SBB - 1975 - Karlstad Live (Polish Prog) [flac]

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Pretty Face (10:19)
2. Born To Die (11:32)
3. Clouds (2:00)
4. Stormy Bay (9:24)
5. FOG (1:17)
6. Return To The South (9:49)
7. Na Pierwszy Ogien (Suita Pólnocy) (15:23)
8. Figo-Fago (Sztorm Majowy) (10:23)

Total Time: 70:29

Fala cambada ... Resolvi colocar a preguica de lado e compartilhar com voces mais uma perola perdida do rock mundial. Mais uma vez o tema aqui e' Prog Polones.
SBB foi (e') mais um monstro do prog Polones, alias o SBB comecou a carreira tocando em alguns album do Niemen ("Strange Is This World" por exemplo) ate que decidiram continuar como uma banda independente.

Esse e' um album ao vivo gravado na Suecia em 1975, e e' considerado um dos melhores trabalhos da banda, a musicalidade e' algo realmente fantastico ... nao vou eleborar muito ... veja o video pra ter uma palhinha.

ENGLISH: (from Prog Archives)

It's a live concert from Karlstad,Sweden from 1975.
There isn't a band in existence that these guys need to take a back seat to when it comes to playing.
The drummer reminds me of Peart and Cobham because of how fluid and powerful he is,while the guitarist is simply all over this album.The third member and leader on vocals and Hammond organ etc. is unbelieveable.

One reason for this incredible performance was simply how free they felt being away from their communist country of Poland.They described it as : "For SBB,that time was like relaxing in the sunshine,with beautiful people and fairyland atmosphere". This recording absolutely cooks !

By the way each song blends into the next. "Pretty Face" opens with spoken words from a band member followed by keys,drums and atmosphere.Nice.In fact it reminds me of WEATHER REPORT here. It kicks in at 2 1/2 minutes to a powerfuil sound.Man this guy can drum ! The guitarist is amazing as he rips it up.The vocals come in before 4 minutes as it settles with organ floating in the background.I'm completely blown away by the instrumental display that follows.

one of the best live albums i've ever heard.  (See video below for a little taster)


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+ Alternative download: SBB - SBB I (1974) 
+1 Bonus Track
(Limited Edition - 1000 Copies!)

Digitally Remastered Using 24-bit process/2005



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  2. Ancioso pra saber como é que é essa sonzeira... lol

  3. Where to start understanding the SBB? Top of the first disc. Live album. Oh, little who the contractor had such eggs to start with recorded a disc live. Jane's Addiction has an entrance, but they are no generally have strongly twisted into skulls. Farrell and Navarro for sure...hehehe
    Oh, this debut was a little battles. Because the team, seasoned in the battles after the stage performances in the group Niemen, then played what might be called as free rock - in the sense that they sweep the typical rock instruments, but ruled improvisation, free movement of musical thought. To play just such a trio is ideal - no frills, no one lingers on the stage, not having what to do with themselves. Anyway, these three "Silesians" (Polish region) so much noise that sounded at times as many more team - persons .
    Uninhibited, free, free music. Sometimes fierce, wild, aggressive, sometimes raised, sometimes gentle and ethereal. SBB. It was truly a world class team. Their boards are the perfect proof. Even after 37 years since the debut of this musical dynamite still ..enslaves me!
    For those interested, a complete discography (full lossles)
    SBB - Antology 1974-2004. (22 CD Box Set)

    Tatonha / Thank you for presenting Polish history musical culture ...cordial greetings to all the rockers from Polish. lol

  4. Czesc Adamus
    Dziekuje za links!

    My wife is from Poland and love all about Polish culture, next I will upload some Skaldowe.

  5. Muito bom me lembrou deep purple fase burn e o Free.Abraços.

  6. Hey amigo!
    Obrigado por suas amáveis ​​palavras
    Bom ouvir, polonês mulher. boas decisão!!!
    Pergunte à minha mulher sobre a tradução:
    GRATULUJĘ za "SKALDOWIE" trafiona decyzja
    Serdeczne pozdrowiena dla małżonki oraz dla Ciebie kolego i Twoich bliskich... z Kujaw a dokładniej z miasta Bydgoszcz/POLSKA...LoL

  7. - the unofficial SBB site (the official one was taken over by pirates)


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