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Ai putada siguinte
Me pediram o repost deste que eu considero um dos melhores discos de todos os tempos, e resolvi fazer com classe, em wav
Começando com a clássica All in your MInd, o disco é um desfile de bom gosto, onde vem Time Machine e todas as outras do disco
Então não perca tempo, baixe mais este clássico aqui rapidinho

Hey your Freaks

I was asked to repost this I think one of the best albums of all time, and decided to do with class, wav
Starting with the classic All in Your Mind, the album is a parade of good taste, where Time Machine comes and all other disk
So do not delay, download more quickly this classic here



  1. Rogério M. Schirach15 de dezembro de 2011 13:48

    Depois sou eu que to ficando gagá.......
    Porra meu, eu clico para baixar o Stray e baixo a Putaveia?????????Qual é???????? Vai ser sexo virtual??????Pera aí que vou procurar minhas caixas de comprimidinho azul............esqueci onde coloquei elas (Que M..., acho que to gagá mesmo)
    Depois que baxá e eu escutá vô comentá!
    Mas obrigado por repostar. Tbem, depois de eu deixar DOIS pedidos seguidos para repostar, acho que vc pensou: "esse chato não vai parar de me aporrinhar".........kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. o arquivo por erro meu chama-se putaveia, mas la dentro tem o stray viu TIO!

  3. Rogerio M. Schirach15 de dezembro de 2011 18:26

    Sim, eu sou meio burro, mas entendi. Ja ta gravado, amanhã vou detonar ele, agora esta rodando o ao vivo em Marquee Theatre, puta cacetada! Inté

  4. Rogerio, por causa da minha saude não dá para responder todas as suas perguntas
    Faço de acordo com minhas possibilidades

  5. Rogerio M. Schirach15 de dezembro de 2011 23:23

    Sim, me desculpe por estar sempre sugerindo (ou pedindo) algo. Sem querer ser indiscreto, se puder (e quiser) me conte teu problema de saude, ou se quiser me add em qualquer rede social, meu endereço de email é:, tenho Orkut e Facebook.
    Abração, nem precisa publicar, se não quiseres.

  6. STRAY are a British band formed in 1966. Vocalist Steve Gadd, guitarist Del Bromham, bass player Gary Giles and drummer Steve Crutchley formed the band whilst all were attending the Christopher Wren School in London. Richard "Ritchie" Cole replaced Crutchley in 1968. They signed to Transatlantic Records in January 1970.
    1970. The dusk of a decade, darkness and the spawn of (proto) metal, a three year metagenesis incubation period of morphed sub-genres, thus the rising of the beast and the consolidation of material rising from the earth's surface. One of the first UK heavy psych rock LPs which is still a bit of a melodic classic hard rock
    "All In Your Mind" is the intitial assault, slowly, deceptively builds and then swiftly bolts into a chugging plod of mortar fire riffs with a finesse vocal harmony verse/chorus. Enter the arial flight solos of guitarist Del Bromham switching to space searching sonics and back to a tank attack riffage with a smashing devasting end result. Holy smokes! Future metal monster, Maiden would unleash the same fury some twenty years later along with "Holy Smoke".
    A dilatory drum beat and a guitar groove gains momentum with a wiry bass sneaking in tempered with a harmonic chorus and then the young gunslingers shatter the silence and let all hell break loose with a wall of distorted fuzz overdubed with a shooting guitar solo. "Taken All Those Good Things" ends the showdown with the boys struting out the verse and chorus as they step out of the saloon. Cocky.
    "Around The World In 80 Days" and "Yesterday's Promises" takes a break from the frenzy. Both tracks are a mellow prog/psych sound with few time signature shifts but show cases simple song writing and musical structure with some brushes of exotic instrumentation without being to sappy/poppy. Beatle-esque. Tastefully done.
    "Only What You Make It" brings back the momentus barrage of incoming shells right from the start and is relentless to the end of the mission. A harmonica is employed with this campaign of straight-ahead heavy rock. Well executed.
    The band's first single, "Time Machine" starts off as more mild flower-power psych hit of the day with a captivating harmonic chorus verse and then griping guitars, catgut acoustic and fuzz drenched electric charge out with a wall of stinging semblance and ending with a conquering demon riff.
    A chucka-wucka wave opens fire on this track, "Move On" and slides into a jazz/funk fusion rhythm with a stunning solo and then returning to the stammering rapid string attack joined in unison with a melodic vocal verse. Bromham then soars with his solo session over a groove laden bass and drums, never going into an annihallated suicide mission.
    Nine minutes of proto-metal madness to end-all closes out the album. "In Reverse / Some Say" encircles and is entrenched in a cast iron composition of hammering and ductile distorted and doom riffs. Stomp and boogie then set the stage for a rip tearing, mish-mash of metal. Suddenly, the switch and swath of the axe leaves one in vertigo, mania and awe... --->>>

  7. A top 10 proto-metal release from 1970, Stray's eponymous release features the best of "heavy" from the early '70's: the riffage of Sabbath and Budgie, progressive leanings and the sonic of Deep Purple, the space/sci-fi heavy psych of Hawkwind, the twisted steel blues base of May Blitz and the Groundhogs, the melodic vocal style of Wishbone Ash. Unfortunately Stray didn't recieve the "success" of these contemparies and after two more fantastic proto-metal releases the band changed thier formula to find "stardom" and left thier die hard fans confused though they would return to the heavy metal after a disappointing venture into more of a mainstream hard rock endeavour.
    What seperated Stray from most hard rock/heavy psych bands of early '70's was thier hook laden, melodic and harmonic vocals. Vocalist Steve Gadd was very competent and had great unison harmonies with guitarist Del Bromham, but never took the spotlight away from Bromham as he is the show of this band. This album is dominated by the guitars as Bromham's gunning is relentless with mind boggling time signature shifts, power chords, manic solos and dark heavy riffs with some eclectic progressive tinges at precise times. The rhythm section of Ritchie Cole (drums) and Gary G. Giles (bass) lay down a very good foundation of chug and boom and keep up with Bromham's frantic, twisting and meandering. The songwriting is short and simple and may be the weak point of the album, but with that being said it doesn't hinder, take away or deter from the music.

    01. All In Your Mind
    02. Taking All The Good Things
    03. Around The World In 80 Days
    04. Time Machine
    05. Only What You Can Make It
    06. Yesterday's Promises
    07. Move On
    08. In Reverse/Some Say
    Steve Gadd - vocals
    Del Bromham - guitar
    Gary Giles - bass
    Richie Cole - drums
    About this release
    1970 - Transatlantic(UK)
    1973 - Transatlantic(Germany): reissue, alternate cover
    1988 - Line(Germany) CD
    2005 - Arcangelo(Japan) CD: CD sized album replica, limited edition
    2005 - Castle Music(UK) CD: remastered with 10 bonus tracks
    Stray is still going strong today, forty years later with guitarist Del Bromham being the backbone and released probably thier best album since the mid '70's with Valhalla from 2010 and the band is still giggin' in the UK and was one hell of a live act back in thier heyday.
    Stray(Official site)

  8. Complementando a postagem; segue nos links abaixo os 5 Bonus Tracks para este CD e os respectivos encartes para substituição.


    9 - Change You Mind
    10- The Man Who Paints the Pictures
    11- In The Night
    12- Outcast
    13- All In Your Mind (Single Version)


    Mudando de assunto, ai vai mais um AUDIO de DVD, agora do NAZARETH tocando no CAMDEN PALACE em 1985:


    1 - Telegram
    2 - Razamanaz
    3 - I Want To (Do Everything for You)
    4 - Beggars Day
    5 - Dream On
    6 - The Month's Messiah
    7 - This Flight Tonight
    8 - Love Hurts
    9 - Hair Of The Dog



  9. Faltou dizer que os arquivos estão em WAVE.


  10. Obrigado Ivo pela sua colaboração, voce já está virando do time

  11. Puta album ... nao tinha a versao com as bonus tracks valeu.

    PV olha que VACILAO que eu sou ... o Stray tocou aqui numa casinha de show estilo "Led Slay" a 20 minutos da minha casa a um mes atras... detalhe que eu so' descobri a semana passada, 1 mes depois do show!!

  12. Rogerio M. Schirach17 de dezembro de 2011 20:18

    Acabada a audição de mais um disco excelente,(gravado sem as bonus tracks) baixei tudo de novo para regravar e incluir as bonus - mas infelizmente não consegui converter WAVE em WAV, este meu converter é fraquinho.....Azar, fico só com as 8 fantasticas faixas originais.
    Valeu, obrigado por postar esta porrada!

  13. Tio
    Wav=WAVE é a mesma coisa, depende de onde vem escrito, eu as vezes me confundo
    Mas os dois são a mesma coisa, ou seja, ORIGINAL

  14. Rogerio M. Schirach18 de dezembro de 2011 10:26

    KKKKKKKK Eu sou um asno mesmo.....Não entendo nada destes formatos, eu quero mais é curtir rock!!!!!!Mas sou persistente: Baixei o CD novamente e as bonus tracks, o problema é que vinham arquivos corrompidos, tive que baixar as bonus 3 vezes, daí ainda faltava a 11a musica, e baixei mais uma vez tudo de novo. Daí deu certo, SEM PRECISAR CONVERTER P/WAV (RSRSRSRS)
    Valeu Véia bitch.......
    Bjos p/vc tbem

  15. Pelo maenos adimite
    Tem nego que chega aqui e quer dar aula, não sabe nem usar um office, mas chega todo pomposo
    Valeu cara, bom final de semana

  16. Rogerio M. Schirach18 de dezembro de 2011 20:40

    Esta sendo a mesma odisseia com o Fuzzy Duck, a senha não abre nada........Veja la com o Tatonha

  17. Putaveia

    Não sou assíduo do bordel, mas volta e meia dou uma escapulida e venho parar aqui.
    Sei que gosta de postar cds raros com exclusividade, então vai aí minha dica para uma postagem inédita na internet:
    "Stray - Alive and Giggin".
    Não se acha isso em lugar nenhum.


  18. Esse eu não tenho, mas vou achar e comprar


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