Hairy Chapter: Can't Get Through (1971) + Eyes (1970) {1997 Reissue} [FLAC]

Artist: Hairy Chapter

Album: Can't Get Through + Eyes

Genre: Heavy Psychedelic/Stoner/Hard Rock
Year: 1970/1971
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Second Battle/SB 038 (1997 Reissue)
Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Aê putada, eis aqui mais uma banda que passou pelo lendário selo alemão Bacillus Records. Ao invés de seguir a linha experimental do krautrock ou do progressivo sinfônico tradicional, o Hairy Chapter se focava em fazer um hard rock com toques psicodélicos ao invés do progressivo em si como é muitas vezes relacionada, talvez pela duração das músicas.

Nesta versão da Second Battle, que relançou vários álbuns de bandas alemãs obscuras, há os dois únicos álbuns do Hairy Chapter em apenas um CD. Além disso, a Second Battle relançou os álbuns em vinil, uma vez que as prensagens da época ficaram muito difíceis de serem encontradas.

Hello freaks, here's another band which was signed to the lengendary German Bacillus Records label. Instead of following experimental krautrock or traditional symphonic progressive tides, Hairy Chapter focussed themselves in creating a hard rock with psychedelic elements rather than progressive music itself as they are so often related to it, maybe because of the lenght of their songs.

On this Second Battle release, label which reissue many albums made by obscure German bands, there are the two only Hairy Chapter albums in just one CD. Besides, Second Battle also reissue the two vinyls, once that the original pressings were too tough to find.

- Can't Get Through
01 There's A Kind Of Nothing
02 Can't Get Through
03 It Must Be An Officer's Daughter
04 As We Crossed Over
05 You've Got To Follow This Masquerade
- Eyes
06 Bad Dreams
07 Pretty Talking Girl
08 Pauline
09 Illusions
10 Looking For A Decent Freedom
11 Cry For Relief
12 Thought After
13 Life 69
14 Big Fat Woman Blues

Harry Titlbach - guitars
Harry Unte - vocals
Rudolf Oldenburg - bass
Rudi Haubold - drums
Werner Faus - drums

'Eyes' was originally released as OPP World Wide OPP 5-21 in 1970.
'Can't Get Through' was originally released as Bacillus 6494 002 in 1971.



  1. dois grandes discos já na minha coleção ( eu tenho a edição mais antiga 'Lost Pipe Dreams LP018 CD,1994) , este site parece muito ativo, e que as coisas boas. Obrigado a todos os participantes.

  2. Listening to this very often even though I dig it very much, being such as old fart awesome....hehehe
    Well...for me 1970 & early '71 was such an interesting time Rock on as never later! This is one of those albums that often pops up on the obscure, underestimated 70's -holy grail.
    Little known, although in some quarters absolutely cult German band playing (especially on the second disc) uncompromising, heavy rock with lots of very dynamic style of guitar improvisation Twenty Sixty Six & Then, Silberbart and the first album Lucifer's Friend. Debut is a slightly psychedelic hard-rock, while the second album is simply amazing - unbridled energy!,necessary things here.
    Uncompromising band hard-rock, at the forefront of which stood a game Harry Tilbach - incredibly talented musicians. Bing of his guitars, powerful rhythm section and sharp vocals evoke LEAF HOUND or GROUNDHOGS sample of 1971, only ten times heavier than a hundred times and reckless. Is typical of German kraut rock acidic waste perfectly preserved in the typical Anglo-American cocktail.
    The album "Eyes" was released in November 1970, the band entered the Dierks Studio (producer of Orange Peel, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and who would later engineer the rise of the Scorpions)on a modest OPP label and has demonstrated considerable potential young band,nine tracks were a wild showing a heavy psychedelic hard with aggressive vocals and a foot stuck in the blues not gone unnoticed in November of that year re-enter the studio to record the second album "Can not Get Through" and shows a band with more technical than the previous disc, but without abandoning their weight characteristic. Released in early 1971, "Can't get through" contained five long tracks, which were constructed based on heavy guitar jam. In this case, improvisation became refined, brighter melodies, riffs tougher. The storm of emotion and wild animals do give the drive to relax for 30 minutes.
    Both albums were released by Bacillus and had as a producer Dieter Dierks for those who do not know that it is good to inform the guy that has produced people of the caliber of the Scorpions, Accept, Jeronimo, Twisted Sister, Rory Gallagher and many others.
    In 1997 the Second Batlle put on the market these records the band's two albums on one CD...what a joy!
    (Original LP is a very difficult task today,and they are worth a not small fortune in the hands of collectors)
    Thanks micose, for reminding me,
    Yours sincerely,

  3. Se eu gosto de Black Sabbath, vai gostar da gravadora bacilus na pqp
    Mas sempre é bom termos estilos diferente neste puteiro aqui

  4. Adam, this is a great find indeed. I would never think to find a German band doing such sound in those highly psychedelic times. But they are always surprising me. lol

    PV, eu postei muito mais coisas da Ohr, Brain e da Pilz, as três mais importantes entre as bandas de kraut, mas tem muito mais coisa aí pra ser postada. Cada dia é uma nova descoberta. lol

  5. Good post, Micose. I like this a lot. If I recall I like "Can't Get Through" better than "Eyes", the former sounding to my ear more accomplished as well as having stronger material.

  6. Hey Adam, the other night I dreamt I was in Stockholm or some other major Scandinavian city and it was time to come home but I was considering arranging a flight to Poland to see you instead!!! :D

  7. Dan, I also prefer more Can't Get Through than Eyes. It has a heavier and more acid approach.

  8. Hey DanP, I do not see a problem, as always you are in Europe, my house is open for you ... greet my friend! :)

  9. Thanks Adamus! @Micose, yes, maybe that's why I prefer Can't Get Through. I'm all about heavy and acid!

  10. Cara Putaveia, será possível compartilhar este disco e o Ufo Live através de outros hospedeiros? haja vista que o multiupload não está mais funcionando? Desde já agradeço.
    Emilio Almeida

  11. Necessitamos ouvir esta barbaridade linda! Novo link?


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