Beggar's Opera: Act One (1970) {2004 Remaster + Bonus Tracks} [FLAC]

Artist: Beggar's Opera

Album: Act One

Genre: Heavy/Symphonic Progressive Rock
Year: 1971
Country: Scotland
Label/Catalog: Repertoire Records/REPUK 1036 (2004 Remaster)
Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Beggar's Opera é uma banda escocesa da cidade de Glasgow formada em 1969 pelo guitarrista Ricky Gardiner e cujo nome veio de um romance escrito pelo poeta John Gay em 1728. O 'Act One', lançado em 1970, foi o primeiro álbum da banda e combinava vários elementos da música clássica com um progressivo sinfônico mais acelerado e dominado por teclados, lembrando um pouco The Nice ou Quatermass. Altamente recomendável para fãs do progressivo tradicional.

Beggar's Opera is a Scotish band from Glasgow formed in 1969 by guitarrist Ricky Gardiner and whose name came from a novel written by poet John Gay in 1728. 'Act One', originally released in 1970, was their debut album and brought many hints of classic music combined to a faster keyboard-led symphonic progressive, which might remind you a little bit of The Nice or Quatermass. Highly recommended for traditional progressive fans.

01 Poet and Peasant (7:10)
02 Passacaglia (7:04)
03 Memory (3:57)
04 Raymond's Road (11:49)
05 Light Cavalry (11:57)
Bonus Tracks
06 Sarabande (3:32)
07 Think (4:25)

Martin Griffiths - vocals
Alan Park - organ
Raymond Wilson - drums
Ricky Gardiner - guitar
Marshal Erksine- bass

Originally released as Vertigo 6360 018 in 1970.




  1. The formation of the team in Glasgow. Initially called band The System.
    Interview with Ricky Gardiner (June 2000)

    ''I founded BEGGARS OPERA in 1969 with a view to exploring music in an open minded way.
    The close proximity of the band members during extended periods of time and under various levels of stress, overwork and sleep deprivation, revealed interesting patterns of behaviour. Musically, the band was an interesting mix of influences.. There was a strong classical influence from Alan Park and Virginia Scott. The drummer, Ray Wilson, was like a wild man and wore a Scottish kilt, a long beard, a large hat and nothing else. He was an admirer of Ginger Baker. The first bass player, Marshall Erskine, was widely experienced in popular music as was his successor Gordon Sellar. Our first singer, Martin Griffiths, admired Frank Sinatra and enjoyed putting a lot of drama into his singing, to good effect. He was very theatrical. His successor Pete Scott had completed many years classical training, but his big love was blues in which he was an expert, having toured the USA with Savoy Brown. Liinie Paterson followed Pete and he was a rock singer.
    When we started playing in the winter of 1969 we quickly gained success. We became Scotland's fastest rising band. This success was followed in Germany at the Great British Rock meeting in Speyer and spread through Europe. We lived in London and when we were not touring Europe we played in London and enjoyed a strong following.''

    This was one of the many progressive rock bands on the legendary Vertigo-swirl label are another example an outstanding team that despite the phenomenal music was not able to relate well-deserved success.
    In 1970 the band signed with Vertigo, whose profile was set precisely for artists, challenging and innovative.
    Music Scottish-group Beggars Opera began in the place where the adventure ended with The Nice. Many bands drew with Keith Emerson's early ideas.on the first album of symphonic rock classic The base and complex instrumentalisation. At the beginning of the sound is dominated by organ and Alan Park, a very talented musician wzorujący on Emerson hard, chord the impact.. brilliance of the first album was build both fans and record label Vertigo, but in the wake of the great ideas CD sales did not go.
    The album is full of citations of various composers, all well-connected and played-expression. Presentation of the Beggar's Opera does not stop even for a moment, the music is very lively, dynamic, adorned operatic vocals of Martin Griffiths.
    Act One Beggar's Opera debut was a brave and crazy trip through the areas of classical music, progressive rock oriented-keyboards with a bit of psychedelii, and above all with a powerful dose of madness and humor comes to mind the work of Emerson, Lake & Palmer mixed with the master Zappa.
    Edycja:Repertoire Records/REPUK 1036 (2004 Remaster)for the album added bonuses in the form of monophonic track Single: Sarabande / Think (Originally released Vertigo 6059 026 in 1970.)

    Thanks for vacuuming my memory

  2. Este grupo só é conhecido dos verdadeiros roqueiros, uma joia quase perdida
    Valeu pelo post, eu adorei

  3. Micose, agora vc humilhou aquela putona "que se acha a tal"....Este CD é cacetada pura, quero ver ela fazer melhor...... Realmente lembra muito o ELP, mas qual roqueiro não gosta de ELP???????E vc viu que até ELA comentou????????Parabéns e obrigado pela postagem (agora ao som do G Funk - Unreleased...)

  4. Até que lembra também ELP, mas o Beggar's Opera é muito mais pesado e animado. Talvez quase um 'hard rock sinfônico'.

    Isso aqui foi minha última grande descoberta progressiva do ano passado.


  5. NEW LINK:,426312596.rar(archive)

  6. Hi there, I commented before but it's not displayed here. So I'm giving it another try. I totally adore this album. Used to have it but it's gone. Unfortunately, all links here are dead. Can't find it anywhere else. Is there any chance for a re-up? That'd be neat! Thx a lot in advance!


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