Groundhogs - Live at Leeds - 1971 - FLAC (Very Rare and Fantastic CD)

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Ai putada, agora é para foder de vez
O Groundhogs é uma banda inglesa que vem desde os anos 60
Com seu guitarrista/vocalista e líder Tony Mcphee fizeram um relativo sucesso com seus discos, mas tornaram-se uma cult band entre os adoradores do bom rock and roll e blues
Este disco é exepcional, com apenas 5 músicas mostram tudo o que é de qualidade da banda
Começando com Cherry Red, talvez a mais conhecida da banda é de arrasar
Mas ai continua com Garden outra faixa explosiva
Ai para arrebentar de vez Split part I, simplesmente avassaladora
Ai vai com Groundhogs Blues e Eccentric Man
Até que bem gravado, merece um lugar de destaque na sua coleção
Hey your fucking freaks
The Groundhogs are a British band that comes from the 60
With his guitarist / lead vocalist Tony McPhee made ​​a relative success with their albums, but became a cult band among the worshipers of good rock and roll and blues
This album is exceptional, with only five songs show all that is quality of the band
Starting with Cherry Red, perhaps the best known of the band is to crush
But there remains another track with explosive Garden
Woe to burst once Split Part I, simply overwhelming
Goes with Groundhogs Blues and  Eccentric Man
Until well recorded, deserves a prominent place in your collection

Now the Raw Material of Adamus67
Our Specialist in Classic Rock from Poland

The Groundhogs were not one of those groups that made it real big. They were however respected by some of the greats that were in the blues, like John Lee Hooker for instance. The group was actually named after one of Hooker's songs. Regardless of that well to do association, they stood on their own ground and played memorable blues-rock for a few years. It wasn't the best blues-rock in the world, although it was good enough in the U.K. were they landed in the top ten in a few instances. Tony McPhee was the creative force behind the band; everything pretty much started and ended with him.
The Groundhogs were well recognized in the best learned British musical circles in the late '60s, but when Mick Jagger asked them to tour in support of the Rolling Stones in 1971, this blues-rock trio became much more widely known.
In fact, they became....Live at Leeds.
Promo release (not for commercial use) 100 copies sent out to US radio stations. Live recording (five tracks) from the `hogs supporting the Stones on their UK "farewell" tour in Feb 1971. Owing to the scarcity of copies this has become the most valuable of all TS recordings & misinformation about Live at Leeds has led to numerous myths - the main one being that this was a bootleg.  this live set was documented and pressed in a very limited edition at the behest of Mick Jagger, and as a professional courtesy of sorts. As the Stones were taping themselves, Jagger commissioned engineer/producer Glyn Johns to record the Groundhogs and press up copies for friends and promotional use. 

"Live at Leeds"
Recorded live at the Student Union, Leeds,West Yorkshire, England in 13 April 1971.
01. Cherry Red 6:24
02. Garden 6:15
03. Split (Part 1) 7:26
04. Groundhog Blues 5:10
05. Eccentric Man 11:25

Tony McPhee Band - Guitar, Vocals 
Peter Cruickshank - Bass 
Ken Pustelnik - Drums

Although there are several Groundhogs live albums that have popped up in the last decade or so, most of them were recorded well after the band’s early 70’s peak. “Live at Leeds ‘71”, recorded when the band was on tour opening for the Rolling Stones, is a fantastic exception. Rumour has it that this show was recorded at the personal behest of Mick Jagger himself, a fan of the band who gave the master to Groundhogs main man Tony McPhee and had a few copies pressed for promotional purposes. Whether or not this is true doesn’t really matter, as there’s so much smoke and mirrors in rock and roll mythos that it becomes virtually impossible to separate the bullshit from the truth. In any case, it makes for a nice story, and what’s really important is the result: a short but potent snapshot of the classic Groundhogs line-up of Tony McPhee (guitar/vocals), Pete Kruickshank (bass) and Ken Pustelnik (drums) rocking like a motherfucker in front of a bunch of Stones fans. The album finds the band playing 3 songs from their then newest LP, “Split”, and 2 more their previous one, “Thank Christ for the Bomb”. Opening with “Cherry Red”, arguably the bands finest bit of studio glory, the band starts out strong and only gets better as the show progresses, the cacophonous but limber bass and drums providing ample prodding for McPhee’s sheets of stinging guitar fuzz. “Cherry Red” is perhaps the only song here that doesn’t quite equal the studio version, but that’s only because the studio version is so fucking great to begin with. McPhee’s marble-mouthed vocals can’t quite replicate the multi-tracked female impersonator chorus from the original, but the guitar is even more rough & ready, the sound of the whole album falling somewhere between the MC5’s “Kick out the Jams” and Grand Funk Railroad’s “Live Album”. The band tackle’s “Garden” next, showing great restraint on the verses while nearly doubling the tempo on the chorus riffs. Much like the underrated Blue Cheer, The Groundhogs knew the value of dynamics, even if the volume is on 11 most of the time here. “Split, Part 1” is given a great workout here, sounding considerably more muscular than the studio version, and Tony takes some time to stretch out a bit during the second solo. The delta/dada blues of “Groundhog” is next, with Tony going solo on guitar and vocals. While not as “authentic” sounding as the studio version, it’s yet another fantastic showcase of McPhee’s oh-so-very underrated guitar and vocal skills. I will admit the decision to leave out the constant bass drum “thump” of the studio version here is a little baffling, but if you listen closely, you can hear a few people in the audience offering some helpful handclaps. The band caps things off (at least on this recording) with the extended jam-a-thon of “Eccentric Man”, McPhee’s low-key introduction standing sharply at odds with the staggeringly powerful intro of the song. One of the group’s heaviest studio cuts is transformed into an absolute monster here, the tempo and volume both increased considerably. Cruickshank’s meandering throb and Pustelnik’s drunken octopus bashing push along McPhee’s shrieking guitar improvisations like a meth-raging Cream. This was some of the heaviest stuff anyone was putting out at this time, with Blue Cheer having turned down and close to breakup and Grand Funk on their way to “We’re An American Band” mediocrity. “Live at Leeds ‘71” is a great example of how great the trio of McPhee, Cruickshank and Pustelnik really were, and it shows them at their peak as a band: energetic, loud-as-fuck and full of fire and purpose.
Released by EMI [well as Akarma]disc contains a 37-minute concert (which promotes Split LP) Excellent, hard-blues playing and excellent sound quality. I recommend.



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