Frumpy: Live (1973) {2009 Remaster + Bonus Tracks} [FLAC]

Frumpy foi uma das bandas alemãs mais promissoras dos anos 70, mas que infelizmente teve um fim bastante precoce com apenas três álbuns de estúdio e este ao vivo em dois anos e meio de atividades. A banda nasceu em meados de 1970 na cidade de Hamburgo na comuna folk City Preachers por quatro músicos que rapidamente conseguiram alcançar sucesso não só na Alemanha mas em vários países da Europa. A vocalista da banda, Inga Rumpf, logo foi considerada como a rainha do rock na Alemanha.

Este foi o último álbum lançado pela banda antes de se reunirem novamente cerca de 20 anos depois, e documenta a banda em seu auge. A única desvantagem deste álbum é somente a qualidade sonora que deixa a desejar, algo comum em muitos álbuns ao vivo daquela época. Fora isso, não há do que reclamar.

Frumpy was one of the most promissing German bands of the 70s, which unfortunatly had a very early ending after only three studio albums and this live one, after two years and a half active. The band arose in about 1970 in Hamburg out of City Preachers folk community by four musicians who managed to achieve a good reputation very quickly not only in Germany but also in several other European countries. The vocalist Inga Rumpf was quickly recognized as Germany's queen of rock.

This was the last album released before their reunion about 20 years later, and documents the band on its peak. The only disadvantage of this album is the sound quality which lets a lot to be desired, something very common amongst live albums back then. Except this, there's nothing to complain of.

Disc 1
01 Keep On Going (12:06)
02 Singing Songs (8:54)
03 Backwater Blues (4:56)
04 Duty (17:35)
05 To My Mother (11:34)
Disc 2
01 Release (22:00)
02 Take Care Of Illusion (8:54)
Bonus Tracks
03 Duty (7:33)
04 Floating (12:14)

Recorded live in Hamburg on September 28th, 1971; Bielefeld on December 11th, 1971; and Bünde/Westfalia on April 9th, 1972.

Inga Rumpf - vocals, guitar
Jean-Jacques Kravetz - keyboards
Rainer Baumann - guitar
Karl-Heinz Schott - bass
Carsten Bohn - drums

Originally released as Phillips 6623 022 in 1973.



  1. Musically Frumpy oscillated between jazz and soul with a considerable admixture of elements of traditional music of the East, is very expressive with a phenomenal singer with a male voice, but very intriguing and who has an amazing charm.
    In 1973 the group recorded a live double album, then broke up. Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Karl-Heinz Schott founded the group Atlantis, and Carsten Bohne began working with Tomorrow's Gift, and Dennis. In 1990 combined Frumpy musicians to record the album "Now"
    It was an interesting enough proposition that the team was selected in the early 70's in a plebiscite on the Musik Express magazine as the most popular German rock band and the singer Inga Rumpf magazine FAZ dubbed the most talented personality in Germany.

  2. Hmmmm... I still prefer Renaute Knaup from Amon Düül II... lol

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