Iron Claw - A Different Game - 2011 - FLAC

Putada, siguinte
Eu sou amigo pessoal do Alex Wilson (baixista e líder da banda) e já tinha recebido este disco alguns meses atrás em forma de mp3 para dar minha opinião diretamente à gravadora e ao grupo, com a condição que não o postasse antes de 4 de outubro de 2011, data do lançamento oficial do mesmo
Assim o fiz, adorei o disco
O Iron é considerado o Black Sabbath Escoces, apesar que neste disco estão um pouco diferentes
Mas é um puta discaço, obrigatório para quem gosta de whitesnake.Sabbath e outras bandinhas da época de 1970
Tem uma série de materiais inclusos, que só tem aqui neste post, inclusive um pdf que conta toda a história e mazelas do grupo
Então é isso ai, é escutar, gostar e comprar o original


I am a personal friend of Alex Wilson (bassist and band leader) and had received this disc a few months ago in the form of mp3 pair to give my opinion directly to the label and the group with the condition than the pole before October 4 2011, the official release date of the same
So I did, I loved soo much

Iron is considered the Scottish Black Sabbath, though this disc are a little different
But it's a bitch disc compulsory for those who like some bands and other whitesnake.Sabbath of the 1970 season
It included a series of materials, which has only here in this post, including a pdf file that tells the story of the group and pains
So there it is, is to listen, enjoy and buy the original


Track List and Personal

01. What Love Left (3:02)
02. Saga (3:40)
03. The Traveler (4:20)
04. A Different Game (4:39)
05. Angel Woman (4:14)
06. Southern Sky (3:57)
07. Falling Down (4:02)
08. It's Easy (4:37)
09. My Way Down (5:19)
10. Love Is Blind (6:09)
11. Targets (2:51)
12. See Them Fall (3:41)
13. Closing In (6:16)

Line Up:

Gordon Brown – vocals
Jimmy Ronnie – guitar
Alex Wilson – bass
Ian McDougall – drums



  1. tenho aqui aquele em mp3, a rapaziada manda muuuuito bem.
    Vale a pena mesmo.

    Vou ver se esse fim de semana eu dou um chute na preguiça e posto alguma coisa boa!

  2. I have a feeling that at the very least this will be heavy enough for my tastes. ;)

  3. Dan
    Enjoy yourself and fuck the neibrhoods
    Dan, are you From?

  4. Iron Claw first formed in Dumfries, Scotland, just over forty years ago and played some mean heavy music that was on a par with Black Sabbath. Back then, the band trod the same boards as all the greats, playing iconic venues such as The Mayfair in Newcastle and London's Marquee Club in Wardour Street. Recorded live with few overdubs, this new album captures a raw veteran band playing with the exuberance and gusto of a band half their age, and geared up to turn a whole new generation of rock fan onto their guitar-driven, gritty blues-tinged sound heavy,strong guitar, nice melodic nuances Final mix and mastering performed by T. Dallas Reed for Heavy Head.13 tracks of blues-based heavy melodic rock show a band that hasn't lost a step, it sounds so damn good. Includes the stunning "What Love Left", the Skynyrd-tinged "Southern Sky", and the melodic hard rockers "Love Is Blind' and "The Traveler".
    Iron Claw was good at delivering heavy, but melodic, blues fused rock.
    Those nostalgic fans of 70s rock will find this a fine example of then-done-now, a solid return from a band no one really knew was here to begin with. Not a mandatory listen, but for those digging into the long-forgotten castaways of heavy rock, Iron Claw is certainly a band worthy of investigation...
    Thank you for posting this Iron Claw album. It will be good to hear how they sound after all these years. " I'm a Believer, I ain't no Deceiver... Mountains move before my eyes..."
    I appreciate your sharing this with us!

  5. Hey Putaveia, Oh yeah, the neighbor upstairs used to complain bitterly about being able to hear the bass. I eventually told him to call the police about it and haven't heard from him since.

    I'm living right outside of Washington DC, USA. From here, and California.

  6. I am enjoying this and would like to hear some of their 70s material!

  7. Doesn't, however, seem to by any evidence that that is recorded or available.

  8. Well Dan
    I Have my cd (i don´t know if was a pre-release)
    But read the pdf inside the files)

  9. The link asks me to download a virus called ilivid instead of the album

  10. NEW LINK:,404074443.rar(archive)

  11. what a nice timing... i've gotta try this,especially knowing this is the band behind that magnificent Flying Hat Band split album (or bootleg) falsely credited as "Antrobus" ,.. anyway Thank you very much. please if you still have the info. "Pdf" mentioned above, make a Dl link for it as well, if not accept my apologies & appreciation. Cheers.

  12. Hi there - is there any chance of reuploading this album, please.


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