Brainticket: Cottonwoodhill (1970) {2000 Reissue} [APE]

Aê putada,

Essa é uma das bandas que apesar de ser suíça, alguns a consideram como uma banda de krautrock. Realmente há alguns músicos suíços e austríacos que acabaram sendo contagiados pela onda do kraut da Alemanha e que acabaram formando suas próprias bandas nesse gênero, apesar de que a grande maioria das bandas de kraut foram formadas na própria Alemanha.

Um grande exemplo disso é o Guru Guru, cujas raízes são na Suíça, país em que o baterista Mani Neumeier e o baixista Uli Trepte cresceram e onde começaram a ganhar vida como músicos, apesar de terem nascido na Alemanha.

Mas indo direto ao ponto, o Brainticket era uma banda progressiva e altamente psicodélica liderada pelo tecladista belga Joel Vandroogenbroeck. O destaque do álbum é a suíte Brainticket, divida em duas partes contendo sons repetitivos e uma coletânea de ruídos e barulhos e mais gritos femininos.

De longe um dos álbuns mais psicodélicos de sua época. Altamente recomendável pros fãs das bandas de San Francisco.

Hello freaks,

This is one of some bands which in despite of being from Switzerland, some people consider them to be a krautrock band. There were really some Swiss and Austrian musicians who were widely influenced by the German kraut wave and who managed to create their own bands of this genre, although most kraut bands were obviously formed in Germany.

A great example to figure this history is Guru Guru, whose origins come from Switzerland, country where drummer Mani Neumeier and bassist Uli Trepte grown up and where they began to earn their livings as musicians, in despite of both being born in Germany.

But going straight to the point, Brainticket was a progressive and highly psychedelic band led by Belgiam keyboadist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. What would most caught your attention on this album is the Brainticket suite, splitted into two parts and featuring repetitive rhythms and a compilation of noises and feminine screams.

By far one of the most psychedelic recordings of their time. Highly recommended for Frisco bands fans.

01 Black Sand (4:05)
02 Places Of Light (4:06)
03 Brainticket Part I (8:21)
04 Brainticket Part I [Conclusion] (4:36)
05 Brainticket Part II (13:14)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - keyboards, flute, vocals
Ron Bryer - guitar
Werner Fröhlich - bass
Helmuth Kolbe - keyboards
Cosimo Lampis - drums
Dawn Muir - vocals
Wolfgang Paap - percussion
Werni Prahlach - bass



  1. I am a big fan of Swiss heavy band Toad, which emerged to some extent from Brainticket, and the first track of the first Toad release shares the name of this post. I'm also a fan of Brainticket's later album Celestial Ocean, a cosmic trip both sublime and humorous. This, however, Cottonwood Hill, I have in an APE but have never listened to, because I hear it's a blatantly difficult piece! But what do I know! Perhaps this posting will prompt me at last to explore this album.

    Love always!

  2. I think I've already heard something about Toad, but I'm not very sure, I still have to check out more of these extreme obscure bands.

    The two first songs of this album are OK to be listened at any time, but I assume that the complete 'Brainticket' suite is indeed a little difficult because you must be in the mood to listen to it.

    I'll be trying to get more Brainticket albums and will post here as well.

    Best regards.

  3. Cool, micose, and thanks. I don't know or have any other Brainticket except Celestial Ocean, of which I hear there's been a recent Esoteric edition.

  4. Brainticket originally formed in 1968, consisting of members of Swiss, German, and Italian descent. members came and went during their tenure. Dating from 1971 Cottonwoodhill record is like a nightmare on the background of registered narcotic monotonous,theme: police siren, various screams, spasms etc. This album has a cult status and a large group of fans not for the faint of heart you'll either love it or hate it, but for me is just ... as such
    Brainticket issued three albums before disbanding, they resurfaced in the early '80s with a pair of albums before disappearing once more,w 2000' released their 6-album Alchemic Universe. Thanks micose

  5. Dan, Esoteric has been reissuing a lot of amazing albums. I only have so far High Tide's Sea Chanties and Tangerine Dream's Zeit. We gotta check these new releases out. =D

    Adamus, it seems that the original date of this album release is a little unsure. Some sources claim to have been in 1971 whilst other ones say that it was in 1970... I read a '1970' on the booklet, is it the right one...?

  6. BRAINTICKET: Cottonwoodhill 33 rpm lp
    Original Italy pressing with rare BIEM label for release only in Switzerland!on HALLELUJAH . X606. from 1970 ( date 14-10-70 etched in dead wax )

    LP Bellaphon BLPS 19019 (01-01- 1971 Germany)
    CD Bellaphon 288-07-102 (1989 Germany)

  7. Wow, you've got some great stuff on here. Thanks for this, incredible album.


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