle feelingu section, acquired by other instruments. The story ends back to the initial vocal melody and the flute is a hyphen and buckle, and a starting point for a broader part of the second. This is a dramatic initially, then a very muted and quiet, and finally back in the final feisty and sharp, with a crazy guitar dialogue and tenor saxophone. This is the culmination of the entire album. The beautiful ballad "It's Your Life", conceived in the spirit of tradition, folklore and ornaments. And finally, "Blue Sunday Morning." Interesting melodic vocal line is being built here by the system of quasi-marching, included in the risk psychedelic bolero, with organ and flute ornaments, melo-recital.
    Esoteric issued not bonus - and rightly so! Is the same as it once was issued....The effect is overpowering. Six tracks, 49 minutes of Beautiful music.... Deeply thought out and fantastically recorded.
    To sum up - is a masterpiece and should be familiar with.

  2. Ha! Thanks Micose, and Adamus for the illuminating text. I have "Wake Up" and I think it's great and I'm very happy to see this one here. 8)

    1. A masterpiece.Very well composed,nice organ,flute,sax and melodic.
      Thanks DanP for let me know such a good blogg

    2. @Joes,Thanks for visiting, always welcome!
      my friend, Dan knows about where it is worth... visit

  3. NEW LINK:

    Esoteric 24 Bit Mastering - 1971(2010), FLAC (tracks+scans), lossless



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