Missus Beastly: Bremen 1974 (2006) [APE]

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Eis aqui mais uma preciosidade diretamente do acervo da Radio Bremen. Essa gravação ao vivo é da reformação da banda alemã Missus Beastly. A banda original surgiu em 1968, tocava uma mistura de blues e fusion e gravou somente um álbum em 1970. Alguns anos depois, a banda foi refeita com vários membros diferentes, passou a tocar jazz-rock, permaneceu na ativa até o final dos anos 70 e chegou a lançar três álbuns de estúdio.

Este aqui é o único álbum ao vivo da banda e ainda conta com o guitarrista Eddy Marron - ex-integrante da banda Vita Nova - que se tornou reconhecido e extremamente requisitado na Alemanha. Apesar de não ter sido membro regular da banda, a última música é de sua autoria e, assim como as outras, nunca chegou a ser lançada em nenhum álbum de estúdio.

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Here's another treasure straight from Radio Bremen vaults. This live recording features reformation of German band Missus Beastly. The original band arose back in 1968 and used to play a blend of blues and fusion, but recorded only an album in 1970. A few years later, the band was reformed with many different members and now playing jazz-rock. They kept active until the late 70s and managed to release three studio albums.

This is their only live album and it even features the guitarrist Eddy Marron - former member of Vita Nova - who had become recognized and extremely requested in Germany. In despite of never being a regular member in the band, the last song was composed by himself and, as well as the others, it had never been release in any studio album.

Recorded live by Radio Bremen at Post-Aula, Bremen, Germany, on September 2nd, 1974. Originally broadcast on May 15th, 1974.

• Tracklist:
01 Free Clinic (27:31)
02 Green Girl (9:12)
03 Steel's Electric (9:40)

• Line-up:
Jürgen Benz - saxophone
Lutz Oldemeier - drums
Nobert Dömling - bass
Friedemann Josch - flute
Eddy Marron - guitar




  1. Instrumental jazz (rock), very slow. With a master guitarist Eddy Marron (ex Vita Nova, ex Dzyan). Three (very long) tracks, and not on any LP. From the master tapes of Radio Bremen. the first two LPs with the missus Beastly has no title, the circumstances giving rise to considerable confusion. The first one appeared on the CPM in 1970, another Nova in 1974. Meanwhile, the two were released as a CD Garden of Delights. September 2, 1974, shortly after putting out their second album, Beastly missus had a concert in Bremen Post Aula. The concert was broadcast by Radio Bremen in his program "Jazz Live". Luckily, the tapes was the station over the decades and was made available to the CD release. Three long tracks are not heard at all missus LP Beastly. Dieter Miekautsch keyboardist in the meantime left the group, not a great guitarist Eddy Marron - a well known game of Vita Nova, and his long Dzyan and collaboration with Peter Giger - joined them. Free jazz instrumental (rock). Instrumental jazz (rock), he played very freely. With Eddy Marron (ex Vita Nova, ex Dzyan) masterfully played the guitar. Three long tracks, which can be found nowhere on the LP. . From the master tapes of Radio Bremen, the first two LPs from the missus Beastly illusions, as he had the title: the first appeared in 1970 on the CPM, the second in 1974 on Nova. Meanwhile, both as a Garden of Delights CD. Shortly after the release of their second album played on 09/02/1974 Beastly missus in Bremen Post Aula. The show was broadcast in the broadcast "live jazz" by Radio Bremen. Fortunately, the team mother for decades has been kept away from the transmitter and CD available. Three long tracks can be heard on each of the missus Beastly LP. Miekautsch keyboardist Dieter was already retired, it was a great guitarist Eddy Marron joined, famous Vita Nova and Dzyan and his collaboration with Peter Giger. Free Jazz Instrumental (rock). Free Clinic / Green girl / Steel Electric Eddy Marron (g), Jürgen Benz (sax), Friedemann Josch (fl), Norbert Dömling (b), Lutz Oldemeier (Dr.)
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