Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso (1972) {2003 Japanese Remaster} [FLAC]

Aê putada,

Dando continuidade a essa série de prog italiano, hoje eu trouxe o primeiro álbum de uma das três maiores bandas do gênero. Apesar do primeiro trabalho deles ter saído apenas em 1972, a banda foi formada em 1969 e, como é comum entre inúmeras bandas, sua formação sofreu uma grande troca de membros, mas sempre sob a liderança da virtuosidade dos irmãos Gianni e Vitorio Nocenzi.

Além da música, as capas dos álbuns do Banco - especialmente os três primeiros - também eram muito criativas, a começar pelo formato de cofre do primeiro álbum.

Enfim, chega de papo e baixe logo.

Hello freaks,

Continuing with this Italian prog series, today I've brought the first album of one of three biggest bands from this genre. Even though their very first work was released in 1972, the band was formed in 1969 and, as it is common amongst uncountable bands, their line-up suffered many members changes, but always under the leadership of Gianni and Vitorio Nocenzi brothers' virtuosis.

Besides the music, Banco album covers - especially the three first ones - were also quite creative, beggining with the safe-shaped sleeve of the first album.

Anyway, let me shut the fuck up to let you download it.

• Tracklist:
01 In Volo (2:13)
02 R.I.P. (Requiescant In Pace) (6:40)
03 Passaggio (1:19)
04 Metamorfosi (10:52)
05 Il Giardino Del Mago (18:26)
a) ... Passo Dopo Passo ...
b) ... Chi Ride E Chi Geme ...
c) ... Coi Capelli Sciolti Al Vento ...
d) Compenetrazione
06 Traccia (2:10)

• Line-up:
Gianni Nocenzi - clarinet, piano, keyboards, piccolo, vocals
Pier Luigi Calderoni - drums
Renato D'Angelo - bass, guitar, electric bass
Francesco DiGiacomo - vocals
Vittorio Nocenzi - organ, clarinet, keyboards, vocals
Marcello Todaro - guitar, vocals, chitarrone



  1. Bakery, Museum, Bank - something the Italian prog-men fond of public services on signboards for their business.
    In 1969, two brothers Nocenzi, Gianni and Vittorio decided to start a band. Since, both brothers playing (and that's great) on keyboards, quickly came to the conclusion that you need to choose someone yet ... They began a creative journey through the bars and clubs which in contemporary music in Italy, there were thousands. After about two weeks, already first the composed a group:
    - Vittorio Nocenzi (the body, lead vocals)
    - Gianni Nocenzi (piano)
    - Claudio Falco (guitar, backing vocals)
    - Fabrizio Falco (bass guitar, backing vocals)
    - Pontecorvi Franco (drums).
    As quickly prepared the material for the debut, playing him on several gigs and recorded in the studio. But as for 1970 years - it was too different from what you are expecting a record company, and too shocking for the heads of the company so the CD did not work out ... (This material was published only in 1989 as' Donna Plautilla'-and he was the actual debut of the group ...). The musicians were very disappointed and the composed is sprinkled is. But the brothers knew exactly what they want in life to do and will come again in bars and clubs ... This resulted in completing the new composition:
    - Gianni Nocenzi (clarinet, piano, keyboards, vocals)
    - Pier Luigi Calderoni (drums)
    - Renato D'Angelo (bass, guitar, electric bass)
    - Francesco DiGiacomo (vocals)
    - Vittorio Nocenzi (body, clarinet, keyboards, vocals)
    - Marcello Todaro (guitar, vocals, chitarrone).
    They knew that their time is approaching music, psychedelia that evolves in this direction, so do not rush to prepare completely new material. Recorded it on the turn of the year 1971-1972. And then they released ... album, called Banco del Mutuo Soccorso,, is still one of the most representative examples of Italian prog-classic influences based on the double of keyboard and the original voice of Francesco Di Giacomo. R.I.P.
    I caused a sensation. The crowd went wild, the critics were kneeling and the concerts were sold out in half a year. And rightly so because they created an outstanding work, one of the best records of the species, which is an absolute canon of the Italian symphonic rock. It was here that are brilliant 'Il Giardino del Mago' and 'Metamorfosi' - songs that earned them "eternal glory" in pantenonie symphonic rock world.
    It was about this CD Rick Wakeman (Yes), said it was a perfect model for him to play the piano (!!!), Keith Emerson at the meeting with the heads of the Manticore said that in Italy there is a group that will be in the future number 1 in the world this genre - and that they need them to download a Manticore (recorded there album 'Banco').... Patrik Moraz sighed that already know, how to I can play,... Would need a better recommendation? Indeed, one of the largest global panels symphonic rock, with no weak moments, brilliant from start to finish. The first of three superb CDs Del Mutuo Soccorso Baco known as BANCO GREAT TRILOGY. Italian love the seventies rock - there are a few CDs which are compulsory
    this album is the one of

  2. Mais uma maravilha de disco,o que dizer dessa obra prima.Aqui se ouve um dos discos mais incriveis na minha opinião do rock progressivo.Se o ELP não usava guitarra dá pra sentir vom esses caras do Banco como poderia ter sido,não a toa foram depois de um tempo contratados pela Manticore que era o selo dos ELP´s.Micose, valeu!!!!

  3. adamus, I didn't know that even Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Patrick Moraz were fond of Banco sound. You can just see how many amazing bands were kicked off from the worldwide mainstream. At least they had found some success in their country.

    Paulo, apesar das similaridades, acho que as duas bandas são bem distintas. Veja que o Banco tem um som meio que dramático e com mais emoção, enquanto que o ELP era mais calculista e matemático. Apesar disso tudo, ambas as bandas são fodásticas e conseguiram chegar ao ápice musical com seus estilos. =D

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