Refugee: Refugee (1974) {2004 Remaster} [FLAC]

Quem curte o The Nice ou o Yes talvez irá curtir esse álbum que o único lançado pela banda inglesa Refugee. Ela foi formada pelo baixista Lee Jackson e pelo baterista Brian Davison após o fim da banda a qual eles pertenciam anteriormente, o The Nice, cujo tecladista era Keith Emerson.

Apesar de ter lançado um clássico do progressivo, a banda se desfez em pouco tempo porque Patrick Moraz foi chamado pelo Yes - banda com a qual ele permaneceu até 1976 - para substituir Rick Wakeman e para gravar o 'Relayer'.

Who likes The Nice or Yes probably will also enjoy this album which is the only one released by English band Refugee. It was formed by bassist Lee Jackson and drummer Brian Davison after the end of The Nice, band of which they belonged to and whose keyboard player was Keith Emerson.

In despite of having released a progressive classic gem, the band came to end within a short time because Patrick Moraz was recruited by Yes - band with which he would remain until 1976 - to replace Rick Wakeman and to record 'Relayer'.

01 Papillon (5:11)
02 Someday (4:58)
03 Grand Canyon (16:42)
04 Ritt Mickley (4:55)
05 Credo (18:01)

Lee Jackson - bass, vocals
Brian Davison - percussion, drums
Patrick Moraz - keyboards




  1. I dream of this magical moment, when the commune with a legend of rock. Hmm ... I have! .. Since many years and I'm tired, but rich in magnitude spent almost mystical moments to commune with a legend of rock ... I enter into my musical time machine. I close the magic door and transfer the to November 1973. Then Refugee formed into a group ...
    The only record a short lived trio is captivating, deep and full of music power. The group consisted of Lee Jackson (ex-Nice, and later in the ELP), Brian Davison (ex-Nice) and Patrick Moraz primarily (ex-Mainhorse), who bewitched the whole game on the keys. The album that filled the magical music, 5 songs are superb monumental example of how to play and how to progressive rock sound. From beginning to end music grabs. virtuosity, amazing songs - "Refugee" still enjoys great esteem. For many years back gain this album on CD it bordered almost a miracle. And as usually happens in such situations only with the passage of time, the trio and its music were appreciated, surrounded by enduring cult audience.
    Unfortunately, it was the only studio album, during the work on second album Moraz went to Yes, where he replaced another virtuoso Rick Wakeman - Refugee ceased to exist.
    micose,thanks for reminding of this album

  2. Pessoal,

    Quase chorei de emoção quando vi este álbum aqui e não consegui baixá-lo.
    Os dois links expiraram.
    Vocês poderiam postá-lo novamente?

    Fico-lhes muito agradecida!

    Roberta Brandi

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