Trapeze - "You Are The Music ... We're Just The Band" - 1972 [Flac]

Fala putada!

Então, eu postei os 2 primeiros albums to Trapeze, agora como que eu poderia deixar de fora a obra-prima dos caras?
Esse e' simplesmente incrivel, de cagar sangue mesmo, nao tem enchesao de linguica e' paulada atras de paulada.

"You are the music..." tambem impresionou os integrantes do Deep Purple que em 1973 contratou Glenn Hughes para substituir Roger Glove (e Ian Gillan) no Deep Purple, no final das contas o Deep Purple iria fugir muito do seu padrao original com um baixista/vocalista e logo depois contrataram tambem o entao desconhecido David Coverdade pra fazer o papel de vocalista principal.

Enfim desfrutem dessa obra de arte em forma de musica!


So, I've posted Trapeze's first 2 albums, now how could I leave out their masterpiece?
This one is simply incredible, it will knock your sock off! (it's that good!)  ... No fillers here, only classic RnR track after track!

"You are the music..."also impressed the band Deep Purple who were at the time looking for a new bassist and vocalist, so Glenn Hughes was hired by the band to replace Roger Glover on bass in 1973

Enjoy this work of art.




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  2. Tesão de som, recomendo q baixem pois vale a pena ouvir e ter todos do Trapeze. Vai colocar tb o live - way back to the bone? Acho fantastico esse album.

  3. Oops....Tatonha I sorry, but this album was released w1972 'and not 70'
    "You Are The Music.We're Just The Band" in 1972, Trapeze's third album. This is classic 70s funk rock at its best. With original artwork and photos by Fin Costello this is a must for all rock and Deep Purple fans!
    Though they were best known for a kind of muscular funk rock, the band Trapeze always had a jazzy element, and on You Are the Music, We're Just the Band it is the softer tunes that stand out.
    In fact the band actually hired a new bass player for live performances to enable Hughes to concentrate more on fronting the band.
    This isn't to say that there aren't some good rockers here, since the title tune and "Keepin' Time" are energetic and enjoyable. However it is on "Coast to Coast" and "What Is a Woman's Role" that the band really shines. This is partly because both are really good songs, partly because both benefit from some inspired sax and vibes work from guests Jimmy Hastings and Frank Ricotti. Vocalist Glenn Hughes takes the lead on most tracks, and is very effective as long as he stays in his low range; on the rock tracks he uses his higher register, which tends to have a squealing or screechy tone. Those who only know Hughes from his subsequent work with Deep Purple may be surprised to hear his warm, soulful work on this disc, which was his last with Trapeze.

    The eight songs on this 1972 album from Trapeze are a great way for listeners to immerse themselves in their their mixture of funk-infused rock.
    I adore this album, never tire of it,thanks Tatonha

  4. Adam , thanks of course you're right ... 1972. I've corrected the title.

    Lu, nao is subir o ao vivo, mas ja que voce mencionou eu posto1 (obvio q eu sei que vc ja tem) alias, eu tbem tenho o outro ao vivo da reunion de 1994.

  5. Esse disco é foda.
    A mistura perfeita de Funk e Rock.

  6. Com certeza Luizao ... esse e' um daqueles albums que nunca fica velho!

  7. New link please. Thank you.


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