Hoelderlin: Hölderlins Traum (1972) {1994 Reissue} [FLAC]

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Nos anos 70, aparte do krautrock, havia muitas bandas boas de folk progressivo na Alemanha e essa aqui é um belíssimo exemplo. Essa banda se juntou pra valer em meados de 1970 e depois de terem feito alguns shows fazendo covers de bandas de folk-rock, eles conseguiram um contrato com a Pilz e, no início de 1972, eles finalmente lançaram o primeiro álbum deles, este aqui em questão.

Vale ressaltar que a banda começou originalmente com o nome de Hölderlin, mas eles decidiram mudar para Hoelderlin (com a mesmíssima pronúncia, porém em uma outra forma de escrever) após terem entrado em conflitos judiciais com o produtor Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, dono da própria Pilz e da Ohr, que queria forçar a banda a produzir algo mais psicodélico e mais experimental.

Ainda que estivesse longe de ser experimental, o Hoelderlin conseguiu se firmar na história como uma das maiores bandas alemãs de folk progressivo, se equiparando a outras como o Parzival e o Ougenweide.

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In the 70s, apart of krautrock, there were many cool progressive folk bands in Germany and this one is a great example. This band got seriously formed in about 1970 and after having made some concerts playing covers of already famous folk-rock bands, they finally got a contract with Pilz and, on early 1972, they put out their first studio album.

It's important to mention that band was originally named Hölderlin, but they decided to switch to Hoelderlin (with the very same pronounce, although in another way of writing) after many juridical conflicts with their producer Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, Pilz and Ohr owner, who tried to force the band to produce something more psychedelic and experimental.

In despite of being far from producing an experimental sound, Hoelderlin managed to stay in the top German folk progressive bands as much as other ones like Parzival and Ougenweide.

01 Waren Wir (4:53)
02 "Peter" (2:52)
03 Strohhalm (2:20)
04 Reqiem Für Einen Wicht (6:32)
05 Erwachen (4:20)
06 Wetterbericht (6:34)
07 Traum (7:20)

Michael Bruchmann - drums, percussion
Nanny DeRuig - vocals
Christian Grumbkow - guitar
Joachim Grumbkow - cello, acoustic guitar, flute, keyboards, mellotron
Peter Kaseberg - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Christoph Noppeney - violin, flute, piano
Guest Musicians
Peter Bursch - sitar
Mike Hellbach - tablas
Walter Westrupp - flute





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  1. In 1970, the brothers Joachim and Christian Von Gumbkows along with Nanny De Ruig created Holderlin and began playing Folk Rock with an Anglo-American influence. Their lyrics were influenced by the German poet Friedrich Hoelderlin, from whom they took their name. In May of 1971, the group solidified its lineup and were signed to the legendary Ohr label in August of that year. The following January, they began recording their first album with Dieter Dierks in Dierks Studio.
    The debut-album “Holderlin’s Traum” was released in ’72 with a nine-piece line up, including female vocals and instruments like the Mellotron, Grand piano, violin, cello, sitar, tablas and flute. Their sound is a progressive blend of rock, jazz and folk. It sold 5000 copies and the LP is still a collector’s item. But then the troubles began with their producer Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser (TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE and WALLENSTEIN). He tried to force the band into a more cosmic approach (‘LSD’ inspired complained the band) and was not amused with the “more political oriented lyrics” as he analyzed.
    It took almost three years with many juridical conflicts to get rid off the contract but eventually HOLDERLIN won their case.
    Interesting album which mixes elements of German folk, classical and rock into seven tracks of varying effect. I tend to like the longer, more developed tracks over the shorter ones. The standout track is 'Requiem Fur Einen Wicht' which has a hauntingly beautiful dreamy feel in its musical elements: acoustic guitar, flute, and violin, as well as some strong vocals from the female vocalist Nanny de Ruig. This album will appeal greatly to those who like the 'progressive/cosmic' folk sounds that the Pilz label is known for. The album features guest musicians Peter Bursh and Mike Hellbach from Broselmaschine and Walter Westrupp of Witthuser and Westrupp fame. For those of you who care, all vocals are in German
    One of those incredibly good-vibes record, with breathtaking .... Run it!
    Thanks micose


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