Can: Prehistoric Future - The Very First Session (1984) {June 1968 Jam Session} {BOOTLEG} [FLAC]

Aê putada,

Como se não bastasse, eu trouxe mais outra raridade do Can. Desta vez é uma gravação do primeiro de todos os ensaios que o Can fez - como tem dizendo no encarte desse bootleg. E como ainda era o final dos anos 60, então aqui você ouvirá meia hora de krautrock em uma de suas formas mais puras e brutas, essencialmente à base de altos improvisos e muito LSD.

Completamente imperdível pra qualquer um que curta krautrock ou outros tipos de rock psicodélico.

Hello freaks,

As though it wasn't enough already, here I am with another Can rarity. At this time we've got their very first rehearsal recording ever made - as it is stated on this bootleg sleeve. And as it was still the late 60s, here you will hear about half an hour of completely raw and pure krautrock, mainly composed by many improvisations and too much LSD.

Not to be missed by anyone who enjoys either krautrock or psychedelia.

Recorded live in session at Scholss Nörvenich, Cologne, Germany, on June 1968.

• Tracklist:
B1 Side One (15:26)
B2 Side Two (15:31)

• Line-up:
Holger Czukay - Bass, Tapes
David Johnson - Flute, Tapes
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - Drums, Percussion, Flute
Irmin Schmidt - Piano, Organ
Manni Löhe - Vocals, Percussion, Flute



  1. olà this is not a real bootleg, but was out in small quantities, in the mid eighties, only on tape for a very small french label called tago mago (I have it). For example they put out even a This Heat fantastic unissued rehersal recording.
    I had to thank You for this flac, my tapedeck is long time broken, so this is a new opportunity to listen again this session that I remember very interesting

  2. But do you know if this was licensed by the band? I thought that it was a bootleg even because I've got it from Dime, where anything officially released is substantially banned.

  3. micose, I am not completly sure that the band was informed or not about the publication, but inside the cover was written:
    mono recording. tape edited and mastered by Holger Czukay. Cassette manufactured, published and distributed by Tago Mago.10 rue Augustin Thierry 75019 Paris.France. Autumn 1984. Thanks to Hildegard Schmidt and Spoon Records. First Edition 2000 copies.
    Besides there is the name of the man behind the label Pascal Bussy with address and telephone.
    All these infos for me are enought to say that it is not a bootleg, especially the thanks to Schmidt and Spoon records.
    Probably the CD edition is the unofficial copy of the tape,and so appear like a bootleg, even because tago mago rec. stopped to exist many years ago. Anyway it is strange that dime didn't realize this.

  4. Well, I don't know what to think of this... What a very confusing story... lol
    This Tago Mago label may have been something like Garden of Delights, in which live albums are made by their own out of previously unreleased recordings under the artists' permission though.
    And indeed a tiny circle of people on Dime know something about krautrock, that's why this album has got passed by the moderation.

  5. I don't care whether it's a bootleg or official. I didn't know it existed, and it's shit hot. Thanks a lot.

  6. Any idea if another link for this album exists?

  7. NEW LINK:,376891726.rar(archive)


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