Liquid Smoke - Liquid Smoke (1970 us, heavy blues psych rock, CD rip - FLAC)

Saudações amantes do bom, velho e insuperável rock'n'roll; como eu tenho reiterado aquí algumas vezes a minha paixão pelo hard-rock, dentro desse genêro musical eu tenho uma "want list", e basicamente ela consiste de albuns que nunca foram relançados em CD, existem apenas em vinil! E dentre esses albuns estava uma banda chamada Liquid Smoke e o seu auto-intitulado album, lançado em 1970.

Eu disse "estava", porque num post no blog PHROCK Blog, comentávamos sobre o album citado acima, e sobre uma futura possibilidade de relançamento em CD, quando para minha surpresa um camarada disse ter encontrado no um CD que faria parte de uma pequena edição de 200 cópias, lançada por uma gravadora Australiana, em 1994. Bem, não perdí tempo, corrí atrás e aqui está, um possível oficial lançamento em CD, e essa seria a cópia de número 33 desse fantástico álbum, se é bootleg ou não, eu não sei, posso apenas dizer que a qualidade de áudio é boa! Então desfrutem!

Liquid Smoke were a Long Island, New York group that consisted of Sandy Pantaleo (lead vocals), Vince Fersak (guitar), Ben Ninnman (keyboards), Mike Archuleta (bass), and Chas Kimbrell (drums).

The group formed while students at ECU and signed with Avco Embassy in 1969, releasing their lone lp in early 1970 which was produced by Vinny Testa who also produced Frijid Pink and co-produced with Shadow Morton the Merchants Of Dream’s 1968 psych masterpiece “Strange Night Voyage”.

The group’s killer psych track “Lookin’ For Tomorrow” was the highlight of Peruvian band Gerardo Manuel & El Humo’s debut lp “Apocallypsis”. The album also includes their single “I, Who Have Nothing” a cover of the Ben E. King hit.

Liquid Smoke:
*Sandy Pantaleo - Lead Vocals
*Ben Ninnman - Keyboards
*Mike Archuleta - Bass
*Vince Fersak - Lead Guitar
*Chas Kimbrell - Drums

LIQUID SMOKE - Lookin' For Tomorrow:


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  2. Many thanks for sharing this CD rip on flac. Cheers.

  3. Nelson you are!?! ... do you hear my cries!!!
    Many,many thanks for this amazing album!!!!
    I knew I could count on You just last night we talked about it, in brotherly friendship hug my Friend from Brazil

    It was extremely hard to find CD version, that almost impossible! digitally remastered edition of this album the This is another great day For me I . Even though it took me a lot of time I finally found it,and I'm very satisfied
    Yeah it was on my wish list for a long time, more such music, and the world will be better... I remember when I heard for the first time this album, it was like new beginning, for me wow, fantastic, marvelous feeling!
    For over 30 years of listening to music, I had not thought it is something that can surprise me, oh how wrong I was!
    I did not know those guys, I read that this band existed. Granted, it's amazing playing, powerful, solid, sound organ of Hammond B3,those guitars,dirty heavy vocals.. has long, not heard the such a galopady.... mhhmm it was something new and different form, different scale, the level at which few could climb wonderful abum !
    LIQUID SMOKE American psychedelic blues rock band emerged in the city of New York in 1969.
    Their debut LP, "Liquid Smoke" was released in 1970 on AVCO Embassy Records in the US (AVE-33005 Stereo) produced by Vinnie Testa... to record CD were used Original US pressing from '70 and is not a later reissue of any kind!
    Also, for a brief time during this period, Mike Archuleta were putting together a band with Vince Martell, Guitar (of Vanilla Fudge fame) but, the band only played out once (for some local political rally) This album holds, psychedelic sounds, use of vocal harmonies and a blues-rock line,rich,strong sound rare at the 60s-70s heavy obscurities,with great organ Hammond B3 and psychodelic guitars. the New York band's sole self-titled album is classified as very rare consisting of original material written by Vince Fersak and some covers
    I wonder if the Black Crowes heard the version of "Hard to Handle" on here because their version sounds awful close. But on this album it's the originals that are the best, with some nice fuzzy rippin' guitar and cool organ runs.
    Among the tracks on the album include "Let Me Down Easy," "Shelter of Your Arms", "Warm Touch" or versions of Otis Redding, "Hard to Handle" and the famous James Brown, "It's a Man's World".
    The album also includes their single “I, Who Have Nothing” a cover of the Ben E. King hit, which reached nr.82 on the list Billboard. The song, originally by Ben E. King, was written by a partner Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, and met successful versions of Tom Jones and Terry Knight and the Pack.

    After issue the album "Liquid Smoke"band ceased to exist.

    It 's a pity that I have not heard it in the early '70s, today belonged to the canon of my music. Fantastic, melodic, predatory, nostalgic, romantic, everything I love in music is on the album, I listen and listen and listen and I miss those times ................ long time no one gave me no such pleasure in music. These 9 tracks are incredibly, amazingly captivating.
    When I see these forgotten albums, forgotten artists, it is easier on my heart, because it shows that there are people in the world for which, in it's culture and heritage are extremely important. Music is part of human culture, and that band created the foundations of rock music, now a component of our culture.
    I still have chills, surely I will take him on a Desert Island and to hell with the rest...hehehehe
    Many thanks Nel, for the reminder, maybe for some it will be discovered... certainly as a sentimental journey for me.

  4. A real gem.Must have in every collection.Extra thanks!!!

  5. Great album!!!! Many thanks Nelwizard for this post!

  6. Ola, acabei de conhecer teu blog. Parabéns pelo bom gosto e pelas raridades aqui postadas. Tb estou enveredando por este caminho e criei um blog de rock dos anos 60 e 70. Se puder faça uma visita ficarei grato.
    Até +

  7. Muito bom...já baixando.

  8. sorry, same problems with minhateca

  9. Hi Nel,
    I getting late on this one ,can you put a new link,I love these guys.Splendid band.Thanks.

    1. Hi Chico, cheers;



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