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A post From OldBitch and Adamus67

Ai putada do caraio
Hoje nós vamos gozar juntos com este post aqui, e não vai ser uma rapidinha não, apesar que eu acho que a maioria de voces é punheteiro e nunca viu uma buceta pessoalmente
Mas vamos lá
Este disco dispensa qualquer comentário, super-clássico do rock and roll, com a formação original e na fase mais criativa do Uriah Heep
Pena que na época eles concorriam com o Black Sabbath, Led Zepellin,Alice Cooper e ai ficavam na terceira ou quarta posição da preferência da minha geração em que todos eram roqueiros, e chegou-se a querer se propor uma lei que impusesse que as rádios tocassem pelo menos 25% de música popular brasileira
Ainda bem que essa idiotisse não foi para frente
Duro é destacar músicas aqui, mas minhas preferidas são: Look at Yourself,Tears in My Eyes (que era tema de abertura da novela vida de lobo na extinta TV Tupi), claro July Morning e ai vai
E com mais 7 músicas bônus, é uma festa só, com destaque para Look at Yourself ao vivo na BBC
Posso parar por aqui? Acho que sim....
Então, se voce se considera um roqueiro, ou quer aprender à ser um baixe esse aqui que é rapidinho, só 890MB
Publiquei em WAV para que voces não percam nada do original
Então fodam-se ai, que eu quero mais é que o circo pegue fogo na sua internet de 1mb

Hey your fucking freaks
Today we come fucking together with this post here, and there will not be a quickie, though i think most of you is a wanker and pussy never seen in person
But let's go
This album needs no comment, super-classic's rock and roll, with the original and most creative phase of Uriah Heep
Too bad at the time they competed with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and there were third or fourth position in the preference of everyone in my generation were rockers, and even to want to propose a law that dictates that the radios touch at least 25% of Brazilian popular music
Good thing this idiocy was not forward
Is soo Hard is to highlight songs here, but my favorites are: Look at Yourself, Tears in My Eyes (which was the opening theme of soup opera Wolf in the life of defunct TV Tupi), July Morning of course and there will go away....

And with eight more 7 bonus tracks, is only one party, especially Look at Yourself live on BBC

Can I stop here? I think so ....

So if you consider yourself a rock star, or want to learn to be a one download here that this is no time, only 890MB

Published in WAV so you do not miss the original

So fuck around, I want more is that the circus catches fire in your Internet 1mb of speedy


Now the Raw Material of Adamus67
Our Specialist From Poland
"Old people already know and young you do not need convincing that the Hard Rock is to have  big hairy eggs and not a symphony tits."

British rock band formed in 1969. Stylistically rooted in hard rock and progressive rock. Especially in the initial period of activity was characterized by a melodic songs with rich vocal and expressive sound of guitars and keyboards. The band's name is the name of one of the characters in Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield headed.
The origins of the group dates back to 1967, when Mick Box formed in Walthamstow band The Stalkers. If at some point there was a need to change the singer, drummer, Roger Penlington, suggested to the place of his cousin, David Garrick (he later changed his name to Byron). Then the band was Spice, which in 1969 was born right Uriah Heep.
-The third album recorded by Uriah Heep "Look At Yourself". Recorded at Lansdowne Studios in London's Holland Park was the last, which was used for recording 8 track / path
URIAH HEEP - Look At Yourself [1971]
Label: Mercury / Bronze / Sanctuary / BMG Japan / Castle Music / Phantom Sound & Vision
David Byron - vocals;
Ken Hensley - organ, piano, guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals;
Mick Box - lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Paul Newton - bass;
Ian Clarke - drums
Manfred Mann - synthesizers  [3], Ted, Mac and Loughty of Osibisa - percussion  [1]

This album has long been, even has always! - the ornament of my collection - I know the it like his own pocket seeing him always I feel the thrill emotions from the top of the head after the tailbone...Yep...for me 1970 & early '71 was such an interesting time Rock on as never later! This is one of those albums 70's "Holy Grail"
...... when only I can, begin it in July as well - I wake up in the morning, I reach CD (I have even an old worn out, original vinyl  (Bronze ILPS 9169) LP had  plastic "mirror" in which the listener could look and see his image distorted specifically what was to refer to the title of.)- and let go the "July Morning". Not very original, right? But nice. I always do with this small festival Uriah Heep. In July, I listen to them in larger quantities. Only, that usually only the earliest discs from Byron the years 1970 to 1973 
Gerry Bron led to the end of its arrangement with Philips / Vertigo, and was ready for firing their own label and the fact is that the first two editions of the newly established Bronze Record Co.. previous two albums were "Very, Eavy Very 'Umble" and "Salisbury". Recordings "Look At Yourself" ran during the summer months of 1971. Most experts agree with Gerry Bron'em that "Look At Yourself", was a turning point because the team was a real solid musical direction. "Look At Yourself" certainly gave the team record, which presented a uniform tone and direction. Epic (July Morning) was given to one class of ["Child In Time" Deep Purple] or ["Stairway To Heaven", Led Zeppelin]. Buyers appreciated the board uniformity of people buying enough vinyl to LP has taken the position of making 39 "Look At Yourself", the first album on the list. also quickly got a silver in the U.S.. Uriah Heep were at the wheel of success in Germany, other parts of Europe, North America and even Britanii. The band has not been favored by critics, but then could not be ignored.
The main composer of songs is the lion's share of Hensley, hence his instrument and parties often dominate the songs. Thus, for example, is already in the opening issue of the title album and also released as a single, or "Look At Yourself". Authorities supported by Hensley might give the whole composition, so the path is very monumental. The vocals are pretty typical for this period and you can hear that Uriah Heep eksplorowało similar areas as Deep Purple (just listen and compare this example with such a piece of Demon's Eye Purpli). "I Wanna Be Free" disappears somewhere in this mysterious, demonic atmosphere of an earlier composition, and the creeping influence of folk here and there. But apart from the folk recording guitars definitely strong. Very funny falls Mick guitar solo and it is worth noting that if this piece was broadcast on the radio, it would be fairly easily digestible for the listener who is unfamiliar with rock music. Also throws in "ears" complete similarity songs predecessor - in both the culminating point of the composition was placed at the end of the track, where the group played harder and more as if to say, seems to have a drummer. The second single from the album was "July Morning", released in the U.S. only singlowo in 1973, but better late than never. The wording of this piece is soft and somehow reminds me of the years '60. I must admit that the song is very combative, and even though it is not maintained in the style, which listens on a daily basis, then I really like it. Parades impressive sounding bass truly baroque, damage, however, that the song appear in like "la la la la" - would replace them with some normal text, the number would be simply amazing. Similar remarks would have in relation to the next track - Tears In My Eyes, where again there is something like "na na na", but once again we get a really great piece. Skillfully combined here guitars electric and acoustic, which I believe, probably inspired the likes of Tyketto teams. There is also some interesting patents, which used a similar time in Nazareth, especially the idea of ​​using the slide sleeve, which provides additional flavor. High-level predecessors, unfortunately, no longer holds "Shadows Of Grief" does not mean that it is a weak number. Knowing the capabilities of this group, however, remains an unfulfilled. The first part of the path is, frankly this itself, but it falls much better second half, starting from the moment when the band brakes, slows down and build from that moment the mood is interesting, the culmination of which falls on the organ, solo performances of Hensley. Next we have a successful ballad in the form of "What Should Be Done". Raiders pościelówek '80s style immediately calm down, this is not a ballad of this type. More common is the spare bits of the Beatles and the soundtrack to some musicals. But it is something reassuring, and for that yet here it is nice to listen to the piano line. Also surprising her voice Byron, I would not expect from him, that sings tone and mannerism similar to the soul singers and gospelowych. As many as odd that having such a vocal chameleon in the composition, the group disbanded with him after work. Album closes the snappy title of a piece of offensive "Love Machine". Once again we have a successful duos organowo-guitar, creating a powerful, impressive wall of sound, in contrast to many contemporary bands having some sense. Guitar rhythm section with takąż steaming ahead like a locomotive, although we can not help feeling that it is precisely because of the pace of work seems to be oddly short - these three and a half minutes is not enough. Besides listening to the whole CD the listener can come across similar thoughts, but those were the days. At the expense of the length of this album we get a set of very good songs and so we do not have of fillers. But  whom little, just listen to this disc once more in a row!!!.

In my opinion, Uriah Heep was one of the best hard rock bands of the first half of '70 and another plate of this group is the obvious proof. Listening to some of the first British band album is a perfect way to sentimental journey to that period, when the hard  rock, music took  the appropriate shapes. Listen and see what were the trends and then how many of them remained to this day. 
highly Recommended


01. Look At Yourself (05:08)
02. I Wanna Be Free (03:58)
03. July Morning (10:29)
04. Tears In My Eyes (04:58)
05. Shadows Of Grief (08:37)
06. What Should Be Done (04:12)
07. Love Machine (03:37)


08. What's Within My Heart (out-take from 'Look At Yourself' sessions) (05:22)
09. Why ('Look At Yourself' out-take) (11:16)
10. Look At Yourself (alternative single version) (03:18)
11. Tears In My Eyes (extended version previously unreleased) (05:35)
12. What Should Be Done (out-take, original studio version) (04:24)
13. Look At Yourself (BBC Session, previously unreleased) (04:30)
14. What Should Be Done (BBC Session, previously unreleased) (03:26)



  1. In my humble opinion this is the best album the band and also the first ten. decade in the classical history - heavy rock ( such "Look At Yourself", "Tears In My Eyes" and "July Morning"considered to be even canon of a bygone era...)

  2. Adamus
    I waiting for your raw material about this disc to complete the post
    Yes, one of the bests, i prefer the first album, but all is fantastic

  3. There is no case! I am in the final stages of writing, soon I'll send for You, My Friend for a private mailbox, but You have enough free space ... hihihihi

  4. In the 70's in Poland, the band Uriah Heep, alongside Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple was considered to the big four bands of hard rock. On the albums of these bands, all rock fans "hunted" in the radio, which was the only place where we could hear their new songs. Their album "Look At Yourself" in 1971 is in my opinion one of the best albums in the history of this genre of music and certainly the best album in the discography of this great band.
    Thanks a lot OldBitch and Adam for this fantastic edition!!!!!
    Brawo Adamie!!!!,
    rosną nowe pokolenia miłośników "starego" rocka i dla nich warto publikować takie wspaniałe płyty, prawdziwe "perełki" z czasów naszej młodości.

  5. In the 70's in Poland, the band Uriah Heep, alongside Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple was considered to the big four bands of hard rock. On the albums of these bands, all rock fans 'hunted' in the radio, which was the only place where we could hear their new songs. Their album, Look At Yourself, 1971 is in my opinion one of the best albums in the history of this genre of music and certainly the best album in the discography of this great band.
    Thanks a lot OldBitch and Adam!!!!!!

  6. Parabéns pelo trabalho de todos vocês!
    Esse é o puteiro mais legal que já frequentei!
    Obrigado por compartilhar!


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