Trapeze - Medusa - (1970) FLAC

Fala putada,

Ja que meu ultimo post com o primeiro album do Trapeze teve um numero consideravel de downloads, aqui vai seu segundo e mais aprimorado album.
Embora lançado ainda em 1970 (mesmo ano que o album anterior) muito havia mudado. A banda tinha se reduzido a um trio composto por Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath) que agora seria o lead vocals, Mel Galley (Whitesnake/Phenomena Project) na Guitarra e ainda Dave Holland (Judas Priest) na Batera.

Nesse album a banda ja havia finalmente achado sua identidade com um hard cheio de funk/blues/soul alternando musicas rapidas e baladas. Esse album e' nota 9,5 ... so' nao e' 10 pq o proximo album seria (por incrível que pareca) ainda um pouco melhor que esse.

E' so escutando pra ver, esse e' sem duvida um dos meus favoritos na minha colecao de originais.


Since my last post had a considerable number of downloads I decided to post Trapeze's second (and better) album "Medusa".
Even though it was released in 1970 (same year as the first album) much had changed in the band and the band's sound.

Here trapeze shows a more mature sounding album, by now they had finally found their own identity, a hard rock full of funk/blues/soul alternating fast songs with soulful ballads. The band was reduced to a trio composed by: Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath) lead vocals, Mel Galley (Whitesnake/Phenomena Project) Guitars and Dave Holland (Judas Priest) on Drums.

This is a personal favourite in my collection.



Does anyone have a lossles copy of :
 Morley Grey - "The Only Truth" 1972
Help - "Help / Second Coming" (double album) 1970/1971
If you do, please post it or get in touch ... cheers!


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  2. Saudações Tatonha, luz e paz meu camarada;

    primeiramente devo parabenizá-lo pelo fantástico trabalho desenvolvido aqui no, e gostaria de certa forma justificar-me pela ausência de comentários, mas é que após mais de 6 anos visitando blogs, foruns e sites de torrents, eu devo admitir que não faço comentários em determinados posts pelo simples fato de já possuir o album (original, ou em CD-r) e, eu estou dando essa justificativa, apenas por achar que, quando eu faço um download, a educação e o respeito pelo dono do post recomenda que eu agradeça!

    Aqui está o álbum Morly Grey - The only truth (1972/2005) FLAC (tracks+.cue):

    Um grande abraço!

  3. Grande Nelwizard ... voce so' faz post de qualidade!

    Valeu mesmo pelo Morley Grey, so tinha em mp3.

  4. On the 13th November 1970 they emerged with an album that shook the foundations of the British rock fraternity. “Medusa” was received with universal acclaim. One of the many press reviews hailed it as, ”One of the biggest finds of the year; three English lads have added a new dimension to the loudest of hard rock. For any Led Zeppelin fan here is the group that is to carry on their legacy”. Their unique blend of entertainment was very much in demand in America and it did not take very long for promoters to ask for them to play in the big stadiums. “Black Cloud/Your Love Is Alright” was released attracting heavy radio exposure in the Southern states. The band toured all over America attracting a cult following with huge audiences. It was however in the south where Trapeze were to find their homeland and became a phenomenon that only previously had existed in the days of Elvis Presley. This was helped by Bill Hamm, their promotion agent and a lover of the power trio ethos, who at the time was also launching a similar project of his own, better known these days as ZZ Top. In Houston they sold out two shows in one evening with hundreds of fans still locked outside. In the second performance the following night the band literally bought the house down when a balcony collapsed due to excess weight and overcapacity. The trio’s on stage performance was as electrifying as their music, their interaction created a musical chemistry that had never been seen before and one that today is still timeless.
    Trapeze made fewer and fewer appearances in their homeland, but during these visits they were sure of an electric response to their presence at venues such as the famous Marquee Club in London. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin would often have his chauffeur drive him to pick up Hughes, Galley, Holland and their manager Tony Perry and take them to the gig booked for that night where he would do an encore with the band. He said, “Trapeze are the best three piece band I have ever seen”.
    Tatonha ....Thanks


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