Zephyr - Zephyr (1969)

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This late-'60s Denver group is most notable as the starting point for guitarist Tommy Bolin, who was still in his teens when they recorded their first album in 1969. A rather routine slab of bluesy, heavy rock, it made the Top 50. Aside from Bolin's extended hard rock riffing, it prominently featured the lead vocals of Candy Givens, who affected a blues-wailing pose along the lines of Janis Joplin. But she didn't have the full throat or guts to back it up, ending up closer to also-ran female psychedelic singers like Lydia Pense (of Cold Blood). Zephyr recorded one more album before Bolin left for stints with James Gang, Deep Purple, and a solo career; the group carried on with little success throughout the 1970s.
Richie Unterberger
1. Sail On
2. Sun's A-Risin'
3. Raindrops
4. Boom-Ba-Boom
5. Somebody Listen
6. Cross The River
7. St. James Infirmary
8. Huna Buna
9. Hard Chargin' Woman

Candy Givens - lead vocals, harmonica
Robbie Chamberlin - drums, backing vocals
David Givens - bass, backing vocals
John Faris - piano, organ, flute
Tommy Bolin - guitar, backing vocals



  1. Thanks a lot Hanalex my friend
    Great Kisses

  2. Grande post PV!!!Gosto muito desse e ainda mais do seguinte,o Going Back To Colorado!A Candy Givens eh uma deusa!Minha segunda cantora favorita no rock,ficando atras apenas da Janis.Valeu,1 abraco.

  3. Pessoal
    O Post foi feito pelo meu amigo Hanalex, eu tambem só tinha em mp3
    ele tem o segundo (como eu tambem agora tenho), vou pedir a ele para postar o segundo, ok
    Obrigado e mérito à quem tem mérito

  4. Work on the first album commenced in mid-1969 with the selection of a producer, resulting in Bill Halverson, who had engineered for Cream and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Recording began at the Wally Heider Studio, where the band was forced to work around time given to larger, established artists. Halverson turned out not to be an optimal choice, as he clashed in many ways with the band’s tastes. One thing that caused problems was that he had the members all record their parts separately while they were used to playing together, giving each other energy. When Zephyr was released in October the results weren’t totally satisfying to the band, as they felt that it failed to capture the essence of their exciting live performances. Though it didn’t set records, the album was selling and their momentum continued to build.
    variety band playing heavy blues with a young Tommy Boline in the role of guitarist. Vocalist, reminiscent timbre of Janis Joplin hysterical - but you get used to. Very good album.
    Although the album, for some time with me on the shelf, thank you Alex, great job!

  5. will it be possible to update the links? Listening to one song just leave one with the "I want MORE" feeling!!!

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