Atomic Rooster - Homework - FLAC

Dedicated to our Friend Denis Meyer
(author of Our Bible, "Hard Rock Anthology" 68-80)

A post from OldBitch and Adamus67
Ai putada, siguinte
Este post é dedicado ao Denis Meyer que se tornou nosso amigo, e por isso essa homenagem neste post
Bom, falando no Atomic Rooster este disco é muito bom
Composto de 23 músicas antes não realizadas em nenhum outro cd, tem uma qualidade de som excepcional, e as músicas devem ser ouvidas uma a uma e é um dos melhores documentos dessa banda incrível
Então , vou deixar para o Adamus o restante do post

Hey your fucking freaks
This post is dedicated to Denis Meyer who became our friend, so this tribute in this post
Well, speaking at the Atomic Rooster this record is very good
Comprised of 23 songs before released not on any other cd has an exceptional sound quality, and the songs should be heard one by one and is one of the best documents of this amazing band
So I'll leave the rest of the Adamus post


Adamus67 post part

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With a group, Atomic Rooster was related to many musicians, but only one to fight for her for many years, since 1969, when together with Carl Palmer founded on the ruins of the band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, until 1984, when there was a definitive end of the business. This  was Vincent Crane, considered a good friend, a charming man and a dynamic organizer. Vincent was educated musically, and was looking for a place in the world of culture, not only in the rock. He founded his own bands already in the 60's while studying music. Atomic Rooster was the largest, with was most emotionally involved.

The band played progressive hard-rock. At the beginning of the  sound was dominated by the Vincent, and in fact Hammond. With time, especially after the adoption of DuCanna  the sound, became the a more guitar's.
Sounds, Atomic  was built on Hammond organ. While the unique sound has been achieved through the cooperation of the organ and the guitar. Vincent Crane, who played the organ, was far from Keith Emerson and David Greenslade'a. Not he was a brilliant musician less than they do. He played legato or chords, do not shine technique rather avoid ornaments. Nevertheless, remained on top for several years. Some journalists wrote about musical regime Emerson / Kaye / Crane / Wakeman, most creative people of organs Hammond B3 .
When colorful period of organs, ended  in popular music, the musicians quickly started looking for other opportunities. Emerson and Wakeman followed electronically. Vincent and Kaye remained loyal to the organ HammondB3, although increasingly less interest aroused listeners.
Small sample to enrich of music the synth arrangements, orchestral or negro elements were not a rather funky in the works of Atomic Rooster turning points. The group has released seven albums of new material,including any not(live)in active during .The biggest successes are the two singles record 'Devil's Answer', and 'Tomorrow Night' and albums "Death Walks Behind You" and "In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster"
Vincent Crane was considered crazy music, concerts sold strange expression, he laughed and shook his head. But he had a heart and a broad musical interests associated with the world of culture. In 1970 the group Atomic Rooster released an album  "Death Walks Behind You". No one then could not pass the title of the album can become a curse. Vincent was sick. His illness at some point overcome his extraordinary will to fight. Now is the moment of weakness after her is death. 3 years later Death she took another member of the band, drummer Paul Hammond.
In 1979, John Du Cann & Vincent Crane negotiated a licensing deal with EMI for a new album; shortly after it's release in 1980, they moved to Polydor who released two 3-track singles; a new album was also required as part of the deal so John spent 9 months writing & recording songs for the 'killer' album; unfortunately Polydor passed after a lack of single success and the album never saw the light of day.
Guitarist John Du Cann undertaking most of the songwriting, the album tracks were demo at his home studio. Du Cann plays all the instruments, with pianist Vincent Crane programming the drums for Paul Hammond to follow later on.
The programming gives Homework a new wave sound, especially on opener The Dukes Theme. There is a touch of sleazy rock’n’roll to other tracks such as Fool, sounding like a beefed-up mix of Slade and the Grease soundtrack. Of course, Du Cann’s outstanding guitar work augments his rough vocals well.
Being demos, these tracks lack the fire of that 1980 EMI album. If Polydor had let Atomic Rooster finish their Homework, however, it could have been fantastic. As a bonus here, there are six remarkable tracks from the two 1982 singles, Play It Again and End Of The Day. Featuring session bassist John McCoy, they’re evidence of what could have been: why the album was dropped on this evidence is truly odd. Live B-sides include Devil’s Answer and Tomorrow Night, which, along with some informative packaging, will please fans.
"Homework" the proposed album that would/should have seen the light of day sometime in 1982  finally sees the light of day – only quarter of a century later… ha! It’s rather sad that the album was selved because out of the 17 proposed songs here – more than half would have had pretty good potential if they were polished and properly recorded. Imagine “The Devil in me” getting the full-on treatement…for instance…hm........ or “cut the wire”… thinking of the possibilities, just makes you sad, seeing how short sighted business people could hamper and tamper and ruin the artistic vision of people….alas… this is life, and this was then and this is now…
Du Cann's demos, recorded between 1979-81 for the projected album, were never completed and remained unreleased for several decades. In 2008, Du Cann licensed them for release by Angel Air Records, under the Atomic Rooster moniker. The album was rounded out by the inclusion of the six A and B-sides of the two Polydor singles.

Atomic Rooster - "Homework"
Record Label: Angel Air
Catalogue No: SJPCD24
Year of Release: 2008
Total Time: 76:50

1. The Dukes Theme" 3:24
 2. Make Me Strong" 2:50
 3. The Devil in Me" 4:13
 4. Fool" 3:13
 5. It Can Wait Another Day" 2:48
 6. C.O.D" 3:08
 7. Mind Over Matter" 3:29
 8. A Matter of Time" 3:18
 9. Cut the Wire" 6:31
10. X-MASS" 2:00
11. Open up the Sky" 3:22
12. City Boy" 2:49
13. The Band Played On" 2:20
14. Different Words" 2:31
15. Leopard's Skin" 2:32
16. The Buck Stops Here" 1:42
17. Somebody's Looking After You?" 4:31
Bonus Tracks - The Polydor Singles 1981/82
18. Play it Again" (Du Cann/Crane) 3:12 - single A-side (1981)
19. Rebel with a Clause" aka "Start to Live" 2:58 - single B-side
20. Devil's Answer" 4:11 - live in Milan 1981; 12" B-side
21. End of the Day" 3:28 - single A-side (1982)
22. Night Living" aka "Living Underground" 3:39 - single B-side
23. Tomorrow Night" (Crane) 4:51 - live studio version 1981; 12" B-side

(The Polydor singles are also included here as bonus tracks, obviously sounding sonically much better, when compared with the album demos.)

Line-up / Musicians
- John Du Cann / vocals, guitar
- Vincent Crane / keyboards, piano
- Paul Hammond / drums, percussion
- John McCoy /bass (participated in the session 1981-1982 ')

For fans of 70 off the wall - prog/psych-o rockers this is a really interesting release.
                      * * * * * A must - have! * * * *



  1. One of my very very favorite bands ever.

  2. DanP
    Wait for more Atomic Rooster surprises

  3. Numa época em que ainda não haviam inventado o gravador de CD, eu peguei um CD emprestado do A.R. e gravei em Fitas k-7, pois era até então a única forma de copiar. Ok.
    Gravei apenas as músicas que gostava. Entre elas estavam as mesmas versões ai em cima de Play it Again (18), Devil´s Answer (20) e Tomorrow Night (23), mas há uma outra que não está neste CD que é a excelente "LOST IN SPACE", que se encontra no CD "Rarities" porém também não é esta versão que estou postando para anexar neste CD como Bonus Track (FLAC).

    Vão gostar com certeza


  4. Ivo
    Com o tempo eu vou postar o Rarities com lost in space
    Tenha paciência, e obrigado pelo link

  5. Eu tenho o Rarities, mas como eu disse, esta versão que coloquei ai em cima não é a mesma versão do Rarities.

    Só para esclarecer




  6. Peço desculpas pelo balde de água fria, mas eu achei este CD interessante apenas pelo valor histórico. Sou fã de carteirinha do Atomic Rooster desde os primeiros discos, dos quais ainda tenho vários que comprei na época (sim, já estou meio velhinho). Este aqui eu não conhecia, mas depois de uma audição atenta ele me passou a impressão de ser apenas o rascunho do que seria um grande álbum, se tivesse sido devidamente produzido. O som ainda está meio cru, o essencial está lá, mas não tem aquela "pegada" que nos cativa desde a primeira edição. Em todo caso, é um álbum indispensável para quem, como eu, curte o A.R. Um abraço a todos.

  7. José
    Ninguem é obrigado à gostar, e eu não considero o seu comentário um balde de agua fria
    Eu gosto para caralho desse disco, e o considero histórico mesmo


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