Light Of Darkness - Light Of Darkness (1971 scottish heavy/psychedelic blues rock, 1998 Second Battle reissue - FLAC)

Saudações, dentre outros tantos fantásticos albuns existentes nos anos 70s Light Of Darkness é um dos meus favoritos! Vale aquí destacar o "exótico" e até mesmo debochado vocal do nosso brother John Latimer. Prestem atenção na fabulosa versão de "Soul Francisco (do não menos fabuloso Tony Joe White)"; apenas essa música já valeria a compra desse álbum!. Desfrutem!

The little-known Scottish band Light of Darkness consisted of Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica), Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle), John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion), and German drummer Manfred Bebert.

They were based in Hamburg, Germany, and their only record was released by the German label Phillips in 1970.

This self-titled debut album is in a kind-of progressive blues-rock style, highlighted by Latimer's odd voice and an energetic cover of Tony Joe White's "Soul Francisco."

This is a heavy progressive garage rock masterpiece with such a bizarre vocalist, his voice makes Captain Beefheart sound like Art Garfunkel!

However, critics at that time dismissed the record as being directionless; the record-buying public ignored the LP and after a couple of concerts, Light of Darkness disbanded.

A stunning party record! The album came with impressive, absurd cover art. Original Phillips copies now sell for 400 DM or more.

The album was re-issued in 1981 on ZYX in a single sleeve with completely different artwork. Luckily, Second Battle put it right again in 1990, when they released 1,000 copies of the album featuring the original cover plus and insert with information.

Today, their only recording has become a minor cult classic and a collector's item.

Unfortunately, the band members disappeared and never recorded again. Before Light of Darkness, both Reoch and Grant had been in a band called Mike Reoch and the Tremors (together with Dennis Morrison and Don Stuart), and released an album called "Internationale Evergreens" on Elite Special in the 1960s.

Light Of Darkness - Soul Francisco:

Line-up / Musicians:
*Mike Reoch - bass, flute, piano, harmonica
*Byron Grant - guitars, fiddle
*John Latimer - vocals, piano, organ, percussion
*Manfred Bebert - drums


  1. Practically little is known about the history of the Light Of Darkness. In 1970 they recorded for the Philips label their only album, which is the version analog of the current rarity (resumed it on CD Second Battle)
    Group set up three Scots living in Germany adhered to the traditional, blues-garage under the sign of Stackwaddy, Captain Beefheart'a or Red Dirt. They created an original sound, influenced by heavy rhythm'n'blues, in order to succeed. Mike Reoch and Byron Grant, both former school members, were born in Brechen City, Scotland. They had played together in different bands for many years. After amazing experiences as opener for some early Rolling Stones gigs in Germany they settled down in the club scene in Hamburg and met a real useful singer, keyboard player and Star-Club veteran called John Latimer. They were three Scots now. A short time later, Manfred Bebert German drummer was recruited for drum duties. Light Of Darkness appeared on the stage of the business into contact to Mr. Herben Hildebrandt, a member of a very famous German drums beat-group called The Rattles and producer, who had lots of effective contacts to major labels. LOD recorded several demos, which had been sent to Philips. The result was a great success.
    The repertoire on it a couple of compelling, highly energetic music,fabulous gritty hardrock with a drugged vibes, howling vocals which deserves special attention over 9- minute version of Tony Joe White's song "Soul Francisco".
    Because of their record-deal with Philips 1970 became an important year in the bands career and everything still looked rosy. All the album recordings were produced in a real professionell sound by Herbert Hildebrandt. Unfortunately Philips wasn't able to give the band the necessary support.
    No reviews, no stories in magazines and last but not least hardly any public interest in LOD was the result of such a management. After album the recording hearing about a group of was lost - group disappeared. One can only guess that this was due to financial troubles and the fashion for "kraut rock" promoted in the German media.
    Well It's been years since I last listened this,can recall! very good album Thanks Nel,

    1. EAC > Flac+.cue+log+scans

  2. Realmente essa banda é DUCA, pena que não tenham lançado mais nada.

  3. Putada, rodando agora no DVD! Gostei! Bandaça, como todas as postadas aqui neste puteiro de terceira...Ouvindo a harmonica, parece que o cara ta tocando do lado da gente, maravilha!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, mr Nelwizard!!!!!

  4. My sort of music, thnx - steve.

  5. Burned it to a CD and listened with my "robocop headfones", haha. Would like to make a review but I'm poor doing it even in portuguese, anyway, thank you Nelwizard, great album.

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