Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Papagayo Club - 1972 (1994) [WV]

Aê putada,

Esse aqui é um registro ao vivo raríssimo do Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso em sua fase áurea, durante a turnê do 'Darwin!', o segundo álbum deles e um dos mais fodas também. Mas apesar de ter qualidade sonora de um bootleg, esse CD foi lançado oficialmente, ainda que em pequeníssimas quantidades.

Quanto à música em si, é uma apresentação excelente com material do 'Darwin!' e do primeiro álbum feita numa discoteca diante de uma platéia pequena em algum lugar da Itália.

Mas, enfim, altamente recomendável pros fãs do Banco!

Hello freaks,

This is a very rare live capture of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso in their golden times, during the 'Darwin!' tour, their second album and one of their best ones as well. But in despite of having a sound quality comparable to a bootleg, this CD was officially released, even if in scarce amounts.

About the music itself, it is an excellent performance featuring material from 'Darwin!' and from their first album played at a discotheque in front a small audience somewhere in Italy.

But, whatever I say, it is highly recommended for Banco fans!

Recorded live from the audience on August 1972 in Italy.

01 Miserere Alla Storia (6:51)
02 Traccia 1º (3:39)
03 Cento Mani e Cento Occhi (10:03)
04 La Danza dei Grandi Rettili (10:06)
05 750.000 Anni Fa, L'Amore (7:12)
06 Il Giardino Del Mago (25:28)

Francesco Di Giacomo - vocals
Marcello Todaro - guitars
Gianni Nocenzi - keyboards
Vittorio Nocenzi - keyboards
Renato D'Angelo - bass
Pierluigi Calderoni - drums




  1. Hi micose!
    Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Papagayo Club - 1972 This is a very rare (almost nonexistent), the recording was made during the "Darwin", promotional events, the songs come from the first two albums. Papagayo Club is the name of a nightclub on the Adriatic coast, where the Bank played a song in 1972, with the first 2 albums. The club was obviously small, and the recording is very poor. It sounds like a bootleg. The first track is particularly bad, but later on it gets better. Aspect of rarity and quality are what make him a worthy item, have it. With "Papagayo Club 1972," Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso create a live document from their early days ago. Recorded on a tour of the album here are the live-ability of the first occupation of Banco documented "Darwin" - unfortunately, w, even for this early period quite poor quality. I advise you, don't expect a great sound quality from this live recording. Though officially released this is in fact an average bootleg from Banco's 1972 promotional tour following the release of "Darwin!"
    Of course, the lion's share of the album of the songs from live versions of "Darwin". Only three Utwory from this album are missing. Człowiek kapelusz for "Traccia" (1) included. The album begins meaningfully with the darker sounds of "Miserere della storia". Very tak prochowiec as on the studio album is not the beginning, it provides the space for improvisations song however. Similarly, in "Danza", which here is 3 times as long tak on the studio album. Also, "Cento mani" was brought to the double length. Especially with these two pieces człowieka byl listens for a powerful and advanced driving drums Calderoni knew how to play but also and especially for rhythmically challenging passages,it come out real hard-core prog-Pop...

  2. It sounds like a bootleg indeed, but as I've been constantly listening to these recordings, I'd give a B/B+ for this gem - considering its age and rarity, of course, and obviously recorded from the audience!

    I hope that some day they release a decent quality and properly mixed live recording from those golden times.


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