Museo Rosenbach: Zarathustra (1973) {2003 Japanese Remaster} [FLAC]

Pois é, putada, a moda agora é prog italiano. Também né, acho que todo mundo já tá meio saturado de tanto chucrute. Agora é hora de experimentar uns macarrones bem marotos por aqui.

Pois bem, essa banda aqui, Museo Rosenbach, só fez este álbum fodástico que vale por tudo que muitas outras bandas fizeram. Ele começa com uma suíte que é a faixa-título do álbum de cinco movimentos muito bem trabalhada e composta, assim como o resto do álbum.

Enfim, esse aqui é realmente essencial pra qualquer um que ler esse post.

So, freaks, Italian prog is now what's really caught on here. Mainly because I think that most of you are a little tired of swallowing so much krauties. Now it's time to try some quite fistful pastries over here.

Well, this band here - Museo Rosenbach - only made this freaking amusing album which is worth everything many other bands have ever done. It starts with a 5-movement suite, which is the album title-track, very well worked and composed, as well as the rest of the album.

Anyway, this one is really essencial for anyone who's reading this post.

• Tracklist:
01 Zarathustra
a) L'Ultimo uomo (3:57)
b) Il re di ieri (3:12)
c) Al di la del bene e del male (4:09)
d) Superuomo (1:22)
e) Il tempio delle clessidre (8:02)
02 Degli Uomini (4:01)
03 Della Natura (8:24)
04 Dell'Eterno Ritorno (6:15)

• Line-up:
Giancarlo Golzi - drums, vocals
Alberto Moreno - bass, pianoforte
Enzo Merogno - guitar, vocals
Pit Corradi - Mellotron, Hammond
Stefano Lupo Galifi - vocals



  1. Agora botou no cu,sem piedade da bolonhesa napoitana!!!!!Olha eu tenho todos originais mas tô baixando essa japona.VALeu!!!!

  2. Hello micose
    First of all, thanks for your kind words!
    nice that someone observes it!
    From above, sorry, a little talkative now,but the this, circumstance I see many good people here (colleagues, Eric, Nelwizard, hanalex and other, greetings to all, from Poland)
    Congratulations for good taste, and I recommend
    J.E.T. - Fede, Speranza, Carita (1972)
    HERO - S / T (1974)
    Balletto di Bronzo - YS (1972)
    MISS FRED - Uno (1971)
    THE, TRIP - Caronte (1971)
    UOVO DI COLOMBO - S / T (1973)

  3. Yep!!!!!
    I could feel it on bones that soon there.... will be an absolute killer the land of pasta is hardly surprising to collectors that the original ideal vinyl , pay up to 1200 euros!
    oh I have it in a few editions ... (Vinyl Magic, Akarma, K2Japan Mini LP,BMG/Sony card - sleeve edition)
    In Poland, very often in various rankings of the rock album of all time wins "Enigmatic" Niemen. Such Italian "Enigmatic" is the only album Museo Rosenbach "Zarathustra". It's hard to write about the album - which is to be completely uncritical. Which charmed from the first to hear and who continually enchants whenever it is inserted into the player. It delights not pushy - but the natural lyricism of Italian beating this record and not having anything to do with cheap sentimentality. Mellotron, which often comes to the fore - grabs in many places very quickly for the heart and not let go. A huge plus is incredibly beautiful mysterious melodies running very strongly on the imagination. Very nice and interesting is also the timbre of someone named Stefano Galifi. Each of the instrumentalists is very good - but this is not the CD with a "show you what we can," because there is an important consideration
    all mood. Musicians can play an interesting pause or silence. Sometimes you hear only the sounds of piano and Mellotron, then the mist emerges from behind the vocals. It takes a minute and suddenly ... complete twist-enter drums, Hammond organ, guitar. Sneaks into madness and an indomitable desire to play. It is interesting that these beautiful melodies here is a whole bunch and they are not dragged on forever - but do not have time to enjoy one cudnym man theme - and now comes the next, and so the whole album .... Allow this to happen, afford only the best. Even strongly preconceived ear can overwhelm a wealth of melody, topics included on the album.....cdn

  4. ...."Zarathustra". For a very, very many fans of Italian progressive rock is considered the best prog-rock album, which was established in the Apennine Peninsula. Do not tell me to quite agree with that, but I can not say that I knew much better similar publications there. "Zarathustra" is the work of prominent and longer. But when we stop to admire it, and we start to analyze the music with a slightly cooler head, we see that the Museo Rosenbach in some respects different from other Italian progressive performers - had little Italian sound. Serious, "viscous", dominated by organ and mellotron. Through this music, this is monumental, yet dark and gloomy. Museo Rosenbach here more reminiscent of British bands, or German. Italian is the remainder, ie the language in which he sings vocals and melodies. When you throw a disc into the player, show us the eight tracks, though in reality there are only four. The first five are actually one song - the title suite, occupying the first page of the original vinyl, a CD inserted in her five indices. Magnum opus it is this suite. In vain on it (like on the album as well) look for some crazy impressive instrumental performances - the most important are the melodies and the unique climate (Morte Macabre is a little bit like, or rather, vice versa). The entire piece is built quite like the typical rock suite - we have the theme of the first part, then there are other motives, and the main theme returns in the finale. 20-minute suite simply shocking rich melodies, many changes of mood, smart design and powerful sound of instrumental parts (body, piano, Melotron, guitar) - Sometimes close juicy style, heavy rock.
    The other three tracks are now not after all this class, as the title. Fortunately, the difference is not significant. Themselves are very good - in a similar style and mood as "Zarathustra" - but they are unlucky to be on it.
    Museum closed its doors abruptly after recording one, for that famous album - great pity!
    The team had to solve - not least because of controversial texts inspired by the philosophy of F. Nietzsche. The only LP that has left behind a secured him a permanent place in rock history.
    My friend believes that is the most beautiful album I've ever heard. As for me - one of the most beautiful. If there is a choice of background music when I went after the "Steps - to heaven" - is already order the "Zarathustra". Because the sky is still I reserve for "Islands" King Crimson
    Horse must have for fans of Italian (and not only) prog-rock.
    Yours sincerely

  5. Paulo, você pediu agora agüente, porque eu vou continuar botando sem dó e nem piedade!! Se segure que vem mais por aí!!! lol

    adamus, your comments are always rich in information and amazing. You seem to deeply analyze each of these albums, something that I will take me sometime, because, you know, it's quite hard to absorb everything at once, especially when we're talking about prog rock albums.
    I always try many different albums, but due to time matters, it's hard to me to fully understand most of them within a few listens.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your comments.

  6. Simplesmente Fantasticos esses posts do Progressivo Italiano.Parabéns e Muito Obrigado.

  7. Hello micose
    Certainly it takes time to embrace so much music
    For almost 30 years of listening to music, exploring the various neglected performers...I'm passionate about myzyki that era, once there was no Internet,(see the lack of a large influx of discs) and the LP difficult and expensive! as something fell into your hands, listen to the album throughout the week every day .... many albums in this way zaskarbiło my heart ...Good Lord, rock'n'roll will never die, it's like the eternal fire, still burning in my heart, till the end of the world and one day more....
    I greet

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    2. I can't find the 2006 reissue, here you can download the 1993 Japanese reissue, which definitely sounds better, since remasters is a completely wrong word, I call them products for the deaf ...:

  8. You see, we're now living completely different times. I'm 20 years old and I have a shallow clue of how it was to do without internet, maybe because I had too much to draw when I was a kid... =}
    Now I can have the access to million albums for free in just a day and it's quite hard to keep track of all this stuff.
    I do also believe that rock'n'roll will never die, but good bands tend to be far away from mainstream exposure. All we have to do is look for these gems as much as we can.

    Best regards,


  9. Excelente postagem!!!! Muito obrigado!!!


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