Pell Mell: Rhapsody (1975) {1998 Reissue} [APE]

Eu já tinha postado os dois primeiros álbuns desta banda alemã de alto nível formada na cidade de Marburg e eis aqui o terceiro álbum deles. Na minha opinião, o Pell Mell foi a melhor banda alemã de progressivo sinfônico, formada por músicos altamente habilidosos e que sabiam muito bem unir a música clássica ao rock.

Este álbum é mais uma amostra do excelente trabalho dessa banda que chegou a ficar um bom tempo na ativa em relação à maioria das bandas progressivas alemãs.

I had already posted the first albums made by this top-class German band formed in Marburg and here's their third studio work. In my opinion, Pell Mell was the best German symphonic progressive band, formed by highly skilled musicians who knew very well how to blend classic music into rock.

This album is another proof of how accomplished they were as musicians. They've even managed to keep active for a fairly good time in comparison to most German progressive bands from the same time.

01 Rhapsody - Frost Of An Alien Darkness (9:24)
02 Rhapsody - Wanderer (2:31)
03 Rhapsody - Can Can (3:38)
04 Prelude (3:18)
05 Desert In Your Mind (6:18)
06 The Riot (6:06)
07 Paris The Past (8:10)

Gotz Draeger - bass
Cherry Hochdorfer - keyboards
Bruno Kniesmeijer - percussion, drums
Ralph Lipmann - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Thomas Schmitt - flute, violin, guitar (electric), keyboards, vocals
Rudolph Schon - percussion, vocals


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  1. Baixando!!!Maravilha.gracias

  2. Hmmm....Pell Mell were formed in Marburg in 1971 by Thomas Schmitt (violin, guitar, vocals), Otto Pusch (organ, piano), Rudolf Schon (vocals, recorder, guitar), Jorg Gotzfried (bass) and Mitch Kniesmeijer (drums). Their home city also gave the name for their debut album, recorded during 1972 at the Dierks Studio, Stommeln, produced by Peter Hauke. This contained an inspired form of symphonic rock comparable to Nice and particularly Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Like these, Pell Mell often borrowed classical themes. Pell Mell's sound was characterised by colourful, swirling Hammond organ, a violin (which Thomas Schmitt played with great virtuosity), mellotron, recorder and some guitar.1975 PELL MELL the third LP 'Rhapsody' which, however, until a year later was published. The one hand, classical works by Liszt and Rachmaninoff, on the other hand, they act with their own compositions Better because less bombastic,concentrated bundle of great musicality and inventiveness.
    At the invitation of the Polish Jazz Society PELL MELL in March / April 1977, a ten-day Concert tour of Poland met with enthusiastic reaction of a total of 45,000 listeners.
    Thanks micose in fraternal...befriending hug my friend!

  3. Thanks, have read about this band but never heard them.

  4. Oh cool, how did I miss this, I find the album "Marburg" really good, so I'm glad to have the chance to listen to this one -- I didn't even know they had other records!

  5. To vendo que este puteiro realmente tem excelente gosto musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Esta banda é DEMAIS e este,´para mim é seu melhor album, ja tenho em MP3, mas vou "baxa" com este "tequinho" de melhor qualidade que vcs oferecem. Como sempre, o Bordel arrebentando (ja to até achando a "Old Bitch" ali do lado "simpatiquinha".....quem sabe, depois de mamado e no escuro + um viagrinha, não rola??????)


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