Toad - Toad (1971, switzerland hard/heavy blues rock, 2008 japan Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP) edition - FLAC)

Saudações; quem de vocês que aprecia o rock feito no final dos anos sessenta e durante os anos setenta, que ao fazer uma "top ten list" de álbuns preferidos que fazem parte dessa época, e ao final dessa lista não ficou lamentando por ter deixado de fora essa ou aquela banda?

Bem, eu tenho uma grande dificuldade para fazer uma lista dessas, mas sem dúvida nenhuma esse álbum que estou a postar aquí agora, tranquilamente faria parte de minha "top five list"! Soberbo auto-intitulado primeiro álbum dessa fantástica banda Suíça, que em minha opinião, após o segundo álbum lamentavelmente perdeu o rumo, porém isso não desmerece em nada a qualidade dessa banda; soberba sob todos os aspectos!

Ouçam e tirem suas conclusões; e meu camarada Micose, se você ainda não conhece o Toad, esse é o álbum!

Why does anyone bother with the current crop of "stoner rock" when there's so much better stuff made back in the original stoner age (the '70s) now being reissued??

If you're into the Man's Ruin roster, and prone to buying albums by the latest Swedish Kyuss clone, yet don't have, say, Lucifer's Friend, Flower Travellin' Band, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, or Buffalo reissues in your collection, it's time to get with the program! Not that that's easy, since much of the good old shit is definitely obscure and unheralded.

For instance, we hadn't ever heard of this Swiss band Toad until a kindly customer sold back a bootleg cd with an intriguing cover a couple years ago. Now, here's a legit reissue of the same album thanks to the freaks at Second Battle.

This self-titled disc is the first and best of Toad's three LPs, serving up hard-rockin' stoner psych in the best blues-based tradition of early Blue Cheer and Led Zep.

The first track "Cotton Wood Hill" will offer a clue about the lineage of this band, as Toad's rhythm section played on the classic LP of that same title by acid-fried Krautrockers Brainticket!

Toad boasts an excellent vocalist put to good use on the more melodic parts of their sometimes quite long songs, but a large part of the LP is occupied by heavy (HEAVY) jamming instrumental excursions featuring the killer guitar of one Vic Vergeat. This is genuine heaviness, circa 1971.

Track list:
01. Cotton Wood Hill (8:29)
02. A Life That Ain't Worth Living (3:26)
03. Tank (3:22)
04. They Say I'm Mad (6:40)
05. Life Goes On (11:48)
06. Pig's Walk (7:19)
07. The One I Mean (2:28)
Bonus tracks:
08. Stay (3:31)
09. Animals World (3:09)

*Vittorio "Vic" Vergeat (guitar, vocals, piano)
*Cosimo Lampis (drums, percussion, vocals)
*Werner Fröhlich (bass, vocals)
*Benjamin "Beni" Jaeger (vocals)

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  1. Oh good one, Nelwizard, I LOVE this album, it's a real favorite of mine. Their next album, Tomorrow Blue, is also great. It definitely is "hard/heavy blues rock", but I would mention also the progressive tendency.

    Really it's a quite distinctive sound as well, I think. The comparisons made are apt but this Toad is its own creature!

  2. Thanks a lot - Toad remind me of the Pink Fairies in some ways.

  3. Thanks a lot excellent hard rock from Switzerland

  4. Sim! Eu fiquei de ouvir essa banda, mas ainda não tive tempo! Valeu mesmo pelo post, velho!

  5. Typical Nelwizard post!! I knew it was one of his posts just by listening to the sample!

    I LOVE it!

  6. Toad deserve a second youth, a must for fans of Power Rock-Blues bands of the '70s,originally released in 1971 on Halleluja (CH), RCA (UK), and Vertigo (D), this album, recorded at "De Lane Lea Studios" and mixed by Martin Birch (sound engineer of Deep Purple and more recently Iron Maiden's producer), showed the world the talent of three young musicians: Vittorio Vergeat, a guitar virtuoso, drummer Cosimo Lampis, and bass player Werner Frohelich, joined for these sessions by vocalist Benj Jaeger, who left the band right after the release as their songs were mainly instrumentals. Toad is one of the best rock albums ever released in Europe during the '70s, and it's praised by fans and collectors... many years this album for me sentimental(I have Akarma), thanks to Nell for the Japanese release!

  7. Hi Adamus, I guess here's another piece on which we concur!

  8. Oh yes DanP, have the same sentence, not only in this case, it's nice once again to be with You at one side of the barricades ...

  9. caralho!!!
    que banda é essa cara?Que baixo FDP,vocal foda,um prog que vc escuta e nem sente o tempo passar!
    muito boa mesmo!valeu pelo post!!

    esta já entrou na minha top five!!!!

  10. This band is awesome. Can somebody re-upload this album in fileserve, rapidshare or any serve of files????
    SOPA has fucked Megaupload.

  11. Do can anybody re-upload in fileserve o rapidshare???
    Megaupload is not an option now.

  12. NEW LINK:

    EAC> Flac+.cue+log+scans (600 dpi),404041441.rar(archive)

  13. Dear colleague,

    This is an excellent Switzerland good stuff, but please could you reup via mega?

    Thanks and regards


    2. Thank you very much for your prompt reply!!

      Excellent! Wow !!

      Regards !!

  14. Qual é a senha dos arquivos por gentileza?

    1. Saudações Alexandre; não uso senha nos meus posts. Apenas copie e cole o link para download! (!CJ82kS5I!lvhUZPIURw9AQNbIO4zljjaDoyvXVZ8eUZ7Wbgfbufo )

  15. Hi Bro.,

    Link down, please help

    Thanks so much


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