Landslide - Two Sided Fantasy (1972 us bluesy hard rock, 2003 Akarma reissue - FLAC)

Salve, salve amantes do bom e insubstituível rock'n'roll!; mais uma vez como bom amante do maravilhoso hard rock setentista, eu trago para vocês mais uma pérola obscura, dentre tantas outras que surgiram (para o nosso deleite) durante os incomparáveis anos setenta!

Vindos todos de uma mesma cidade, esses cinco ítalo-americanos nos presentearam com um excellente hard rock "bluseado", que na minha opinião não deixa nada a desejar se comparado a outros álbuns feitos nessa época! Espero que desfrutem!


*Tommy Caglioti - drums, percussion, sitar
*Joseph Caglioti - guitar
*Ed Cass - lead vocals, drums, percussion
*Billy Savoca - lead guitar, vocals, slide guitar
*Bobby Sallustio - bass guitar

In 1972 five Italian-Americans from Buffalo, NYC, got together to produce this great album for Capitol, only to drop off the radar soon after without a trace - a true loss because Two Sided Fantasy is immediately convincing, both for its freshness and the originality of the material presented.

In the liner notes, the band members indicate their various musical influences, which include Zeppelin, Cream, Winter, the Allman Brothers, Ravi Shankar (!), Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and George Harrison…not bad.

Perhaps the best inspiration of Johnny Winter, can be heard in the tracks “Everybody Knows (Slippin’)”, “Doin’ What I Want” or “Creepy Feeling”.

A rewarding rediscovery; an undiscovered gem. This rare 1972 Capitol release was reissued on CD by Akarma in 2003.

Landslide - Sad and Lonely


  1. THanks I didn't knew this band.I heard the sampler
    and find it very rewarding.

  2. Oh Nel, this post calls out to me!

  3. One album seems to be the extent of their recording career ...Green label first press.Capitol #ST-11006 anyone got more info on these guys?
    In terms of bibliographical information, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of stuff readily available on this New York quartet.
    Released in 1972, their sole album "Two Sided Fantasy" was apparently a self-produced effort (credited to Proud Productions, Inc.). With four of the five members contributing material the album offered up an enjoyable mix of blues-rock ('Everybody Knows (Slippin')'), Manassas-styled Latin-flavored rock ('Doin' What I Want') and conventional hard rock ('Happy'). Exemplified by tracks such as the leadoff rocker 'Doin' What I Want' ' the album offered up strong melodies, taunt vocals and Savoca's always tasty guitar. While the entire album is good, highlights include 'Dream Traveler' (be sure to check out Savoca's lead guitar) and the closer 'Happy'.
    When Landslide cut their album Two Sided Fantasy (1972) on Capitol Records, the band and the label probably had no clue that everything would end so fast. The album became a rare collector's item because of their lack of success. I am sure the album disappeared from LP racks in stores very quickly giving it the "hard to find" tag that turned it into a valued and sought after piece. We have evidence of their efforts and one that has survived many years on this reissue. The fact that this LP resurfaced is a nod to their legacy. It does not matter how short their stay in the music world was or the importance to the history of music, they were a part of the early '70's rock that would become the classic rock that you now hear on top rock radio stations to this day. I read a review that considered their labors as inconsequential, I do not agree. If in fact what they recorded did not matter, this album would not have become a collector's item nor would music fans have the opportunity to hear it again today. Indeed this is not a great memorable album that ranks amongst the all-time classics; it is however, a solid and enjoyable listen.
    Possibly, with more time to develop as a group and a campaign to spread the word about their music, it may have changed the outcome of their fate.

    Nel,thanks for promoting the little-known album

    DanP, definitely this album - is avenue thy of interest, will be for You, another nice surprise

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