Kin Ping Meh - Fairy Tales & Cryptic Chapters (1998) [FLAC] (Limited 4 CD Box) {Second Battle SB 56-059}

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Kin Ping Meh - Fairy Tales & Cryptic Chapters (1998) [FLAC] (Limited 4 CD Box) {Second Battle SB 56-059}

Hello to you friends... Here we are in the year 2012, how about that? And I guess that while I am here that I'll continue along with sharing some rare or obscure items with all of you. As the next selection, here is this very choice Limited 4 CD Box from Kin Ping Meh from 1998. These were sold out pretty quickly as Second Battle made a lot of their releases available in strictly limited editions in numbers of usually 1500 or even less. And, of course, nowadays when you can find some of these for sale, they can go for into the hundreds of dollars just to obtain the item. It is always great to enjoy such Krautrock music and I will try to put some more of it up in the near future for you. Alrighty, here then is the latest artist for you to study up on if you don't know them already. Enjoy...
Kin Ping Meh
Fairy Tales & Cryptic Chapters (Limited 4 CD Box)
Second Battle
SB 056-059
The beginnings of the Mannheim based Krautrock-legend Kin Ping Meh: This box set edition presents 4 1/2 hours of only unreleased stuff, which should be interesting not only for KPM fans. Among the recordings, there are many "new" old songs, cover versions, sessions, great live performances and alternative versions of KPM's better known repertoire. Moreover, the new CD-artwork concept was made to represent the scene of the frontcover picture of KPM's former "original" debut album a little bit more. These erotic illustrations, which were taken from historic patterns, relate much closer to the well known Chinese novel "Kin Ping Meh" written by the famous Chinese poet Wang Schi Tschong (1526- 1593). He tells the story of Xi Men Ching, a rich and horny business man, who controled 6 beautiful concubines in his household. The title KIN PING MEH (JIN PING MEI) itself explains this in the same way: "Plum blossoms in a golden vase" meant beautiful women in a well-off house. The new CD-designs shows only in detail, what that meant in daily life. This design scheme was not done in order to achieve more commercial potiential. Please note: The entire box-set contains a free bonus CD, which is not for sale otherwise. This box set was strictly limited to only 1500 copies ever made.
This edition was especially made for KPM-fans and hunters in the Krautrock jungle. FAIRY TALES & CRYPTIC CHAPTERS let the music of KIN PING MEH of which original records are still highly esteemed  with collector circuits, sound to you in a complete different way. You may take it as a sort of special performance of almost five hours presenting hidden treasures taken from reels which were put down for long decades. Therefore these recordings cover not only the official catalogue of KPM, but introduce to you the group's complete artificial development through their early years. You will listen to previously unreleased songs of a pre-KPM group called TAKE FIVE, many outtakes, sessions, covers from artist like DEEP PURPLE, PROCOL HARUM, CHICAGO etc. - and last but not least soundboard recordings of their earliest live performances in 1970. All these more or less unknown recordings were compiled now on three CDs - made for all Krautrock lovers, who appreciate a complete catalogue of those early KPM-years. The entire KPM-boxset also features a free bonus CD containing some more live tidbits, which otherwise couldn't have been placed in the other chapters.

Disc 1
Take Five Dreams Until Kissing Time
01 Fantasy I  2:23
02 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know  4:45
03 Something  2:47
04 You've Made Me So Very Happy  3:42
05 Light My Fire  3:17
06 Spinning Wheel  3:17
07 My Future  4:03
08 Too Many People  4:17
09 Haze  4:19
10 In A Better Way  3:39
11 Old Man From Peru  2:49
12 Woman (live version)  4:25
13 Organ Intro  3:09
14 My Dove  4:10
15 Fairy Tales  9:45
16 Fantasy II  2:20

Disc 2
Live Lessons At Bier's Dancing School
01 I Believe, That I'm A Winner  5:47
02 Help  4:35
03 Forget It, I Got It  5:26
04 Every Day  4:27
05 Don't You Know  6:25
06 I'm A Man  8:25
07 Progressive Blues Jam  10:59
08 Everything's My Way  3:09
09 Child In Time  6:04
10 Alexandra  2:47
11 Salty Dog  4:27
12 Happy Song  5:31
13 Killing Time  6:35

Disc 3
Sometime Beside Drugson's Trip
01 Good Morning Kin Ping Meh (radio presentation)  2:18
02 Everything's My Way  7:05
03 Everything's My Way (Instrumental)  3:40
04 My Future (Instrumental)  2:56
05 Too Many People (Instrumental)  4:23
06 Theme from Fairy Tales (Instrumental)  1:52
07 Don't You Know (Instrumental)  2:01
08. Final Blues (Instrumental)  1:01
09 The Ballad Of Drugson's Trip  7:20
10 Sometime  5:44
11 Don't Get Confused (early Fairy Tales with different lyrics)  8:42
12 Help  4:46
13 Too Many People  3:41
14 Do It Babe (early Dove version with different lyrics)  3:13
15 Drugson's Trip  2:48

Disc 4
Final Cuts from "Bier" Conventions
01 Stage Announcements  0:57
02 Everything's My Way  4:31
03 Haze  5:14
04 Witch Craft  6:17
05 In A Better Time  4:08
06 Salty Dog  4:37
07 I'm A Man  8:34
08 Child In Time  7:00
09 Stage Announcement by Joachim Schafer  0:52
10 Everything's My Way  4:03
11 Salty Dog  4:28
12 Alexandra (sung in German, rehearsal for a musical called "Rausch")  2:08

Complete full HQ scans of this CD release included



  1. Love this band! Oughta listen to this set sometimes, I got a rip of it. Have a feeling OldBitch's rip might be superior!

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