Black Sheep I e Encouraging Words - Repost - FLAC - By Request

By Request of Adamus67
Black Sheep I and Encouraging Words
E ai putada, vamo que vamo num novo post
Este aqui é bem interessante por um motivo em si: O desespero de um leitor em conseguir o segundo disco Encouraging Words
Primeiro ele me procurou pelo Lágrima Psicodélica, e depois no Bordel do Rock e eu prometi que assim que ele saisse e eu tivesse acesso eu o postaria imediatamente
Naquele tempo o disco não tinha sido relançado em cd, mas agora foi
Procurei o leitor em velhos emails, mas não achei, mas se voce aparecer por aqui, a promessa foi cumprida

Uma das poucas coisas que eu tenho de bom é memória (por isso não adianta tentar me passar a perna no valor do programa e nas bebidas, gozou tem que pagar.....)

O Black Sheep é o pré-Foreigner e faz um hard rock mais leve, bem swingado com boas passagens nos teclados e um vocal afinadíssimo, ou seja muito legal

Intão é isso, mais uma promessa cumprida, e se voce ainda não arrumou o FDP do disco, aqui está ele

Se já arrumou, pelo menos cumpri a minha parte


This one is interesting in itself for one reason: The desperation of a player getting the second disc Encouraging Words
First he searched for Lagrima Psicodélica , and then the brothel's Rock and I promised that once he came out and I had access I post immediately
At that time the disk had not been reissued on CD, but has now been
I tried the reader in old emails, but not found, but if you show up here, the promise was fulfilled

One of the few things that I have is a good memory (why not try to outsmart me the value of the program and drink, enjoyed have to pay .....)

The Black Sheep is the pre-Foreigner is a hard rock and lighter, and swinging with good passages on keyboards and vocals is awesome, that is pretty cool

INTA is therefore more a promise fulfilled, and if you have not got the FDP of the disc, here it is

If you've got at least done my part

LINK Black Sheep: vinyl rip


  1. I've listen this many times in @256, good enough to appreciate this marvellous band. For almost 30 years of listening to music, exploring the various neglected artists, albums, many unforgettable moments, this album is a true gem Deserve to be in lossless in my collection,I can't loose the opportunity to say thanks for post here thanks ,for me Excellent trip, time capsule .. the time has stopped in one place ... nice memories ..Many thanks again for the opportunity to listen to it again..... .After the demise of Poor Heart, where he played drums, Rochester rocker Lou Gramm went on to join Black Sheep in 1974. In 1974 the band released one EP, "Stick Around," for Chrysalis Records, and two albums ("Encouraging Words" and "Black Sheep") for Capitol Records before disbanding. While on the scene, Black Sheep toured with artists like Argent, Peter Frampton, Hall & Oates, KISS, Ted Nugent, and Procol Harem. Gramm split and joined Foreigner in 1976.

  2. Oh even though I these albums I am familiar , listening to them now in the best quality, I like it more, it's amazing! With full knowledge I can say that you who do not familiar may a feel cheated!, But it happens to be an incredible opportunity to change this state of affairs here, courtesy of a colleague putaveia, highly recommended!
    I have great sorrow to the heads of record labels that have not yet stumbled on this treasure those times and their not restored to CD format...

  3. What to say?Classic great(lost)period of rock.Good albums from start to finish.Many thanks...

  4. Thanks Kobilica
    Be back always

  5. Nelwizard,

    Re-post. Please.


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