Thundermother - No Red Rowan (1970-1971 uk heavy hard rock and acid psych hard blues fuzzed - FLAC)

Saudações brothers & sisters; bem dessa vez eu trago para vocês um dos meus top ten albuns! Se você gosta de hard psicodélico rock com muitas intervenções fuzzy de uma guitarra esperta, esse é o album!

O selo Kissing Spell reuniu uma série de gravações de estúdio dos caras e lançou esse album para o nosso prazer! Infelizmente não encontramos quase nenhuma imformação sobre essa banda na WEB; mas se você é fã de hard rock psicodélico do início dos anos 70s, agarre-se a "mãe do trovão" e divirta-se!

Track list:
01. Someday 13:41
02. Country Lines 1:05
03. Boogie Music 4:48
04. Woman 3:17
05. Lady (Lay By Me) 3:39
06. The People Show 3:55
07. Come on Home 4:53
08. Woman in My Life 4:17
09. Rock Me Babe 6:03
10. Boogie Music (Coke Version) 4:53
11. Duce Blues 1:14
12. Watch Your Step 3:30
13. You Know Me Babe 1:26
14. Come on Home (Space Version) 7:31

Thundermother - Someday:

There is no reliable information about the history of this band. Apparently this album was recorded in Wakefield between 1970-1971, England, engineered and produced by Mike Levon.

It collects Their Contributions to Astral Navigations, Gagalactyca, Loose Routes I and II. "David J. Smith (formerly of David John and the Mood) co-produced and sang on some tracks of an" ad hoc "group (ie They Were the studio creation) called Thundermother During 1969.

This one band shared with lp Light years Away called "Astral Navigations" (Holyground 1971). Thundermother's Contribution was recorded over one weekend.

Acid guitars, Hard Acid rock, heavy Acid Psych, Heavy Acid Prog, Acid Blues !! Progressive/hard rock featuring a lot of fuzzed guitar!!

*David "Miff" John (vocals, percussion)
*Dave "Ginner" Millen (vocals, guitar, bass)
*Frank Newbold (guitar, bass, percussion)
*Fred Kelly (drums, percussion)
*Dave Wilkinson (piano)
*Dave Smith (bass)
*Mike Levon (pipe)
*Daz (bass)
*Doug [aka Duke] (guitar, vocals)


  1. Here's group ,about which I wish I knew more about - info on the web is scarce. This collection of tracks by the studio group Thundermother (reissued by Kissing Spell records)
    I listen this many times in @256, good enough to appreciate this marvellous band. Deserve to be in lossless in my collection, but I can't loose the opportunity to say thanks for post here thanks to Nelson,for lots of music and wanted to say more on such things...greetings

    1. LINK:

      EAC> Flac+.cue+log+scans(600 dpi)

  2. oldfuzzface says"thanks for sharing this"


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