Czeslaw Niemen - 1973 - Ode To Venus (Polish Prog) [flac]

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ode To Venus
2. Puppets
3. From The First Major Discoveries
4. What Have I Done
5. Fly Over Fields Of Yellow Sunflowers
6. What A Beautiful Woman You Are
7. A Pilgrim
8. Rock For Mack

Line-up / Musicians 
- Czesław Niemen / vocals, organ
- Józef Skrzek / piano, organ, bass, harmonica
- Antymos Apostolis / guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Fala putada ...

Sem elaborar muito, quem vem acompanhando meus ultimos posts ja sabe quem e' Niemen e do que o cara e' capaz.

Esse e' o segundo album gravado em Ingles e a banda anda estava com a cozinha que viria se tornar o SBB no ano seguinte, junto com o album "Strange is this World", Ode To Venus e' considerada uma das obras primas do homem.

Vejam o video pra dar aqule gostinho de quero mais.


What's up fuckers?
I regard this album as Niemen´s best work i heard to date. It features keyboardist Josef Skrzek who next year on would start the great Polish band S.B.B.

Together with Niemen the band creates a mix of very original progrock with lots of twists and turns musically. Influences from Gentle Giant and other Polish prog (S.B.B later albums) at the time are noticeable, still Niemen is to me is the wizard of Polish rock and this album is evidence of that.

Enjoy it.

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  2. A melhor coisa que essa banda fez foi se separar desse niemem (marrento) desculpem mas se você conseguir remover os vocais dele o disco realmente soa bem!!!E Gentle Giant,putz,tá mais prum Procol Harum berrante!!!Abraços.

  3. Enough to listen to this "What Have I Done". It is not hard to guess - the new version, "Com made" with the superb "Puppet." The original - is known. Who heard him ... though not, it could not hear. His is experienced. Expression, contrasts, jumping dynamics, famously used the pause, the combination of peace and gentleness with wild singing Niemen ... Ants on the neck raced faster than African American in Alabama 40s last century at the sight of the sheriff. One of the greatest achievements of the 70s rock and, not only Polish. And what we got here? Fuzzy, watery, lacking fire and expressive version. Such "Com made" in the smooth version, without contrasts, effervescent, tired. "Puppets" is "Marionettes", working as a piano ballad. The curiously arranged, nicely flowing track did still charming, except that once again a fairly conventional song. Similarly, the new version of "From the first major discovery" - "From The First Major Discoveries." As if played live, but ... lack of subcutaneous, pulsating, dissonant nervousness what podminowywała original. He left fairly plain piece of electric jazz-rock Mahavishnu little in the climate of Orchestra. What that well-made? On previous albums there was no copying of other artists. Was to create their own original style. With great success. That is not here. It is a routine play, devoid of freshness, competent, but a total cliché. What about the fact that they already announce mahavishnowe climates like a first album SBB? Why make new versions of great songs, if in all respects (except for the implementation of recordings) clearly inferior originals? Perhaps more important, however, Nadolski was the link in this team than you might think ... I just passed half of the album.
    How to present the other compositions? Fortunately, the better. The title, opening the entire collection, "Ode To Venus" by both leaders, has a distinctive theme that a few years will appear in the composition of the SBB, "In Thy hands cradle (Father)," to the organ melorecytację background in the middle. Quite a good song. Which is still at least a shelf below the tracks from previous albums. Skrzekowe "Fly Over The Fields Of Yellow Sunflowers" is the style of the early announcement of the SBB, the band clearly influenced by John McLaughlin, with dissonances. Quite an interesting thing, which does not change the fact that the Lord has a much more successful achievements compositions. The falls are very well, "What A Beautiful Woman You Are" Niemen. Here comes the magic moment like previous albums - a bit fuzzy, but still. It is a little bit - typical Niemen - soulowania, jazzrock little, a little play with more freedom, jamowego. Intriguingly falls "A Pilgrim" - as it is not difficult to guess, the first approach to the well-known from the "Wiki" "Pilgrim", a shorter, without a synth improvisation, with the corresponding stylizacjami Arab, with the rhythm of drums, some reminiscent of "Planet Caravan" Sabbathów. And at the end portion of the normal rock 'n' roll - "Rock For Mack."
    How such a personal part - big disappointment. For those who do not yet know the team works Neman, I strongly recommend first, "Strange Is This World" and "Marionettes".
    Yours cordially....Adam


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