San Michaels (Pré Kaipa) - Swedish Prog Rock 1971 - FLAC

Ai putada, siguinte
Pouca gente conhece o grupo progressivo sueco Kaipa, mas é uma puta banda
Este aqui é da era pré-Kaipa quando se chamavam San Michaels e é raríssimo, foi muito dificil conseguir o original
Então, voces tem mais é que baixar, porque outro desse na internet vai ser dificil, ainda em flac


Hey your Freaks

Few people know the Kaipara Swedish progressive group, but band is a bitch

This one is from the pre-Kaipa when called San Michaels is very rare and it was very difficult to get the original
So you have to download it over, because another of the Internet will be difficult, even in flac



01 Mycke' lycklig (3:59)
02 Tant (4:06)
03 Tjolle (3:26)
04 Brevet till visby (3:06)
05 Nacken (1:58)
06 Tredje universum (4:07)
07 Meningslosa rader (2:45)
08 Munnen (4:30)
09 Pick & pack (3:17)
10 Nisse i 3:an (3:32)


Hans Lundin - hammond organ,piano,guitar,vocal
Tomas Eriksson - bass,vocal
Gunnar Westbergh - drums,percussion,vocal
Additional musicians:
Nane Kvillsater - electric guitar(track 5&6)
Thomas "Rulle" Eriksson - flute (track 4)


+ Alternative download > San Michaels (pre- Kaipa)/ Nattag 1972 Flac*60s+-+Nattag,485982890.rar(archive)


  1. Reissue of the first album from this pre-Kaipa band. Led by keyboardist Hans Lundin, San Michael's ,album was recorded Studio Ulab in Uppsala, and they worked together with sound engineer Leif Mases. in April 1971 . Released on a small label in less than 1000 copies on a label CALIFORNIA 33505 ,considered to be a top rarity from Sweden these days. Another album was recorded in 1972, but never released.
    Musically speaking this would fit into the "proto-prog" with slight pop-psych influences category. The material isn't overly complex but Lundin plays a hell of an organ and their vocalist (who sings in Swedish) reminds a bit of early Jon Anderson (who was a contemporary). The album comes with a detailed history and unpublished photos.
    I recommend and I wish you joy for the ears
    I greet


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