Manduka - Manduka -1976 - Brazilian Singer of First Quality - By Request -ULTRA RARE - FLAC

Ai putada

O amigo Magogiallo me pediu encarecidamente este disco , que não encontrava em lugar nenhum,mesmo que fosse um mp3 128kb
Eu não lembrava se o tinha, mas revistando os meus originais, ali estava ele, e aqui está ele para seu deleite e de todos do bordel
O Músico Fez diversos trabalhos para o cinema e foi exilado pela ditadura militar brasileira
De fato, voces tem que conhecer este trabalho
Então Magogiallo, serve este simples FLAC?
O Músico faleceu em 17 de outubro de 2004
Beijos e divirtam-se


Hey your Freaks

The friend Magogiallo asked me earnestly  this record, not found anywhere, even if it was a 128kb mp3
I do not remember if he had, but my original searching, there he was, and here it is for your pleasure and all the brothel
The music did several jobs for film and was exiled by the Brazilian military dictatorship
In fact, you have to know this work
Magogiallo So, this simpleis  FLAC is good in off?

The musician died on October 17, 2004

Kisses and have fun



  1. putaveia....soooooo fast, fantastic!!! I am wordless for lossless, How many times I'd to say Thank YOUUUUUUUU, really this is a great gift
    thank You and thank You again

  2. Magogiallo
    The records sounds is not soo good (independent record)
    If you don't like, i will try resample the original

  3. Putaveia
    olà the sound is not the best but it is quite ok, only the first part of Tenochtitlan is a little too much low but anyway is ok. It is a wonderful record and it is new for me (so a greater gift), yes because the record of which I asked for was another one. Was out in 1972 for what I know is called Manduka and was out for a label called IRT (for what is possible to see in the low bit rate cover I have) The titles of the songs are:
    brasil 1500
    entra y sale
    de la tierra
    patria amada idolatrada salve salve
    de un extranjero
    què dirà el santo padre
    The front cover is a Manduka photo, looks very young and back still a photo of him playing a 12 strings guitar.
    Do you know something about?
    I am listening and listening your wonderful gift and maybe this record is even better
    THANK YOU again

  4. Magigiallo
    Try to resample using sony soundforge, i think you will increased the sounds very well
    I make my best
    Thanks for everething

  5. Foda q no Brasil coisa boa é pouco reconhecida e principalmente conhecida.

    dê notícias do teu filho barbudo, sinhô.

  6. Alexandre Manoel Thiago de Mello (Manduka) (1952-2004) was son of a very famous Brazilian poet Thiago de Mello. During his childhood he learned to play guitar and always enjoyed the lyrical vein of his father's house.
    When he was 20 years old, he was living in Chile, following the exile of his family. There he emerged as a creative musician.
    Influenced by Geraldo Vandre (protests and root songs) and Edu Lobo and Milton Nascimento, Manduka allied at his musicality an overflowing sound that can be linked to his am azonic roots
    He gathered around him Chilean musicians (Baltazar - guitar, Pato - flute and charango, Julio - harmonica, Gabriel-tumbadora and Eduardo - Bongo) and the singer Soledad Bravo.
    Manduka recorded eight songs, seven of his own and other from Violeta Parra.
    After he recorded, in exile, several albums in Latin America and Europe. He launched in Brazil only one album (Eternal Wings) on 96.
    The album - Maduka - brings the titles in Spanish but is sung in Portuguese.

  7. Olá, teria como vc repostas isso? Quero muito esse FLAC!!! valeeu e obrigado demais!! abs

  8. Please is it possible to re-up?? thanks!


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