SBB - Live In Czechoslovakia 1980 - Three Quarters (2009) Ultra Rare - WAV

Ai putada, siguinte
Continuando com o massacre em cima do micose, já que ele gosta de rock Hungaro, então vamos lá
Deixe-me só avisa-lo que tenho varios amigos Hungaros,Checos,Poloneses, todos roqueiros e que para mim ter esses originais é muito facil, mas vamos lá
Na época em que o socialismo e o muro de Berlim existiam, a propaganda aqui no
ocidente é que o rock era proibido nos paises da cortina de ferro
Fora grupos como Omega, e outros, sempre existiram ótimos grupos lá, e a gravação deste aqui é exelente
Gravado em Junho de 1980 é simplesmente imperdível
Pois então divirtam-se

Hey your freaks
Continuing with the massacre on top of ringworm, as he likes to rock Hungarian, so come on

Let me just warn you that I have several friends Hungarian, Czech, Polish, rockers and all that for me to have these documents is very easy, but come on
At the time of socialism and the Berlin wall there, the propaganda here in
West is that rock music was banned in the countries of the Iron Curtain
Outside groups such as Omega, and other groups have always been great there, and this recording here is excellent

Recorded in June 1980 is simply a must

Well then have fun


Live,june 1980

1. Keep It Cool - 8'56"
2. Friendship - 12'33"
3. Crash (drum solo) - 2'03"
4. Sleeping Partner - 11'41"
5. Almost Spain - 9'56"
6. Edge (drums-space-battle) - 3'15"
7. Amoureux - 13'39"
8. Six Fountains - 13'07"

SBB are:
Józef Skrzek - absent
Sławomir Piwowar - kybds,guitar
Apostolis Anthimos - guitar,drums
Jerzy Piotrowski - drums



  1. Você fica aí tirando onda... Me aguarde amanhã, sacana. lol

  2. Ok, a artilharia está pronta,manda bala
    Beijos meu amor

  3. Nice to see ....THANKS!
    S.B.B. in translation..
    B... Storms
    B ...Build
    Greetings from Polish

  4. Aeee PV me ajudando no contra-ataque Polones!!!hhaha
    Valeu veia!

  5. Deixa o coitado
    Se eu teiver que contraatacar vem emirado do Bahrein,Romenia
    Por enquanto é contraataque light
    Se cutucar, voce me conhece

  6. Adamus
    thanks for your all helps here
    why do not you join the team, and you publish even their rarities, as you demonstrated a great knowledge
    Here on this blog, everyone is able administrator, nobody tells anybody, put what you want when you want, and want to
    You can write in English, use the google translator to Portuguese (if you want), if not the staff to chip in order to understand the matter
    There are only two rules
    Rule number one, there are no rules
    Rule number two, in case of doubt, apply the rule number one
    A Big Hug

  7. I appreciate this nice gesture
    THANK YOU for your kind words, and a call for cooperation.
    I will try to always add something, if only it will allow me to my knowledge, and time .... unfortunately free time I do not have too much, my job consumes from 12 to 16 hours. Time for my family and my passion (music) is a 2 - 4 hours, rest (sleep 4 h) ..... and so day by, in day...
    Gosh .... we have a weekend! I meet with my old friend, listening, talking, discovering new music from the past,my friend always said some bands had her records only purchased by me, hehehe you know, we are in the blood, just the music ...... ha ha ha... drinking good beer,sometimes whiskey, ......... or other bad things!... there is nothing better (except for women), sometimes we talk and listening.... all night....and fucking !.... we are free from the cares of this world... is a great feeling!!!
    Good Lord, rock'n'roll will never die, it's like the eternal fire, still burning in my heart, 'till the end of the world or one day more...Adam ... (also called adamus67)


  8. You are great
    Please send to me your email to send the invite to participate on the team
    Be carefully with womens, but drink a

  9. Nice to be found is in this 'Group the People" for whom music is something more!....this is way for a better tomorrow ... today ...Adam


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