Haze: Hazecolor-Dia (1971) {1997 Reissue} [FLAC]

Artist: Haze

Album: Hazecolor-Dia
Genre: Heavy Psychedelic/Blues Rock
Year: 1971
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Second Battle/SB 039 (1997 Reissue)
Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)


The single album released by Haze had another of those extraordinary artwork sleeves designed by Walter Seyffer of Nine Days' Wonder fame. It was made to look exactly like a slide picture, complete with frame and a transparent picture of the group Haze. Hazecolor-Dia was a Hauke & Dierks production, recorded during April 1971 at the Clerks Studio. All five tracks were written by Dietmar Low. Slow, cleverly-arranged heavy progressive numbers with a faint blues tinge, featuring humorous lyrics: "A Way To Find Paradise" told about a hippy's struggle to get his hashish to smoke! Scherler really had a strange and wild voice (he usually screamed as loudly as he could), adding much to their gutsy freak rock style. Several tracks also featured flute (the flute player is not identified on the cover). Haze were probably inspired by The Edgar Broughton Band, Arthur Brown and Captain Beefheart. Their album is recommended for all freak rock fans! (Cosmic Dreams)

01 Peaceful Nonsense (7:19)
02 Fast Career (8:35)
03 Be Yourself (6:27)
04 A Way To Find The Paradise (6:59)
05 Decision (10:14)

Kurt Frei - drums
Christian Scherler - vocals
Hans-Jürg Frei - guitar, organ
Dietmar Löw - bass
Heinz Schwab - lead guitar

Originally released as Bacillus Records 6494 007 in 1971




  1. Hi Micose...I'm interested in any Hauke & Dierks productions, and of course "heavy progressive" are magic words for me. Really looking forward to the next installment of your article series on record labels, don't forget, you promised! ;) Best

  2. Hello Dan,

    Indeed Hauke, Dierks and also Plank were the top German producers in the 70s. And yes! I promised more articles about the labels! I still have post one I wrote about Brain Records.

    Best regards.

  3. I return to say, I find the Haze album excellent!!


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