Grand Funk - Unreleased - Ultra Rare and Fantastic Russian Bootleg-FLAC

Ai putada, siguinte
Este aqui é para fechar o ano com chave de ouro
Ultra raro pirata russo. me deu muito trabalho consegui-lo
Alem de tudo, as gravações são fantasticas, em nada devendo à um original
Se voce quer ver o Grand Funk no explendor de sua carreira, o disco é esse aqui mesmo
Nem vou me dar ao trabalho de comentar as músicas, baixe, descubra e fique totalmente louco com este disco

Hey your Freaks

This one is to close the year with a flourish
Ultra rare  Russian's Bootleg, gave me a lot of work to get it
After all, the recordings are fantastic, nothing in owing to the original one
If you want to see the splendor of Grand Funk in his career, this album is right here
I will not even give me the work to comment on the music, download, discover and get totally crazy about this record

                                        Now the Raw Material of Adamus67
                                        Our Specialist in Classic Rock from Poland

Unreleased -  Russian Bootleg -
This is a strongly shortened version of (even using the same cover, only after proper retouching) their...
Thirty Years Of Funk: 1969-1999 (also known as The Anthology) is 1999 box set 3 CD 45 tracks by Grand Funk Railroad, containing three new songs and several previously unreleased songs.

In summary is this a quick insight to what the team could best - play with verve and passion through  the years!

                              " The worst rock band of all time "

Yep, was identified musicians  Grand Funk Railroad,by music editors of Rolling Stone magazine.
The first period of the band from 1969 to 1976.
For most of this period, musicians were downtrodden by the critics,  by the industry miusical and deceived manager Terry Knight. In such a setting created and performed. Wind in the sails and not skąpili them fans. Thanks to the really big successes achieved commercial and artistic. Everywhere in the world in concert accompanied by the sympathy and understanding. Fans dubbed the nickname of the American team (American Band).

Grand Funk were not a great team, but they were reliable in what they were doing give people what they received from them, namely, positive emotions. The soul of the team was Mark Farner, who composed most of their repertoire. Thanks to him many hit were launched.

They played mainly solid, dynamic rock. Besides modest instruments do not allow breakthroughs in music entertainment. Certainly they were not the worst rock band of all time just like the Rolling Stone was never the worst writing music in the world.

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - (a name borrowed from the state railway Grand Trunk Railroad.)
This trio founded in 1968
gained tremendous popularity, while estranged to each other as a large crowd of rock listeners and critics.

The team consisted of: guitarist Mark Farner (born on 29.09.1948 in Flint, Mich.), bassist Mel Schacher (b. 04/03/1951, in Owosso, Michigan), and drummer Don Brewer (born 09.03.1948 was in Flint).
All three were fans of rock music since elementary school and played their instruments in local groups while studying in high school in Flint. Initially it was a band, The Jazzmasters, then The Pack, where he played Brewer. After the departure of Mark Farner Knight came as a bassist. Often they played for free or low-paid dance clubs. Several times they performed at festivals and events that has caused them some concern and developed a style for the future. For outdoor concerts (gig), it was necessary to have a strong  apparatus. The band soon bought myself so strong that he began to be noticed not only with a good game, but also very loud.

First concert of GRF, in March 1969 in Buffalo, NY:
          Recording the song 'Heartbreaker'. Terry Knight borrowed and paid $ 500 for a studio in Cleveland. In addition 'Heartbreaker' then recorded on a 'High Horse'.

          Recording sessions for the album "On Time". 15 days in Cleveland. June 18 recorded Time Machine.
at the beginning of the record companies did not want to hear about Grand Funk and their wrappers ... but ,however, interested in their Capitol.

          The first success came in the Atlantic Pop Festival 07.04.1969 
           Atlanta. Performed there without payment,  established from Knight. An simply GFR in the gap between the two performances. It was the only festival performance without the contract. There were 180 000 men and 110 degrees of heat, of course, in Fahrenheit. Appeared, at that time with a very original show, presenting a loud and heavy rock with humorous sketches and a large dose of movement on stage. On the third day of the festival, GFR enjoyed more success than the stars. The move was very good. Knight Then began to send tapes to record companies, but without success. Knight, of course, arranged for a provisional contract with Capitol, which rejected their earlier first.

          edition Single:  'Time Machine' / 'High On A Horse'. # 48
          Goes out of their first album 'On Time'. Produced by Terry Knight. Without any advertising sound, nor television, nor journalistic, reaches # 27 in the USA. Complete surprise. Company Capitol already knew why Knight dismissed 30,000 artwork printed on the board just because he did not like their design. Knight approached very carefully to this album. He believed in what he was doing. Plate was not well received by critics just like another. GFR is a typical style of heavy-rock. Critics believed that there is nothing new in the music of GFR, defined is a heavy, metallic, dynamic, energetic, but this is already such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. The style at the turn decades of successful major and GFR have benefited from this turn of events. It seems that they were one of the five best rock bands in the world at that time. But critics have ignored them, because according to them, just played at least 100 bands in the USA. Some even loudly. Criticism can not help. Besides the musicians themselves were less interested in the plates. Music, which was on the LP, in their opinion does not reflect the character of the team. Concerts this was what they liked. The listener receives little listening to their records, real hypnosis got on the show.

'On Time'  arrived in 1969 to 27 place on the list of "Billboard" and released shortly after the LP Grand Funk, came in 11th position.
In summer 1971 the band was already considered one of the biggest attractions of the concert, and over the next four years, his albums have always reached the top ten listing. Among them, the best selling 'We're An American Band', which reached the 2 position.

The great success of the group is largely attributed to an extraordinary skill of manager Knight. For example, in 1970 he paid one hundred thousand U.S. dollars for a huge advertising poster for New York's Times Square promoting the album 'Closer To Home', which consequently fell on the 6th place a list of albums and filled many radio recordings. On it are found among others the famous 'Inside Looking Out'..

the hit band in Europe.
 Live Album of 1970, which reached the fifth place on the list of most popular CDs in the U.S., include among others adored by fans Farner composition "Mean Mistreater".

The following year he released the album 'Survival' and - at Christmas - 'E Pluribus Funk' LP, known mainly because of the unusual circular cover. In l972, the Knight was released from his duties, which caused a series of hearings on the order of millions of dollars in damages. New manager of the group was John Eastman, brother of Linda McCartney. In 1973 the band officially shortened the name to Grand Funk and grew up on the fourth musician, Craig Frost (born on 20.04.1948 in Flint, Michigan) playing the piano. With a new producer Todd Rundgren finally conquered the singles market, reaching to the first U.S. charts with the song "We're An American Band". which commemorated the time spent in concert tours.

In 1974, their processing heavyrockowa hit "Loco-motion" was once sung by Little Eve, also got to the top of lists. Never before in the history of the U.S. charts processing work, which in the original version came in the first place, did not make the same feat. In 1975, when the popularity of the group significantly decreased, she returned to the original name of Grand Funk Railroad. A year later she signed with MCA Records and recorded an album 'Good Singin,Good Playin', which was produced by Frank Zappa. The disc does not even reached the Top 50, and Farner left disappointed colleagues, opting for a solo career. Other musicians are still stuck together, guitarist Billy dokooptowując Elworthy'ego and changing its name to Flint. They released only one album, which has not suffered any commercial success.

In the years 1981-1983 Grand Funk reactivated, this time in the composition of Farner, Brewer and bassist Dennis Bellinger. They recorded the 1981 LP 'Grand Funk Lives' and dating from the 1983 album 'What's Funk?', Were issued by the Full Moon label. You can not regain former glory, the band broke up again, taking into account a total of more than 20 million records sold. Farner returned to solo activities, and Brewer and Frost joined Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band group.

In 1997, Grand Funk Railroad to connect again to record a benefit album titled 'Bosnia', two years later, Capitol issued a three-disc retrospective box, Funk Thirty Years: 1969 / 99.


Grand Funk Railroad - [1999] Thirty Years Of Funk 1969-1999 The Anthology (FLAC)!zU8FQLxD!7H7zBrxFvZHoxYu0im2TasmK-aNI8N185gemfAiYPFQ!yZcRSLKI!ev-jojKRF_oVwM4a9DZgRvb9bcqcvgiKexXPBqm3bbo


  1. I was thinking that nothing can't surprise me about GF,but I was wrong.Extra thanks for this.Happy new year with moore great music...

  2. Thanks for your comments Kobilica
    Have a great new year

  3. The biggest most gigantic thank you of all time!! GRAND FUNK RULES!!! This is the greatest ever!!

  4. Fazia um tempão que eu não ouvia o Grand Funk........Este CD é imperdivel, muito bom mesmo, azar de quem não baixar. Rodando agora pela 2a vez desde que baixei.
    Valeu minha querida Bitch, ve se mantem a xavasca depiladinha que a gente gosta mermo........

  5. Eu disse que este é foda, imperdível
    Mas muitos não acreditam, né Rogério
    Só ouvindo para pirar neste material inédito
    A xavasca está barbuda, e assim vai ficar, inclusive sem lavar

  6. This thing here smells great, i can feel it coming out of words... Is it possible to reupload it ?! i hope so,.. Thank you anyway, with or without it, this blog is a Big excellence. Respect.

  7. Thank you very much "Wizard" sir for the positive and fast feedback, to avoid charging your account with extra traffic, i'm gladly downloading the torrent which i will seed back to a respectable share Ratio, that's a freeman promise. Between ; i don't doubt the quality of the music you're offering, especially regarding your words about it, " The worst rock band of all time " ; Lame & unwelcome statement from a rotten mainstream media that's long and way out of the Rock'n Roll league.. My sympathies to "Sinéad O’Connor" for posting that hilarious comment, seeing 'something' like "Kim Kardashian" on The big R.S's front page, and what a sarcastic back'd up tweet ! (you can check it out when you're bored) // Anyway , Thank you very much for Sharing, for being & choosing to interact with us (Ph'cking internet Hippies as some "subscriber" people care to call us x))
    You nice People have yourselves memorable time and a long listening experience, Best Regards.


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