Amaryllis-Inqueietum Est Cor -Polish Prog Rock-2009-FLAC-BY ADAMUS67

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CD "Inqueietum Est Cor" Amaryllis is the coolest band debut music which I recently to hear. "Cor Inquietum Est" is Latin for "heart is restless," in this case, there is little concern about the musical future of this grupy. Connection progressive rock of early music has to appear as an interesting phenomenon, not only in Poland but in scale world. The idea to see what comes out of a combination of rock guitars, Latin songs and exotic instruments like the lute or theorbo, band Amaryllis came up with  this experiment proved to be extremely successful - Inquietum Est Cor is the only of its kind, imaginative, musical journey to the Middle Ages. Inquietum Est Cor board is extremely successful, you hear that the musicians approached ambitiously the case and the material not only put  his uncommon skills, but also a lot of heart.
What was my surprise when I put disc in your player! Music that flowed like introduced me to another dimension, you could not tear themselves away from the chair until he sounded ending the album "Epilogue". It's 61 minutes of music flashed so quickly, as if watching a breathtaking picture film (even screening of Umberto Eco's novel - "Name of the Rose") Music unusual, original, addictive, passionate, abundant in the music ... In this case, I'm not going to spare epithets.
Even the cover despite the shades of gray, it has an amazing atmosphere that encourages you to familiarize yourself with the contents. Illustration contained in the booklet inside, showing the individual songs is also impressive.
As for music, even though the starting point is the music of "old", the album sounds very modern. Despite the many influences in my opinion this is a position through art-rock. In this highly original vision of art-rock, you can also find elements of prog-metal and gothic. Guitar sound in some parts really hard ("Inquetum Est Cor", "Inperayritz") singing Latin music adds a certain grandeur, and the Gothic aura. In addition, the disc can be found huge deposits of melodies, characteristic of progressive rock lyricism and brilliant, very hot guitar solos, even those that can be heard in the song that made the biggest impression on me - "Magnificat"
The individual pieces are joined together interesting sound effects (sound of the river, the sounds of church bells, the beating heart, footsteps, shots, cat meowing, whining monkeys, birds singing ...) These elements bind together into one whole plate by adding its color and flavor.
Besides, in the band and among people working with him are graduates of schools of music, conductors, academics and enthusiasts with a professional approach to the subject. The final effect of their work is an album that is a successful combination of talent, experience and hard work. 
I bow my forehead and I recommend!

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Total Time: 61:08
publisher: deCor 

1. Memoria Speculi 
2. Inquietum Est Cor
3. Susurrones 
4. Abyssus 
5. Ad Solum Solitudinis Cadens 
6. Osculetur 
7. Ultimus Splendor
8. Inperayritz 
9. Fuga E Me Ad Te 
10. Quis Locus Est
11. Pueri Infinitae Impotentiae 
12. Pavane 
13. Tandem Lux Advenit
14. Lux Umbra Dei 
15. Locus Occultationis
16. Magnificat
17. Invisibile bellum 
18. De Profundis 
19. Amnis Principii Et Finis
20. Epilog 

Ewa Domagała • vocal
Marek Domagała • guitar
Szymon Guzowski • Bass
Henryk Kasperczyk • lute, theorbo
Łukasz Kulczak • guitar
Kacper Stachowiak • dr


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    i love this album very much so i don't want a copy virtuel, but a real copy; so I ordered this CD on their site for € 13.36 postage included.....

    thank Adam great album cool post!!! kisses 2U


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