Sündenfall II: Sündenfall II (1972) {2010 Reissue} [WV]


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Esse álbum aqui é tão raro que nem aparece no Progarchives e com certeza deve ter sido um grande achado pelo pessoal da Garden of Delights. Essa banda alemã surgiu originalmente como Sündenfall e tocava jazz, mas com a saída e a entrada de alguns integrantes, eles viraram Sündenfall II - estilo o Amon Düül II - e passaram a tocar jazz misturado com folk, bastante influenciados pelo Jethro Tull.

Somente 200 cópias do vinil original foram prensadas e as que restaram estão atualmente cotadas entre 500 e 1000 euros. A Garden of Delights relançou esse álbum a partir de um vinil praticamente intacto, uma vez que as fitas master se perderam.

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This album is so rare that it isn't even listed on Progarchives and it surely must have been a great discover for the Garden of Delights crew. This German band originally arose as Sündenfall and played jazz, but with the departure and coming of some members, they became Sündenfall II - just like Amon Düül II - and now they were playing a blend of jazz and folk highly influenced by Jethro Tull.

Only 200 copies of the original vinyl were pressed and the surviving ones are tagged between 500 and 1000 Euro in the collectors market. Garden of Delights reissued this album from a nearly untouched copy of the original vinyl, once that the master tapes got lost with the time.

• Tracklist:
01 Warning
02 Suddenly Sun
03 Prae
04 Montpellier
05 Dusty Road
06 Duftes Ding
07 How To Get On
08 Prae
09 She Lives In A Gang
10 Bloody Birds
11 Prae
12 Soldier Of The North

• Line-up:
Kerstin Fleischhammer - vocals
Karl "Timmy" Timmermann - vocals, guitar, bass
Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Staymann - bongos, drums
Kurt "Dave" Heicks - saxophone, trumpet
Georg Martens - harmonica, guitar
Christoph Maubach - guitar, flute, vocals, piano






  1. Fall II? This was the second cast of this obscure German band? Or was this the event in question rather than just the second time, at least in the imagination of the band members? Sinful too is the music, however. Who here expected that some barren, herbaceous-rumbling Psychohardrockgeholze will be surprised at any rate. "Fall II" angeproggten offers, sometimes jazzy folk. The only thing now very rare LP of the band from the Lower Rhine was released in 1971 on the small Trefiton label, where a few years later, is also the only album released by Light Shine.
    Who are the first bars of "Warning" is heard, probably hardly suspect that there are German to swing. Well, probably it was not only German. This sounds very much on the British folk, especially the vocals are very authentic. I suspect, therefore even know that Timmy (the band members are listed only by first name) and he had a British passport, or at least a portion of his parents was born in a country belonging to the Commonwealth. He sounds much like the little brother of Ian Anderson, not quite as powerful as this and something hochlagiger. Kerstin contrast, almost certainly came from Germany. You must become the same in the second piece, and her English accent-laden leaves no doubt which country they grew up. Since it would be actually quite a funny idea been that she sings in German. To mix German and English folk, actually a pretty progressive idea would have been. Would, mind you, because here everything is done in English. Folk is also the backbone of the music, performed primarily with acoustic instruments (except for the electric bass), has a certain psychedelic late hippie atmosphere. This is sometimes a good dose of jazz. Dave on sax and trumpet and flute and piano at Christopher guarantee deposits jazzy, especially in the longer numbers "Dusty Road" and "scent thing." Three solos on piano, flute and acoustic guitar, simply "Pre" called, continues to loosen up the whole thing. "Fall of Man II," thus offering an eclectic collection of folk songs and anpsychedelisierten loose, jazzy, folky numbers that all in all a bit sluggish, it could of course say "relax" comes from the speakers. There really is not earth shattering here to listen to and there were several British bands had similar, though not necessarily better presented, had on offer (such as Pentangle). As so often with such Krautobskuritäten the main attraction for the collector well in the rarity of the object. However, if it should even give a CD reissue of the album, the folky certainly can appreciate Krautkomplettisten listen again!
    Micose Thanks for the post, really well done

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