Blackwater Park - Dirt Box (1972 germany hard/progressive rock, 1996 spalax reissue - FLAC)

Saudações brothers & sisters; eu não sou grande fã do hard rock feito na Alemanha no final dos anos 60s e durante os anos 70s, o chamado Krautrock; mas tenho alguns albuns que considero essenciais para apreciadores do bom e velho hard rock.

E dentre esses albuns, eu trago hoje para vocês essa excelente banda chamada Blackwater Park, onde eu posso destacar o ótimo trabalho de guitarras feito nesse álbum, e também há uma vantagem em relação a outros álbuns alemães da época com letras cantadas em inglês, e essa vantagem seria a de que o seu vocalista é britânico, fazendo com que não tenhamos as críticas relacionadas a excelentes álbuns instrumentalmente falando, mas com vocalistas cantando em tosco inglês!


Blackwater Park was a little-known Berlin rock band that recorded its only album in Windrose Studios during December 1971.

Fans of the guitar driven, blues-flavored heavy progressive rock formula can't go wrong with 'Dirt Box'. Featuring a British vocalist, the group's sound can be compared to the likes of Free, Armaggedon, and Edgar Broughton Band.

'Dirt Box', released on BASF, contains six original tracks of varying quality and a cover version of the Beatles' 'For No One' which comes off rather well. The album opens with 'Mental Block'. Containing gutsy guitar riffs which remind me of the band Free, the song features tight riffs that jam, scorching guitar solos, and an airy hammond organ for added effect.

Powerful riffs guide the listener through 'Roundabout', an aggressive rocker with a slightly psychedelic intro. 'One's Life', 'Indian Summer', and 'Dirty Face' feature great guitar work and take on a heavy blues sound with 'Dirty Face' exploring the realm of boogie blues.

'Rock Song' stands out for it is the most unique song on the album in terms of sound. The song opens with a spate of aggressive riffs before turning into a doom and gloom rocker with a slight Eastern influence (imagine Black Sabbath performing 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene') before ending in a series of heavy guitar solos. Finally, the album comes to a close with a rocked-up cover version of the 'For No One' from the Beatles' 1966 smash 'Revolver'.

Overall, 'Dirt Box' has its shining moments, they combined elements from multiple extant and budding rock subgenres to construct their complex sound: hard rock, blues-rock, jazz-rock, acid rock, prog rock, and even proto-metal.

Unfortunately, the group's one and only album, Dirt Box, released in 1972, failed to advance the band's career beyond its preliminary stages, and it wasn't long before Blackwater Park had quietly called it quits.

But, as has often been the case with these obscure Teutonic bands, the cult of Dirt Box gradually grew over the years, and by the start of the new millennium, its occasional CD reissues were being eagerly snapped up by '70s hard prog collectors.

Blackwater Park:
*Richard Routledge - guitar, vocals
*Michael Fechner - guitar
*Andreas Scholz - bass
*Norbert Kagelmann - drums



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  2. parece indispensavel.
    Valeu brother!

  3. I sometimes wonder what it was like to be a music lover in the seventies. So many bands with so many records and so many of them obscure…was it as big a treat as it is today to find something incredibly rare.
    Blackwater Park "Dirt Box" [Spalax]
    Reissue of the lone 1972 album from this German hard rock outfit with an English vocalist,combined elements from multiple extant and budding rock subgenres to construct their complex sound: hard rock, blues-rock, jazz-rock, acid rock, prog rock, and even proto-metal.
    Blackwater Park is an obscure band that emerged from the Berlin underground scene. They released their unique album "Dirt Box" in 1971, published on BASF in 1972. The group delivers a captivating, effective bluesy-heavy rock "trip" with lot of incisive guitar riffs, progressive Hammond Organ's arrangements, melodic heavy vocals and psychedelic effects that are part of the mix. (Accessible) kraut power band whose work is essential for collectors. "Dirt Box" has been recently reissued on CD by "Second Battle".
    Nelson,Thanks for another gift from that era!

  4. Oh, another good post, a rough-&-ready, heady-&-heavy favorite of mine. :)

  5. Although one second thought, I have to say, the lyrics to "Mental Block" are among the most inane ever! The very balls of opening an album with such piffle! But the music is so good, and the quality of the voice itself, that the song is amazingly saved. I do like the Hendrixey vocals on this album.

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