Skid Row (Feat. Gary Moore) - Skid (1970 irish progressive blues rock, 2007 Repertoire reissue - Flac)

Salve amantes da boa música, estamos de volta trazendo o primeiro álbum dessa fantástica banda chamada Skid Row(O VERDADEIRO) apresentando o esplêndido e saudoso guitarrista Gary Moore!

Como a LU já disse o Skid Row foi formado na Irlanda no ano de 1967, e nos apresenta uma futura ESTRELA guitarrista do rock mundial chamado Gary Moore, e surpreendentemente inicialmente também tinha um vocalista chamado Phill Lynott, que logo no início caiu fora da banda para reaparecer depois no grandioso Tin Lizzy (isso é outra história)!

O Skid Row fazia uma estranha e maravilhosa mistura de progressivo/jazz rock e blues, e nos mostrava um brillhante guitarrista fortemente influenciado pelos ídolos Peter Green e Eric Clapton; e foi um importante nome do boom britânico de blues rock do final e ínicio dos anos 60/70s!

Desfrutem essa pérola!

Track list:
01. Mad dog woman (03:48)
02. Virgo's daughter (04:23)
03. Heading home again (02:44)
04. An awful lot of woman (02:06)
05. Unco-up showband blues (06:11)
06. For those who do (04:54)
07. After i'm gone (02:55)
08. The man who never was (02:29)
09. Felicity (11:11)

Skid Row:
*Gary Moore - lead guitar, vocals
*Noel Bridgeman - drums, vocals
*Brendan "The Brush" Shiels - bass guitar, vocals

Irish Progressive Jazz Blues Rockers founded by the 16 years old guitarist Gary Moore and his fellow guitarist Bernhard Chivers together with drummer Nollaug "Noel" Bridgeman in Dublin during 1967.

The band also included in its ranks Phill Lynott as a vocalist before the left to journey through Sugershack, Orphanage and finally Tin Lizzy. Chivers also quit around the same time.

Skid Row regrouped as a trio pulling in Brush Shiels on vocals and bass. This unit opened for Fleetwood Mac in Dublin.

The headline act's much respected guitarist Peter Green being so impressed by Moore's playing he recommended the band to several London labels.

The band signed to the British arm of CBS Records for their debut album "Skid", recorded in a paltry 11 hours. "Skid" with a strange, but fascinating mixture of raw blues and progressive jazz rock with tribal undertones. Skid Row toured America opening for Savoy Brown and Canned Heat.

At the end of the sixties Skid Row went to London to become an important part of the British blues boom. The first single was released on the Song label and was called "New Places, Old Faces". It was a fine work of Moore's 12-string guitar art. The next single "Saturday Morning Man" made the charts on a minor level.

They started with the single "Dandy's Gone Part I". It was a bluesy neo-psychedelic piece of hard modern rock music, and it shows the enormous talent of Gary Moore once again.

A kind of maniac intensity pervades the powerhouse performances on this blues drenched CD. Much of the excitement is due to the presence of a 17-year old lead guitarist and singer, who would go on to fame and fortune.

This dynamic trio came storming out of Belfast in 1970 and showcased the talents of none other than future guitar hero Gary Moore.

Gary was clearly out to prove himself the equal of his favourite guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

He certainly reveals a talent for speed and energy on such numbers as ‘Mad Dog Woman’ and ‘An Awful Lot Of Woman’. Clever, intricate arrangements ensure the drums and bass are given as much work to do, while Gary skids into the crash barriers at 100 miles-an-hour.

Historically and musically, this is a gem of an album that bridges 60s blues and 70s hard rock.


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