Alcatraz: Vampire State Building (1971) {2002 Remaster + Bonus Track} [FLAC]

O Alcatraz é grupo alemão da cidade de Hamburgo formado em 1969 que tocava um jazz-fusion misturado com elementos do folk, do rock psicodélico e até mesmo do hard rock, tendo provavelmente influenciado bandas como o Embryo e Missus Beastly. O 'Vampire State Building' foi o primeiro álbum deles e é altamente recomendável pra qualquer um que goste de jazz-fusion. Nele há passagens que talvez lhe lembrarão Soft Machine, Traffic, Santana e até mesmo Eumir Deodato.

Enfim, eis aqui mais outra preciosidade do cenário underground alemão dos anos 60 e 70 que deve ser ouvida de cabo a rabo.

Alcatraz was a German group from Hamburg formed in 1969 which played jazz-fusion blended with elements from folk, psyche rock and even hard rock, having probably influenced bands like Embryo and Missus Beastly. 'Vampire State Building' was their very first album and it is highly recommended for any living soul who enjoys jazz-fusion. It features passages which might remind you Soft Machine, Traffic, Santana and even Eumir Deodato.

Anyway, here's another treasure from the German underground scene from the 60s and 70s which must be entirely and carefully listened.

01 Simple Headphone Mind (10:00)
02 Your Chance Of A Lifetime (5:06)
03 Where The Wild Things Are (3:03)
04 Vampire State Building (13:10)
05 Piss Off (3:18)
Bonus Track
06 Change Will Come (6:08)

Rüdiger Berghan - piano, vocals
Klaus Holst - guitar
Klaus Nagurski - flute, tenor saxophone
Ronald Wilson - bass
Jan Rieck - drums, percussion



  1. Another fine Krautrock recording to come out of Hamburg in 1969. Playing through small venues [such as hostels,school], Alcatrazs' repertoire comprised mainly of covers of well known bands; Ten Years After, Keef Hartley Band, Savoy Brown, Vanilla Fudge, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep. Branching out with compositions of their own, the band began listening to jazzy bands such as Soft Machine and Tony William's Lifetime. Putting two and two together their sound falls somewhere between their earlier Hard rock contingencies and Jazz, with a healthy dose of Improv. First album by mysterious band Alcatraz from Hamburg,Originally released 1971 on Philips. Their music featured fuzzed guitars and effects overdose in a heavy and bluesy over-the-top Krautrock mixing together genres that no-one else did. One of the finest slabs of eccentric heady Krautrock. Simple Head Phone Mind (11:56) and the title-track "Vampire State Building" (13:10) are masterpieces you will never forget. For the first time on CD! This album is an absolutely must for every Krautrock or Progrock fan. From the master tapes plus one bonus track; informative booklet
    The album was recorded under peculiar circumstances. Recorded at Faust's studio in Wümme, the farm surrounding the studio was sieged by police after suspecting a crack down on a terrorist hideout. The band still managed to get through the whole recording process within the day, unfazed by the incident. While per se my interest is wanning for the Hard rock side of music, fused with part jazz, Improv and general Kraut craziness, made this pleasurable listening experience. Featuring flute, sax, piano, bongo, and the signature sound is made between the interplay between lead lines from Sax or flute enmeshed warmly by fuzz- guitar work. I'm not too fond of the vocals, but they fit the part well [only featured on two tracks, thankfully!]. I find myself enjoying the extended jazzy jams; more than the harder sections, but the album finds a nice balance, connecting the two comfortably without either becoming over bearing. I love putting this album on of the evenings, the jazz leanings give a sedated feeling. For those put off by Krautrock absurdities this album shouldn't provide any problems, it does possess some more 'out there' improvisation jams
    Finally the album has been re-released [long hair] via the master tapes, containing extensive linear notes. During the re-release of the album the musicians unearthed three new tracks originally recorded at Hamburg Windrose Dumot Studio, which were recorded a few months after the deadline of the full album. All three songs can be heard of the CD version.
    Highly recommended! .. it is worth to invest in this tasteful CD
    This is a real treat for fans of the forgotten,German scene music.


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