My congratulations!

My dear friend Putaveia, your confederates, habitues and blog guests!
I want to congratulate everyone with the 100000 visitor and I wish the blog to have long and prosperious life!
Go on living with your wonderful music for all the rock fans all over the world!

Having here the blog BOYZ MAKE NOIZE, I want to offer for all the visitors of BORDEL DO ROCK the album of the Russian hard-rock group PUSHKING.
Perhaps for many people this music may seem exotic, but hard rock fans will certainly appreciate the work of Russian musicians.

Pushking - I Believe (2008)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 534 mb+3% recovery

1. Rock'n'Roll - It's A Fire    
2. Love Message   
3. Christina Talks To God   
4. Rain   
5. Sail Away   
6. Hunger   
7. I Wanna Be...   
8. You'll Got Sometime Just A Moment   
9. Let The Sun   
10. I Believe   
11. You Are Free   
12. Lazy Dude   
13. Down   
14. Fancy   
15. Kill Me Babe   
16. Sailor   
17. Just Calm Down   
18. Not Only Prayer Could Feel   
19. Talking To Pretend



  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful post!

  2. Super post Hanalex, Great sentiments we all feel towards a friend and his whorehouse of music :D

  3. Great post man!

    I already knew this Pushking's album. I'm a fan of hard rock and recommend it.
    Thank you for cooperation.


    Sorry for my poor english XD

  4. welcome hanalex, I don´t know Pushking and I´ll download

  5. Very nice my friend.
    Thanks for this super contribution!

  6. Thanks, guys!
    Why is not visible the master of a bordel (or MASTER OF REALITY?
    Perhaps preparing a fireworks display!
    I hope his health is all right ....

  7. Hanalex
    You are fantastic
    Thanks in my name in the name of all time for this incredible post
    Your administrator are now done
    Thanks my friend, and don't forghet to invite all my time to make a special post when you have a special date in your blog

  8. Hi, putaveia!
    I am excited, that you together with all!
    Thank you for your trust.
    God bless you...

  9. Fuking Group,only you to post something like this
    Thanks a lot my friend
    Here today is a Jesus Christ Holiday, and i think in Russia Too
    Have a happy Corpus Christ day too and all of yours
    Kisses in the ass

  10. ..bordel du merde good shit rocking post, so i like "Rada" , RUS rock MUST be cool to, поблагодарить у друга Hanalex and поцелуи



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